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Winter Premium Starter
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


Winter Premium Starter


Fantasy Flight Games







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Winter Premium Starter is the 28th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the fifth set of the Winter block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2007 and consists of 110 cards. It is packaged in Greyjoy and Targaryen Starters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 13 Attachments (4 Greyjoy, 3 Neutral and 6 Targaryen)
  • 37 Characters (19 Greyjoy and 18 Targaryen)
  • 15 Events (all Neutral)
  • 2 Houses (1 Greyjoy and 1 Targaryen)
  • 29 Locations (10 Greyjoy, 10 Neutral and 9 Targaryen)
  • 14 Plots (2 Greyjoy, 10 Neutral and 2 Targaryen)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 110 Fixed

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
G1 Euron Crow's Eye Fixed Character Greyjoy
G2 Theon Greyjoy Fixed Character Greyjoy
G3 Victarian Greyjoy Fixed Character Greyjoy
G4 Bannermen to the Kraken Fixed Character Greyjoy
G5 Deadly Axeman Fixed Character Greyjoy
G6 Sea Raiders Fixed Character Greyjoy
G7 Prophet of the Waves Fixed Character Greyjoy
G8 Rider through the Storm Fixed Character Greyjoy
G9 Vanguard Axeman Fixed Character Greyjoy
G10 Dagmer Cleftjaw Fixed Character Greyjoy
G11 Balon's Follower Fixed Character Greyjoy
G12 Thrice-Drowned Veteran Fixed Character Greyjoy
G13 Andrik the Unsmiling Fixed Character Greyjoy
G14 Warrior of the Old Way Fixed Character Greyjoy
G15 Asha Greyjoy Fixed Character Greyjoy
G16 Balon Greyjoy Fixed Character Greyjoy
G17 Errant Captain Fixed Character Greyjoy
G18 Scurvy Cutthroat Fixed Character Greyjoy
G19 Son of the Sea Wind Fixed Attachment Greyjoy
G20 Kiss of Life Fixed Attachment Greyjoy
G21 Standard of the Kraken Fixed Attachment Greyjoy
G22 Thirst for Power Fixed Attachment Greyjoy
G23 The Iron Throne Fixed Location Greyjoy
G24 Coastal Tower Fixed Location Greyjoy
G25 Iron Island Fiefdoms Fixed Location Greyjoy
G26 Island Transport Fixed Location Greyjoy
G27 Banner Ship Fixed Location Greyjoy
G28 Swift Reinforcements Fixed Location Greyjoy
G29 Marine Legion Fixed Location Greyjoy
G30 Reserve Fleet Fixed Location Greyjoy
G31 Paper Money Fixed Attachment Neutral
G32 Banished Fixed Attachment Neutral
G33 Strength in Unity Fixed Attachment Neutral
G34 Crossroads Fixed Location Neutral
G35 Fallow Fields Fixed Location Neutral
G36 Minor Fiefdom Fixed Location Neutral
G37 The Red Keep Fixed Location Neutral
G38 Like the Seas Fixed Event Neutral
G39 Salt in Your Eyes Fixed Event Neutral
G40 Tidal Wave Fixed Event Neutral
G41 Terrorize the Shores Fixed Event Neutral
G42 A Hostage Rescued Fixed Event Neutral
G43 Not Listening Fixed Event Neutral
G44 Coastal Tower Fixed Location Greyjoy
G45 The King Must be a Kraken Fixed Event Neutral
G46 Gorold's Avenger Fixed Character Greyjoy
G47 Marauding Longship Fixed Location Greyjoy
G48 House Greyjoy Fixed House Greyjoy
G49 The Sack of Winterfell Fixed Plot Neutral
G50 Called by the Gods Fixed Plot Neutral
G51 Found by Providence Fixed Plot Neutral
G52 We Do Not Sow Fixed Plot Greyjoy
G53 Caution to the Wind Fixed Plot Greyjoy
G54 Filthy Accusations Fixed Plot Neutral
G55 Securing Support Fixed Plot Neutral
T1 Daenerys Targaryen Fixed Character Targaryen
T2 Khal Drogo Fixed Character Targaryen
T3 Ser Jorah Mormont Fixed Character Targaryen
T4 Viserys Targaryen Fixed Character Targaryen
T5 Free Cities Trader Fixed Character Targaryen
T6 Half-Trained Youth Fixed Character Targaryen
T7 Eastern Mercenary Fixed Character Targaryen
T8 Upstart Slave Fixed Character Targaryen
T9 Warlock's Servitors Fixed Character Targaryen
T10 Astapori Guildmaster Fixed Character Targaryen
T11 Drogo's Bloodrider Fixed Character Targaryen
T12 Naathi Handmaiden Fixed Character Targaryen
T13 Pentoshi Mercenaries Fixed Character Targaryen
T14 Black Hatchling Fixed Character Targaryen
T15 Green Hatchling Fixed Character Targaryen
T16 Jhogo Fixed Character Targaryen
T17 White Hatchling Fixed Character Targaryen
T18 The Good Masters Fixed Character Targaryen
T19 Under the Guild's Sway Fixed Attachment Targaryen
T20 Wisdom of the East Fixed Attachment Targaryen
T21 Fleeing the Flames Fixed Attachment Targaryen
T22 Dothraki Whip Fixed Attachment Targaryen
T23 Poisoned Wine Fixed Attachment Targaryen
T24 Valyrian Steel Spear Fixed Attachment Neutral
T25 The Iron Throne Fixed Location Targaryen
T26 Dothraki Sea Fixed Location Targaryen
T27 Eastern Fiefdoms Fixed Location Targaryen
T28 Ghiscari Outpost Fixed Location Targaryen
T29 Plaza of Punishment Fixed Location Targaryen
T30 Meereen Audience Chamber Fixed Location Targaryen
T31 Myrish Villa Fixed Location Targaryen
T32 Crossroads Fixed Location Neutral
T33 Fallow Fields Fixed Location Neutral
T34 Minor Fiefdom Fixed Location Neutral
T35 Kingsroad Farmstead Fixed Location Neutral
T36 Kingsroad Inn Fixed Location Neutral
T37 Blood Magic Fixed Event Neutral
T38 Only Your Life Fixed Event Neutral
T39 Spinning Slash Fixed Event Neutral
T40 Westeros Bleeds Fixed Event Neutral
T41 An Enemy Disgraced Fixed Event Neutral
T42 Eviscerate Fixed Event Neutral
T43 Ghiscari Outpost Fixed Location Targaryen
T44 Eastern Fiefdoms Fixed Location Targaryen
T45 Defend the Queen Fixed Event Neutral
T46 Bathed in Flame Fixed Event Neutral
T47 The Broken Ground Fixed Location Neutral
T48 House Targaryen Fixed House Targaryen
T49 Loyalty Money Can Buy Fixed Plot Neutral
T50 Called by the Gods Fixed Plot Neutral
T51 Fire and Blood Fixed Plot Targaryen
T52 Found by Providence Fixed Plot Neutral
T53 Beggar King Fixed Plot Targaryen
T54 Ready as We'll Ever Be Fixed Plot Neutral
T55 Taxation Fixed Plot Neutral


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