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The Trouble With Tribbles
Thetroublewithtribbles boosters
Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


The Trouble With Tribbles







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The Trouble With Tribbles base set is the 22nd expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by Decipher on 9 August 2000. The set consists of 141 cards in the base set and 96 cards in the starter decks.

The set is available in 11-card booster packs with 30 booster packs per box. The booster packs come in six different wrapper designs with either Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Worf or Odo on the front. Also available are two pre-constructed starter decks, one Federation and one Klingon deck. There are 12 starter decks per box (6 Federation and 6 Klingon). The starter decks include a 44 page Rules and Card List booklet.

The Trouble With Tribbles expansion base set includes a 141-card set with the special "game within the game" cards. Get set for Tribbles by previewing the card images and reading some exciting articles from Star Trek CCG's most respected authorities, contests and more. This base set was the first expansion to include card numbers.

There are two types of "The Trouble With Tribbles" starter decks, Federation & Klingon. Each has one exclusive card being counted as a base set card: Lt. Sisko (Fed) and Captain Koloth (Kli). Both decks have one card in common, Menthar Booby Trap. There are 51 cards in the Federation deck and 46 in the Klingon deck: 96 unique (reprinted from earlier editions) cards. In addition, 27 of the cards in the starter decks have some tribble images added to their image. All these cards have the same copyright line as The Trouble With Tribbles base set cards.

The Tribbles and Trouble cards are only used in the Tribbles CCG card game.

Type BreakdownEdit

Base SetEdit

NOTE: There are 2 Multiple Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Tribbled Cards Federation Starter DeckEdit

Tribbled Cards Klingon Starter DeckEdit

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Base SetEdit

(Menthar Booby Trap included in both Starter Decks)

