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The Next Generation
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Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


The Next Generation


The Continuing Committee





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The Next Generation is the 11th virtual expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by The Continuing Committee on 13 April 2012. The set consists of 102 cards. This set is part of the The Next Generation Block consisting of cards from The Next Generation, The Next Generation: Supplemental, Engage, The Sky's the Limit, Coming of Age, and Q Who? virtual expansions.

Type BreakdownEdit

NOTE: There are 6 Dual Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

1 V A Good Day to Lie Virtual Dilemma -
2 V All Available Personnel Virtual Dilemma -
3 V Diplomatic Intervention Virtual Dilemma -
4 V Divided Loyalties Virtual Dilemma -
5 V Ferengi Ambush Virtual Dilemma -
6 V I`m Not Going to Fight You Virtual Dilemma -
7 V Local Trouble Virtual Dilemma -
8 V Magnetic Field Disruptions Virtual Dilemma -
9 V Microbrain Virtual Dilemma -
10 V Pinned Down Virtual Dilemma -
11 V Temptation Virtual Dilemma -
12 V Tense Negotiations Virtual Dilemma -
13 V Triage Virtual Dilemma -
14 V War Games Virtual Dilemma -
15 V Warp Bubble Mishap Virtual Dilemma -
16 V Cowboy Diplomacy Virtual Event -
17 V General Quarters Virtual Event -
18 V Heart of Glory Virtual Event -
19 V Let`s See What`s Out There Virtual Event -
20 V You Are a Monument Virtual Event -
21 V Attention All Hands Virtual Incident -
22 V Continuing Mission Virtual Incident -
23 V Equipment Replicator Virtual Incident -
24 V Ferengi Military Operations Virtual Incident -
25 V Finest Crew in the Fleet Virtual Incident -
26 V Get It Done Virtual Incident -
27 V Legitimate Leader of the Empire Virtual Incident -
28 V Mercenary Raiders Virtual Incident -
29 V Officer Exchange Program Virtual Incident -
30 V Scientific Diplomacy Virtual Incident -
31 V Strategic Base Virtual Incident -
32 V "Tag!" Virtual Interrupt -
33 V A Matter of Honor Virtual Interrupt -
34 V Business Gambit Virtual Interrupt -
35 V Acquire Surplus Ships Virtual Mission -
36 V Amnesty Talks Virtual Mission -
37 V Avert Solar Implosion Virtual Mission -
38 V Encounter at Farpoint Virtual Mission -
39 V Host Metaphasic Shielding Test Virtual Mission -
40 V Intercept Sleeper Ship Virtual Mission -
41 V Investigate Destruction Virtual Mission -
42 V Raid Ancient Burial Site Virtual Mission -
43 V Revenge Plot Virtual Mission -
44 V Salvage Borg Ship Virtual Mission -
45 V Seize Freighter Virtual Mission -
46 V Steal Technology Virtual Mission -
47 V The Last Outpost Virtual Mission -
48 V Treat Plague Ship Virtual Mission -
49 V Visit Tranquil Colony Virtual Mission -
50 V Expand the Empire Virtual Objective -
51 V Ferengi Commerce Operation Virtual Objective -
52 V Seek Out New Life Virtual Objective -
53 V Barron Virtual Personnel Federation
54 V Beverly Virtual Personnel Federation
55 V Daniel Kwan Virtual Personnel Federation
56 V Data Virtual Personnel Federation
57 V Davies Virtual Personnel Federation
58 V Deanna Troi Virtual Personnel Federation
59 V Dr. Christopher Virtual Personnel Federation
60 V Geordi La Forge Virtual Personnel Federation
61 V Kosinski Virtual Personnel Federation
62 V Lian T'su Virtual Personnel Federation
63 V Lopez Virtual Personnel Federation
64 V Martin Virtual Personnel Federation
65 V Seth Mendoza Virtual Personnel Federation
66 V Baht Virtual Personnel Ferengi
67 V Captain Picard Virtual Personnel Ferengi
68 V DaiMon Bok Virtual Personnel Ferengi
69 V Dr. Arridor Virtual Personnel Ferengi
70 V Gozar Virtual Personnel Ferengi
71 V Kayron Virtual Personnel Ferengi
72 V Kol Virtual Personnel Ferengi
73 V Levin Virtual Personnel Ferengi
74 V Mordoc Virtual Personnel Ferengi
75 V Obol Virtual Personnel Ferengi
76 V Quark Virtual Personnel Ferengi
77 V Rata Virtual Personnel Ferengi
78 V B'Somgh Virtual Personnel Klingon
79 V Captain Worf Virtual Personnel Klingon
80 V Commander K'Ehleyr Virtual Personnel Klingon
81 V Jean-Luc Picard Virtual Personnel Klingon
82 V Kahless Virtual Personnel Klingon
83 V Kitrik Virtual Personnel Klingon
84 V Konmel Virtual Personnel Klingon
85 V Koroth Virtual Personnel Klingon
86 V Korris Virtual Personnel Klingon
87 V Losta Virtual Personnel Klingon
88 V Q'elyn Virtual Personnel Klingon
89 V William T. Riker Virtual Personnel Klingon
90 V Zegov Virtual Personnel Klingon
91 V Livingston Virtual Personnel Neutral
92 V Dr. Syrus Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
93 V Koral Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned/Klingon
93* V Koral Virtual Personnel Klingon/Non-Aligned
93* V Koral (with TCC logo) Virtual Personnel Klingon/Non-Aligned
94 V Vash Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
95 V Will Riker Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation
95* V Will Riker Virtual Personnel Federation/Non-Aligned
95* V Will Riker (with TCC logo) Virtual Personnel Federation/Non-Aligned
96 V Ferengi Scout Vessel Virtual Ship Ferengi
97 V Kurdon Virtual Ship Ferengi
98 V Batris Virtual Ship Klingon/Non-Aligned
98* V Batris Virtual Ship Non-Aligned/Klingon
98* V Batris (with TCC logo) Virtual Ship Non-Aligned/Klingon
99 V I.K.S. Pagh Virtual Ship Klingon

NOTE: Cards 93* Koral (alternate image), 95* Will Riker (alternate image), and 98* Batris (alternate image) were initially released with The Continuing Committee Logo. These cards with the TCC logo are not included as part of the card count and type breakdowns.

The alternate image cards without the TCC logo were available in July 2012.

Errata CardsEdit

The following cards had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Virtual Errata Cards).

  • Incident
    • 21 V - Attention All Hands
    • 22 V - Continuing Mission
    • 24 V - Ferengi Military Operations
    • 28 V - Mercenary Raiders
  • Personnel
    • 70 V - Gozar (Ferengi)

Starter DecksEdit

Three starter decks were available with this set. These decks consist of cards from this set and previous virtual sets. The links below redirect to pdf files.

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