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Through the Looking Glass
Throughthelookingglass booster
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Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


Through the Looking Glass


The Continuing Committee





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Through the Looking Glass is the 27th virtual expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by The Continuing Committee on March 25, 2016. The set consists of 54 cards. This set is part of the Mirror Universe Block consisting of cards from Crossover, Crossover: Supplemental, Through the Looking Glass, and The Terran Empire.

Type BreakdownEdit

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

1 V A New Game Virtual Dilemma -
2 V Alien Abduction: Test Subjects Virtual Dilemma -
3 V Attractive Antiquities Virtual Dilemma -
4 V Between Duty and Respect Virtual Dilemma -
5 V Caretaker's Wave Virtual Dilemma -
6 V Dangerous Derelict Virtual Dilemma -
7 V Excluded Virtual Dilemma -
8 V Exe-Q-tioner Virtual Dilemma -
9 V Looking for Par'mach Virtual Dilemma -
10 V Misdirection Virtual Dilemma -
11 V Nausicaans: Pirates Virtual Dilemma -
12 V Q-uality Time Virtual Dilemma -
13 V Routine Physical Virtual Dilemma -
14 V Umexpected Virtual Dilemma -
15 V Habit of Disappearing Virtual Event -
16 V Covert Agent Virtual Incident -
17 V Full Complement of Shuttles Virtual Incident -
18 V Getting to Know You Virtual Incident -
19 V Greater Glory of Cardassia Virtual Incident -
20 V Protect the Timeline Virtual Incident -
21 V Station Briefing Virtual Incident -
22 V Supplant Opposite Virtual Incident -
23 V Valuable Prisoner Virtual Incident -
24 V Renewed Spirit Virtual Interrupt -
25 V Smoke and Mirrors Virtual Interrupt -
26 V Research Historic Accident Virtual Mission -
27 V Seek Illicit Relic Virtual Mission -
28 V Visit Parallel Universe Virtual Mission -
29 V Assemble Rescue Team Virtual Objective -
30 V Assume Identity Virtual Objective -
31 V Fear Will Keep Them in Line Virtual Objective -
32 V Get Back Virtual Objective -
33 V Imperial Intimidation Virtual Objective -
34 V Insert Undercover Agent Virtual Objective -
35 V Kira Nerys Virtual Personnel Bajoran
36 V Benjamin Sisko Virtual Personnel Federation
37 V Captain Kirk Virtual Personnel Federation
38 V Crewman Bredahl Virtual Personnel Federation
39 V Crewman Peart Virtual Personnel Federation
40 V Dr. McCoy Virtual Personnel Federation
41 V Ensign Caggiano Virtual Personnel Federation
42 V Ensign Chagwiza Virtual Personnel Federation
43 V Ensign Kjolholm Virtual Personnel Federation
44 V Farrell Virtual Personnel Federation
45 V Haadok Virtual Personnel Federation
46 V Julian Bashir Virtual Personnel Federation
47 V Lt. Uhura Virtual Personnel Federation
48 V Mr. Scott Virtual Personnel Federation
49 V Yeoman Vaughn Virtual Personnel Federation
50 V Grand Nagus Zek Virtual Personnel Ferengi
51 V Quark Virtual Personnel Ferengi
52 V Rom Virtual Personnel Ferengi
53 V Baze Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
54 V Minister Tharn Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned

Errata CardsEdit

The following card had a correction made by The Continuing Committee (see Virtual Errata Cards)

  • Event
    • 15 V - Habit of Disappearing
  • Personnel
    • 47 V - Lt. Uhura (Federation)

Starter DeckEdit

One starter deck was published with this expansion. The link below redirects to a pdf file.

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