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The Motion Pictures
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Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


The Motion Pictures









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The Motion Pictures is the 29th expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by Decipher on 17 April 2002. The set consists of 134 cards.

Star Trek CCG heads to the movies with a brand-new expansion set featuring cards from all nine movies, from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek Insurrection. Villains from Khan to Chang to Ru'afo, perils from V'Ger to Genesis to the Nexus... Starfleet's finest are out saving the galaxy from them all. Whether saving the whales or searching for Sha Ka Ree is your idea of a good time, you'll find it in Star Trek CCG: The Motion Pictures. Even the Voyager-only format is supported, with cards from the Voyager episode "Flashback" tying in to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

This set is available in 11-card booster packs and there are 36 booster packs in 1 booster box. Each pack contains one rare card and a mix of 10 common and uncommon cards.

Decipher issued a Card List sheet.

Type Breakdown[]

NOTE: There are 6 Dual Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity Breakdown[]

Card List[]

1 The Genesis Device Rare Artifact -
2 Engine Imbalance Uncommon Dilemma -
3 "God" Rare Dilemma -
4 Hero Worship Rare Dilemma -
5 I Hate You Common Dilemma -
6 Linguistic Legerdemain Common Dilemma -
7 Now Would Be A Good Time Uncommon Dilemma -
8 Subspace Shock Wave Common Dilemma -
9 The Whale Probe Rare Dilemma -
10 V'Ger Rare Dilemma -
11 The Nexus Uncommon Doorway -
12 Transport Inhibitor Common Equipment -
13 Transporter Drones Uncommon Equipment -
14 Duj Saq Common Event -
15 Fal-tor-pan Common Event -
16 I Just Love Scanning for Life-forms Rare Event -
17 Isomagnetic Disintegrator Uncommon Event -
18 To Be or Not to Be Uncommon Event -
19 Ceti Eel Common Incident -
20 Release This Pain Common Incident -
21 I Do Not Take Orders from You! Uncommon Interrupt -
22 Lure of the Nexus Common Interrupt -
23 No, Kirk... The Game's Not Over Common Interrupt -
24 Prefix Code Transmission Common Interrupt -
25 Smooth As an Android's Bottom? Uncommon Interrupt -
26 The Needs of the Many... Common Interrupt -
27 What Does God Need With a Starship? Rare Interrupt -
28 Analyze Radiation Common Mission -
29 Insurrection Common Mission -
30 Observe Ritual Common Mission -
31 The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree Common Mission -
32 Collect Metaphasic Particles Uncommon Objective -
33 Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold Uncommon Objective -
34 Admiral Cartwright Uncommon Personnel Federation
35 Admiral Kirk Rare+ Personnel Federation
36 Amanda Grayson Rare+ Personnel Federation
37 Ambassador Sarek Rare+ Personnel Federation
38 Captain Spock Rare+ Personnel Federation
39 Captain Styles Uncommon Personnel Federation
40 Captain Sulu Rare+ Personnel Federation
41 Carol Marcus Rare Personnel Federation
42 Clark Terrell Uncommon Personnel Federation
43 Commander Chekov Rare+ Personnel Federation
44 Commander Rand Rare Personnel Federation
45 Commander Uhura Rare+ Personnel Federation
46 David Marcus Rare Personnel Federation
47 Demora Sulu Uncommon Personnel Federation
48 Dmitri Valtane Uncommon Personnel Federation
49 Dr. Chapel Rare+ Personnel Federation
50 Dr. McCoy Rare+ Personnel Federation
51 Ensign Tuvok Rare Personnel Federation
52 Henreid Common Personnel Federation
53 Ilia Uncommon Personnel Federation
54 J. T. Esteban Uncommon Personnel Federation
55 Jacobson Common Personnel Federation