Federation Starter DeckEdit

Klingon Starter DeckEdit

Card ListEdit

Base SetEdit

1 Orb of Time Rare Artifact -
2 Chula: The Drink Rare Dilemma -
3 Chula: The Way Home Common Dilemma -
4 Executive Authorization Rare Dilemma -
5 Ferengi Infestation Rare Dilemma -
6 Lineup Common Dilemma -
7 Oops! Common Dilemma -
8 Palukoo Uncommon Dilemma -
9 Q Gets the Point Common Dilemma -
10 Storage Compartment Door Common Doorway -
11 Classic Communicator Common Equipment -
12 Classic Medical Tricorder Uncommon Equipment -
13 Classic Tricorder Uncommon Equipment -
14 Classic Type II Phaser Common Equipment -
15 VR Headset Uncommon Equipment -
16 62nd Rule of Acquisition Common Event -
17 Organian Peace Treaty Common Event -
18 Subspace Transporter Common Event -
19 Temporal Investigations Common Event -
20 Treaty: Cardassian/Bajoran Common Event -
21 Treaty: Romulan/Bajoran Common Event -
22 Deep Space Station K-7 Rare Facility Federation
23 Chain Reaction Ricochet Rare Incident -
24 Homefront Uncommon Incident -
25 HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform Rare Incident -
26 Make It So Rare Incident -
27 Obelisk of Masaka Uncommon Incident -
28 Panel Overload Common Incident -
29 Q the Referee Uncommon Incident -
30 Resistance Is Futile Rare Incident -
31 Tribble Bomb Uncommon Incident -
32 We Look For Things Uncommon Incident -
33 Burial Ground Uncommon Interrupt -
34 Live Long and Prosper Common Interrupt -
35 Obedience Brings Victory Uncommon Interrupt -
36 Scan Cycle Check Common Interrupt -
37 Suicidal Attack Common Interrupt -
38 Agricultural Assessment Uncommon Mission -
39 Assign Support Personnel Common Objective -
40 Council of Warriors Rare Objective -
41 Defend Homeworld Uncommon Objective -
42 Hero of the Empire Uncommon Objective -
43 First Minister Shakaar Rare+ Personnel Bajoran
44 Sarish Rez Uncommon Personnel Bajoran
45 Six of Thirteen Common Personnel Borg
46 Third of Five Rare+ Personnel Borg
47 Broca Uncommon Personnel Cardassian
48 Kira Rare+ Personnel Cardassian/Bajoran/Federation
49 Amet'alox Common Personnel Dominion
50 Lam Common Personnel Dominion
51 Thot Gor Rare+ Personnel Dominion
52 Thot Pran Uncommon Personnel Dominion
53 Varat'idan Common Personnel Dominion
54 B.G. Robinson Uncommon Personnel Federation
55 Captain Kirk Rare+ Personnel Federation
56 Dr. McCoy Ultra Rare Personnel Federation
57 Dulmer Rare+ Personnel Federation
58 Ensign Chekov Rare+ Personnel Federation
59 Ensign O'Brien Rare+ Personnel Federation
60 Lt. Bailey Rare+ Personnel Federation
61 Lt. Bashir Rare+ Personnel Federation
62 Lt. D'Amato Uncommon Personnel Federation
63 Lt. Dax Rare+ Personnel Federation
64 Lt. Grant Common Personnel Federation
65 Lt. Nagata Uncommon Personnel Federation
66 Lt. Sisko Promo Personnel Federation
67 Lt. Sulu Rare+ Personnel Federation
68 Lt. Uhura Rare+ Personnel Federation
69 Lt. Watley Uncommon Personnel Federation
70 Lucsly Rare+ Personnel Federation
71 Mr. Scott Rare+ Personnel Federation
72 Mr. Spock Rare+ Personnel Federation
73 Nilz Baris Uncommon Personnel Federation
74 Falar Uncommon Personnel Ferengi
75 Lumba Rare+ Personnel Ferengi
76 Mordoc Common Personnel Ferengi
77 Arne Darvin Rare+ Personnel Klingon
78 Captain Koloth Promo Personnel Klingon
79 Daval Common Personnel Klingon
80 Kered Common Personnel Klingon
81 Korax Uncommon Personnel Klingon
82 Kras Uncommon Personnel Klingon
83 Thopok Uncommon Personnel Klingon
84 Tumek Uncommon Personnel Klingon
85 Barry Waddle Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
86 Danderdag Common Personnel Non-Aligned
87 Gem Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
88 Grebnedlog Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
89 Liam Bilby Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
90 Odo Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
91 Reginod Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
92 Worf Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
93 Yint Common Personnel Non-Aligned
94 Jenok Common Personnel Romulan
95 Kalenna Uncommon Personnel Romulan
96 Keras Rare+ Personnel Romulan
97 The Centurion Rare+ Personnel Romulan
98 Velal Rare+ Personnel Romulan
99 Q-Type Android Uncommon Q Dilemma -
100 Bajoran Raider Uncommon Ship Bajoran
101 Bok'Nor Uncommon Ship Cardassian
102 Stolen Attack Ship Rare Ship Cardassian/Federation
103 Breen Warship Rare Ship Dominion
104 Dominion Battleship Rare Ship Dominion
105 Weyoun's Warship Rare Ship Dominion
106 Columbus Common Ship Federation
107 Starship Constitution Common Ship Federation
108 Starship Enterprise Rare+ Ship Federation
109 Brunt's Shuttle Rare Ship Ferengi
110 I.K.C. Gr'oth Rare+ Ship Klingon
111 I.K.C. Ning'tao Rare Ship Klingon
112 Mondor Uncommon Ship Non-Aligned
113 Gal Gath'thong Rare Ship Romulan
114 Bajoran Shrine Uncommon Site -
115 Bajoran Phaser Banks Common Tactic -
116 Breen Disruptor Burst Common Tactic -
117 Breen Energy-Dampening Weapon Rare Tactic -
118 Chain Reaction Pulsar Uncommon Tactic -
119 Sherman's Peak Uncommon Time Location -
120 1 Tribble - Bonus Common Tribble -
121 1 Tribble - Discard Common Tribble -
122 1 Tribble - Go Common Tribble -
123 10 Tribbles - Bonus Uncommon Tribble -
124 10 Tribbles - Go Uncommon Tribble -
125 10 Tribbles - Poison Uncommon Tribble -
126 100 Tribbles - Bonus Uncommon Tribble -
127 100 Tribbles - Poison Uncommon Tribble -
128 100 Tribbles - Rescue Uncommon Tribble -
129 1,000 Tribbles - Bonus Rare* Tribble -
130 1,000 Tribbles - Discard Rare* Tribble -
131 1,000 Tribbles - Rescue Rare* Tribble -
132 10,000 Tribbles - Go Rare+ Tribble -
133 10,000 Tribbles - Poison Rare+ Tribble -
134 10,000 Tribbles - Rescue Rare+ Tribble -
135 100,000 Tribbles - Clone Rare+ Tribble -
136 100,000 Tribbles - Discard Rare+ Tribble -
137 100,000 Tribbles - Rescue Rare+ Tribble -
138 the Engine Room Common Trouble -
139 the Transporters Common Trouble -
140 ...on the Bridge Common Trouble -
141 ...on the Station Common Trouble -

