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The Dominion
Thedominion booster
Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


The Dominion







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The Dominion is the 16th expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by Decipher on 1 January 1999. The set consists of 134 cards.

The set is available in 9-card booster packs. There are 30 booster packs in a box.

This set introduces the Dominion affiliation. It also includes four special white-border promo cards that preview cards that will appear in future expansions.

Decipher published a two page Rules Supplement and Card List sheet.

Type BreakdownEdit

NOTE: There is 1 Dual Affiliation card, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

Croden's Key Rare Artifact -
Orb of Prophecy and Change Rare Artifact -
The Earring of Li Nalas Rare Artifact -
Berserk Changeling Uncommon Dilemma -
Chula: Pick One to Save Two Uncommon Dilemma -
Chula: The Chandra Rare Dilemma -
Chula: The Dice Common Dilemma -
Crisis Common Dilemma -
Founder Secret Rare Dilemma -
Friendly Fire Common Dilemma -
Mission Fatigue Uncommon Dilemma -
Navigational Hazards Common Dilemma -
Sleeper Trap Rare Dilemma -
Surprise Assault Common Dilemma -
Dominion PADD Common Equipment -
Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber Common Equipment -
Jem'Hadar Disruptor Common Equipment -
Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle Uncommon Equipment -
Ketracel-White Common Equipment -
Crew Reassignment Uncommon Event -
Espionage - Dominion on Federation Common Event -
Espionage - Dominion on Klingon Common Event -
Espionage - Dominion on Romulan Common Event -
Fair Play Uncommon Event -
Invasive Beam-In Common Event -
Sisko 197 Subroutine Uncommon Event -
Tactical Console Uncommon Event -
Treaty: Bajoran/Dominion Common Event -
Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion Common Event -
Treaty: Romulan/Dominion Common Event -
Primary Supply Depot Common Facility Dominion
Remote Supply Depot Common Facility Dominion
The Great Link Rare Facility Dominion
Office of the President Rare Facility Federation
The Great Hall Rare Facility Klingon
Empok Nor Rare Facility Neutral
Office of the Proconsul Rare Facility Romulan
Caught Red-Handed Common Interrupt -
Flight of the Intruder Uncommon Interrupt -
In the Bag Common Interrupt -
Jem'Hadar Sacrifice Common Interrupt -
Shape-Shift Uncommon Interrupt -
Strike Three Common Interrupt -
You Dirty Rat Uncommon Interrupt -
Archanis Dispute Uncommon Mission -
Betazed Invasion Rare Mission -
Bioweapon Ruse Uncommon Mission -
Construct Depot Common Mission -
Intelligence Operation Uncommon Mission -
Investigate Coup Uncommon Mission -
Mining Survey Uncommon Mission -
Protect Shipment Uncommon Mission -
Quest for the Sword Uncommon Mission -
Rescue Founder Uncommon Mission -
Security Briefing Uncommon Mission -
Uncover DNA Clues Uncommon Mission -
Engage Cloak Uncommon Objective -
Establish Dominion Foothold Uncommon Objective -
Install Autonomic Systems Parasite Uncommon Objective -
Issue Secret Orders Rare Objective -
Operate Wormhole Relays Uncommon Objective -
Post Garrison Uncommon Objective -
Subjugate Planet Common Objective -
General Hazar Common Personnel Bajoran
Kai Winn Rare Personnel Bajoran
Keeve Falor Common Personnel Bajoran
Orta Uncommon Personnel Bajoran
Zayra Rare Personnel Bajoran
Seven of Nine Promo Personnel Borg
Damar Rare Personnel Cardassian
Daro Uncommon Personnel Cardassian
Dejar Uncommon Personnel Cardassian
Macet Uncommon Personnel Cardassian
Silaran Prin Uncommon Personnel Cardassian
Telle Common Personnel Cardassian
Garak Rare Personnel Cardassian/Non-Aligned
Amat'igan Rare Personnel Dominion
Arak'Taral Uncommon Personnel Dominion
Azet'izan Common Personnel Dominion
Borath Rare Personnel Dominion
Eris Common Personnel Dominion
Founder Uncommon Personnel Dominion
Founder Leader Rare Personnel Dominion
Goran'Agar Rare Personnel Dominion
Gurat'urak Common Personnel Dominion
Keevan Rare Personnel Dominion
Kilana Rare Personnel Dominion
Kira Founder Rare Personnel Dominion
Koret'alak Common Personnel Dominion
Leyton Founder Rare Personnel Dominion
Limara'Son Common Personnel Dominion
Lovok Founder Rare Personnel Dominion
Makla'Gor Common Personnel Dominion
Martok Founder Rare Personnel Dominion
Meso'Clan Uncommon Personnel Dominion
O'Brien Founder Rare Personnel Dominion
Omet'iklan Rare Personnel Dominion
Ornithar Common Personnel Dominion
Remata'Klan Rare Personnel Dominion
Talak'talan Rare Personnel Dominion
Temo'Zuma Common Personnel Dominion
Toman'torax Rare Personnel Dominion
Virak'kara Common Personnel Dominion
Weyoun Rare Personnel Dominion
Yak'Talon Common Personnel Dominion
Yelgren Rare Personnel Dominion
Young Jem'Hadar Common Personnel Dominion
Zyree Common Personnel Dominion
Admiral Leyton Rare Personnel Federation
Admiral Riker Promo Personnel Federation
Captain Kirk Promo Personnel Federation
Jaresh-Inyo Rare Personnel Federation
Keogh Rare Personnel Federation
Michael Eddington Rare Personnel Federation
Atul Uncommon Personnel Klingon
Ch'Pok Rare Personnel Klingon
Martok Rare Personnel Klingon
Worf Son of Mogh Promo Personnel Klingon
10 and 01 Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Anya Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
Salia Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Soto Uncommon Personnel Non-Aligned
Lovok Rare Personnel Romulan
Senator Vreenak Rare Personnel Romulan
T'Rul Uncommon Personnel Romulan
Keldon Advanced Rare Ship Cardassian
Trager Rare Ship Cardassian
Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Common Ship Dominion
Jem'Hadar Warship Uncommon Ship Dominion
U.S.S. Defiant Rare Ship Federation
U.S.S. Odyssey Uncommon Ship Federation
U.S.S. Rio Grande Rare Ship Federation
I.K.C. Rotarran Rare Ship Klingon
D'deridex Advanced Rare Ship Romulan

Errata CardsEdit

The following Decipher cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Event
    • Fair Play
  • Facility
    • Primary Supply Depot - Remote Supply Depot
  • Objective
    • Operate Wormhole Relays
  • Personnel
    • Martok (Klingon)


Press SheetEdit

  • Every rarity had its own print sheet.
  • The Common print sheet had 2 sets of commons for a total of 80 cards (8x10).
  • The Uncommon print sheet had 2 sets of uncommons for a total of 80 cards (8x10).
  • The Rare print sheet had 2 sets of rares for a total of 100 cards (10x10).


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