56 James T. Kirk Ultra Rare Personnel Federation
57 John Harriman Rare+ Personnel Federation
58 Lojur Common Personnel Federation
59 Mark Tobiaston Common Personnel Federation
60 Matthew Dougherty Uncommon Personnel Federation
61 Mr. Scott Rare+ Personnel Federation
62 Saavik Rare+ Personnel Federation
63 St. John Talbot Uncommon Personnel Federation
64 T'Lar Uncommon Personnel Federation
65 Tahglio Common Personnel Federation
66 Valeris Rare Personnel Federation
67 Voight Common Personnel Federation
68 Willard Decker Rare+ Personnel Federation
69 Azetbur Uncommon Personnel Klingon
70 Brigadier Kerla Rare Personnel Klingon
71 Captain Kang Rare+ Personnel Klingon
72 Ch'dak Common Personnel Klingon
73 Chancellor Gorkon Rare+ Personnel Klingon
74 Colonel Worf Rare+ Personnel Klingon
75 General Chang Rare+ Personnel Klingon
76 General Korrd Uncommon Personnel Klingon
77 Kamarag Uncommon Personnel Klingon
78 Karnog Common Personnel Klingon
79 Klaa Uncommon Personnel Klingon
80 Komal Common Personnel Klingon
81 Kor'choth Common Personnel Klingon
82 Koth Uncommon Personnel Klingon
83 Krase Rare+ Personnel Klingon
84 Kruge Rare+ Personnel Klingon
85 Maltz Uncommon Personnel Klingon
86 Regnor Common Personnel Klingon
87 Torg Rare Personnel Klingon
88 Valkris Uncommon Personnel Klingon
89 Vixis Uncommon Personnel Klingon
90 Woteln Common Personnel Klingon
91 George and Gracie Uncommon Personnel Neutral
92 Dr. Gillian Taylor Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation
92* Dr. Gillian Taylor Rare+ Personnel Federation/Non-Aligned
93 Dr. Tolian Soran Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
94 Gallatin Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
95 J'Onn Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
96 Joachim Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
97 Khan Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
98 Martia Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
99 Mas'ud Common Personnel Non-Aligned
100 Pa'rena Common Personnel Non-Aligned
101 Rae'alin Common Personnel Non-Aligned
102 Ru'afo Rare+ Personnel Non-Aligned
103 Sam'po Common Personnel Non-Aligned
104 Sarod Common Personnel Non-Aligned
105 Sharic Common Personnel Non-Aligned
106 Sybok Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
107 Wajahut Common Personnel Non-Aligned
108 Caithlin Dar Uncommon Personnel Romulan
109 Nanclus Rare Personnel Romulan
110 H.M.S. Bounty Rare+ Ship Federation/Klingon
110* H.M.S. Bounty Rare+ Ship Klingon/Federation
111 Starship Constitution Common Ship Federation
112 Starship Enterprise Rare+ Ship Federation
113 Starship Excelsior Rare+ Ship Federation
114 U.S.S. Enterprise-A Rare+ Ship Federation
115 U.S.S. Enterprise-B Uncommon Ship Federation
116 I.K.C. Amar Rare Ship Klingon
117 I.K.C. Chontay Uncommon Ship Klingon
118 I.K.C. K'elric Uncommon Ship Klingon
119 I.K.C. K't'inga Common Ship Klingon
120 I.K.C. Kla'Diyus Rare+ Ship Klingon
121 Kronos One Rare+ Ship Klingon
122 Injector Assembly One Uncommon Ship Non-Aligned
123 Li'seria Uncommon Ship Non-Aligned
124 Son'a Battleship Rare Ship Non-Aligned
125 Son'a Shuttle Common Ship Non-Aligned
126 U.S.S. Reliant Rare+ Ship Non-Aligned/Federation
126* U.S.S. Reliant Rare+ Ship Federation/Non-Aligned
127 Isolytic Burst Uncommon Tactic -
128 Riker Maneuver Uncommon Tactic -
129 Target Warp Field Coils Common Tactic -
130 Camp Khitomer Rare Time Location -
131 Cetacean Institute Common Time Location -

Errata Cards[]

The following Decipher cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Incident
    • 20 - Release This Pain
  • Mission
    • 31 - The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree
  • Personnel
    • 61 - Mr. Scott (Federation)


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