Strange Vistas
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Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Strange Vistas


Alderac Entertainment Group







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Strange Vistas is the 3rd expansion of 7th Sea CCG. It is printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 1999 and consists of 156 cards. However Wikipedia states that this set consists of 161 cards. The set icon is a white sail on a pale blue background. It was the winner of the 1999 Origins Award for Best Card Game Expansion or Supplement.

This expansion is available in 15-card boosters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 54 Action
  • 24 Adventure
  • 40 Attachment
  • 2 Captain (1 Corsairs and 1 Gosse)
  • 34 Crew (1 Brotherhood, 1 Castille, 12 Corsairs, 1 Crimson Rogers, 1 Explorers, 12 Gosse, 1 Montaigne, 1 Sea Dogs, 3 Unaligned and 1 Vesten)
  • 2 Ship (1 Corsais and 1 Gosse)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 49 Common
  • 6 Fixed
  • 51 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"I'll Be Taking That!" Uncommon Action -
"Man the Bilge Pumps!" Common Action -
"Stroke, Stroke..." Uncommon Action -
"Take It Like a Man!" Uncommon Action -
"There's More Where They Came From" Uncommon Action -
"Throw Me the Whip!" Common Action -
"Walk the Plank!" Uncommon Action -
"Warship to Port!" Common Action -
"We're Doomed!" Uncommon Attachment -
"X" Almost Marks the Spot Rare Action -
A Gallant Stand Common Adventure -
A Sailor's First Skill Common Attachment -
Al-Katim Common Crew Corsairs
Aldana School Uncommon Attachment -
All For One! Uncommon Action -
Ambrogia School Uncommon Attachment -
Ancient Training Techniques Uncommon Adventure -
Andre Braudel Rare Crew Gosse
Andres Donovich Common Crew Corsairs
Artifact Cannon Rare Adventure -
Back Alley Rum Uncommon Adventure -
Becalmed Common Action -
Belaying Pin Common Attachment -
Belit Rare Attachment -
Berek's Already Done That Uncommon Action -
Bjorn Brind Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Boatload of Jennys Uncommon Adventure -
Braving the Nor'wester Rare Adventure -
Brotherhood Pride Rare Action -
Canister Shot Common Action -
Cargo Hook Common Attachment -
Castille Pride Rare Action -
Common Pier Common Attachment -
Cool Castillian Blood Uncommon Attachment -
Corsair Pride Rare Action -
Crimson Roger Pride Rare Action -
Cross of Virtue Rare Attachment -
Crossfire Rare Adventure -
Customs Check Uncommon Action -
Dalia Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Danger on the High Seas Common Action -
Dangerous Cargo Uncommon Adventure -
Daniel Uncommon Crew Gosse
Dispatching the Scum Rare Action -
Disregard Rare Action -
Donovan School Uncommon Attachment -
Dredging the Trade River Uncommon Adventure -
Drop a Boarding Net Uncommon Adventure -
Dunti Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Dupre & Hans Common Crew Gosse
Edahgo Rare Crew Corsairs
Eisenfaust School Uncommon Attachment -
Entertainers Common Crew Gosse
Escorting the MacDuff Common Adventure -
Espera Common Crew Corsairs
Experience is the Best Teacher Rare Action -
Explorer Pride Rare Action -
Fancy Footwork Uncommon Adventure -
Fancy Swordplay Common Action -
Fine Rigging Uncommon Adventure -
First Mate's Watch Rare Action -
Galafré Flaubert du Doré Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Galley Captives Common Crew Corsairs
Gaspar Rare Crew Gosse
Ghouls Sneak on Board Uncommon Action -
Giovanni Villanova Rare Attachment -
Gold Earring Common Attachment -
Gosse Pride Rare Action -
Grappling Cannon Common Attachment -
Gunnery at its Finest Common Action -
Hamish Rare Crew Corsairs
Harpoon Common Attachment -
Helpful Advice Uncommon Action -
Henderson Common Crew Gosse
Hernando Ochoa Common Crew Gosse
Iken of Venderheim Rare Crew Vesten
Imshi Rare Crew Corsairs
Infection Uncommon Action -
Inil Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Jack-of-All-Trades Rare Attachment -
Jean Marie Rois et Reines Uncommon Attachment -
Jenny House Common Attachment -
Joseph Dunn Common Crew Explorers
Julia Common Crew Unaligned
Kalem the Believer Rare Attachment -
Kheired-Din Fixed Captain Corsairs
Kheired-Din's Secret Rare Attachment -
Leegstra School Uncommon Attachment -
Lemons Common Action -
Long Hand Uncommon Attachment -
Long Range Cannon Volley Common Action -
Low on Shot Rare Action -
Mabela Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Making of a Hero Rare Adventure -
Martin Tytus Common Crew Gosse
McCormick's Quest Rare Action -
Melinda Gosse Rare Crew Gosse
Miguel Cortez Uncommon Crew Castille
Mike Fitzpatrick Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Montaigne Pride Rare Action -
Musket Common Attachment -
Old Flame Rare Attachment -
Palace Raid Common Adventure -
Parting Shot Common Action -
Philip Gosse Fixed Captain Gosse
Pistol Common Attachment -
Plague of Boca Common Action -
Posh Quarters Rare Attachment -
Prayer Uncommon Action -
Purple Heaves Rare Action -
Ramming Spike Uncommon Attachment -
Retired Smuggler Common Attachment -
Rigged for Speed Rare Attachment -
Riposte Common Action -
Rogers School Uncommon Attachment -
Run 'im Through! Common Action -
Safe Path Uncommon Attachment -
Sea Dog Pride Rare Action -
Secrets of the Tops Common Action -
Sergei Nyasvy Uncommon Crew Gosse
Seven-Color Sam Common Crew Sea Dogs
Shala Rare Crew Corsairs
Sharp Maneuvering Common Action -
Shore Knowledge Uncommon Attachment -
Sidhe Storm Rare Adventure -
Special Gift Uncommon Attachment -
Staying Ahead of Trouble Rare Adventure -
Strange Skies Fixed Ship Corsairs
Strength Isn't Everything Common Adventure -
Syrneth Tiller Common Adventure -
Taking the Hit Common Action -
The Captain's Word Rare Action -
The Code Fixed Attachment -
The Finest Cannons... Common Adventure -
The First Switch Rare Adventure -
The General's Tactics Rare Action -
The Three Fate Witches Uncommon Action -
The Unwritten Rules Fixed Attachment -
The Wrath of Reis Rare Action -
Théah Eats the Weak Common Action -
Their Captain's Will Common Adventure -
Thomas Gosse Uncommon Crew Gosse
Torvo Espada Rare Crew Gosse
Trinkets and Baubles Uncommon Adventure -
Turning Enemies Into Friends Uncommon Action -
Tyree the Worthless Rare Crew Unaligned
Uncharted Course Fixed Ship Gosse
Uprising! Uncommon Action -
Ussuran Intrigue Uncommon Adventure -
Valroux School Uncommon Attachment -
Volta Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Wake of Estallio Common Action -
Warship Rare Attachment -
Well-Equipped Sick Bay Rare Attachment -
Well-Stocked Armory Rare Attachment -
Wild Party! Rare Action -