Federation Starter DeckEdit

Archer Common Dilemma - Yes
Chula: The Abyss Rare Dilemma - Yes
Chula: The Lights Common Dilemma - Yes
Cosmic String Fragment Uncommon Dilemma -
Dangerous Liaisons Common Dilemma -
Hazardous Duty Common Dilemma - Yes
Hunter Gangs Common Dilemma -
Lack of Preparation Common Dilemma -
Maglock Common Dilemma -
Male's Love Interest Common Dilemma - Yes
Menthar Booby Trap Common Dilemma -
Microbiotic Colony Common Dilemma -
Nausicaans Uncommon Dilemma -
Phased Matter Common Dilemma -
Security Precautions Common Dilemma -
Two-Dimensional Creatures Uncommon Dilemma -
Zaldan Uncommon Dilemma -
Alternate Universe Door Common Doorway -
Medical Kit Common Equipment - Yes
Plasmadyne Relay Common Equipment - Yes
Starfleet Type I Phaser Common Equipment - Yes
Plasma Fire Common Event -
Q-Net Common Event -
Where No One Has Gone Before Common Event -
Federation Outpost Common Facility Federation
Remodulation Common Interrupt -
Cargo Rendezvous Common Mission -
Diplomacy Mission Uncommon Mission -
Investigate Coup Uncommon Mission -
Reignite Dead Star Starter Mission -
Search and Rescue Starter Mission -
Test Mission Common Mission -
Assign Mission Specialists Common Objective -
Alyssa Ogawa Rare Personnel Federation Yes
Calloway Common Personnel Federation
Dr. Selar Uncommon Personnel Federation
Fleet Admiral Shanthi Uncommon Personnel Federation Yes
Gibson Common Personnel Federation
Jace Michaels Common Personnel Federation
Mendon Common Personnel Federation
Montgomery Scott Common Personnel Federation Yes
Orren Ran Common Personnel Federation
Rager Uncommon Personnel Federation
Sarita Carson Common Personnel Federation
Taitt Common Personnel Federation
Thomas McClure Uncommon Personnel Federation Yes
Rax'Na Common Personnel Non-Aligned
T'Shonra Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
Runabout Common Ship Federation
U.S.S. Danube Common Ship Federation
U.S.S. Galaxy Common Ship Federation
U.S.S. Nebula Common Ship Federation

Klingon Starter DeckEdit

Anaphasic Organism Common Dilemma - Yes
Chula: Pick One to Save Two Uncommon Dilemma -
Crisis Common Dilemma -
Dead End Uncommon Dilemma -
Female's Love Interest Common Dilemma -
Gravimetric Distortion Common Dilemma -
Lack of Preparation Common Dilemma - Yes
Malfunctioning Door Common Dilemma - Yes
Matriarchal Society Uncommon Dilemma - Yes
Menthar Booby Trap Common Dilemma -
Microvirus Common Dilemma - Yes
Nanites Uncommon Dilemma -
Primitive Culture Rare Dilemma - Yes
Scientific Method Common Dilemma - Yes
Security Precautions Common Dilemma - Yes
Stellar Flare Uncommon Dilemma -
Alternate Universe Door Common Doorway - Yes
Bat'leth Uncommon Equipment -
Bat'leth Uncommon Equipment - Yes
Medical Tricorder Common Equipment - Yes
Res-Q Common Event - Yes
Klingon Outpost Common Facility Klingon
Bat'leth Tournament Uncommon Mission -
Fever Emergency Common Mission -
Plunder Site Uncommon Mission -
Relief Mission Common Mission -
Study Plasma Streamer Common Mission -
Study Stellar Collision Common Mission -
Divok Common Personnel Klingon
Dukath Common Personnel Klingon
Hon'Tihl Uncommon Personnel Klingon
K'nera Uncommon Personnel Klingon
Kromm Common Personnel Klingon
Morka Rare Personnel Klingon Yes
N'Garen Common Personnel Klingon
T'Kar Uncommon Personnel Klingon
Vekma Common Personnel Klingon
Wo'Din Common Personnel Klingon Yes
Coutu Common Personnel Non-Aligned
Devinoni Ral Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
Gorta Common Personnel Non-Aligned
Vekor Common Personnel Non-Aligned Yes
I.K.C. K'Vort Common Ship Klingon
I.K.C. Vor'Cha Common Ship Klingon
I.K.C. Vorn Uncommon Ship Klingon
Miradorn Raider Common Ship Non-Aligned

Errata CardsEdit

The following cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Equipment
    • 11 - Classic Communicator
    • 12 - Classic Medical Tricorder
    • 13 - Classic Tricorder
  • Incident
    • 27 - Obelisk of Masaka
    • 28 - Panel Overload
    • 29 - Q the Referee
  • Personnel
    • 46 - Third of Five (Borg)
    • 56 - Dr. McCoy (Federation)


  • This expansion is dedicated to DeForest Kelly who passed away in 1999.



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