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Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition









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Reflections: The First Five Year Mission is the 18th expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by Decipher on 18 October 2000. The set consists of 105 foiled cards.

Reflections: The First Five Year Mission is well-named. Each pack contains 18 cards, 17 randomly assorted cards from Premiere through The Dominion sets plus an 18th card, a foil version of a classic Star Trek CCG rare. There are 30 packs per booster box, and 6 boxes per case.

Reflections introduces "topper" cards. Four of these premium foil cards, box toppers, randomly appear, one per display on top of the packs inside the 30-pack display box. One premium foil card, the case topper, appears on top of the boxes in a case.

Type BreakdownEdit

NOTE: There are 2 Dual Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

Betazoid Gift Box Very Rare Artifact -
Cryosatellite Very Rare Artifact -
Data's Head Super Rare Artifact -
Horga'hn Super Rare Artifact -
Kurlan Naiskos Super Rare Artifact -
Magic Carpet Ride OCD Very Rare Artifact -
Ressikan Flute Very Rare Artifact -
Armus - Skin of Evil Very Rare Dilemma -
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease Super Rare Dilemma -
Borg Ship Super Rare Dilemma -
Crystalline Entity Very Rare Dilemma -
Cytherians Super Rare Dilemma -
DNA Clues Very Rare Dilemma -
Q Super Rare Dilemma -
Scout Encounter Very Rare Dilemma -
The Sheliak Very Rare Dilemma -
Yuta Very Rare Dilemma -
Devidian Door Super Rare Doorway -
Bynars Weapon Enhancement Super Rare Event -
Interrogation Very Rare Event -
Ocular Implants Very Rare Event -
Regenerate Super Rare Event -
Retask Very Rare Event -
Revolving Door Very Rare Event -
Supernova Very Rare Event -
System 5 Disruptors Very Rare Event -
Wall of Ships Very Rare Event -
Chamber of Ministers Super Rare Facility Bajoran
Central Command Super Rare Facility Cardassian
The Great Link Super Rare Facility Dominion
Office of the President Super Rare Facility Federation
The Great Hall Super Rare Facility Klingon
Office of the Proconsul Super Rare Facility Romulan
Alas, Poor Queen Very Rare Interrupt -
Klingon Death Yell Very Rare Interrupt -
Espionage Mission Super Rare Mission -
Investigate "Shattered Space" Very Rare Mission -
Investigate Rumors Very Rare Mission -
Pegasus Search Very Rare Mission -
Study Nebula Very Rare Mission -
Wormhole Negotiations Very Rare Mission -
Assimilate Homeworld Very Rare Objective -
Plans of the Tal Shiar Very Rare Objective -
Bareil Antos Very Rare Personnel Bajoran
Kira Nerys Super Rare Personnel Bajoran
Odo Super Rare Personnel Bajoran
Borg Queen Ultra Rare Personnel Borg
Gowron of Borg Box Topper Personnel Borg
Seven of Nine Case Topper Personnel Borg
Damar Very Rare Personnel Cardassian
Dukat Super Rare Personnel Cardassian
Elim Garak Super Rare Personnel Cardassian
Garak Very Rare Personnel Cardassian/Non-Aligned
Founder Leader Super Rare Personnel Dominion
Kira Founder Very Rare Personnel Dominion
O'Brien Founder Very Rare Personnel Dominion
Weyoun Super Rare Personnel Dominion
Admiral Riker Box Topper Personnel Federation
Benjamin Sisko Super Rare Personnel Federation
Beverly Crusher Super Rare Personnel Federation
Beverly Picard Super Rare Personnel Federation
Data Super Rare Personnel Federation
Deanna Troi Super Rare Personnel Federation
Geordi La Forge Super Rare Personnel Federation
Jadzia Dax Super Rare Personnel Federation
Jean-Luc Picard Ultra Rare Personnel Federation
Julian Bashir Super Rare Personnel Federation
Tasha Yar-Alternate Super Rare Personnel Federation
William T. Riker Super Rare Personnel Federation
Worf Super Rare Personnel Federation
B'Etor Super Rare Personnel Klingon
Governor Worf Super Rare Personnel Klingon
Gowron Super Rare Personnel Klingon
Kahless Very Rare Personnel Klingon
Kurn Very Rare Personnel Klingon
Lursa Super Rare Personnel Klingon
Martok Super Rare Personnel Klingon
10 and 01 Super Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Dathon Super Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Galen Super Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Madam Guinan Super Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Roga Danar Super Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Dr. Telek R'Mor Box Topper Personnel Romulan
Sela Super Rare Personnel Romulan
Taris Very Rare Personnel Romulan
Toreth Very Rare Personnel Romulan
Major Rakal Super Rare Personnel Romulan/Federation
Queen's Borg Cube Super Rare Ship Borg
Keldon Advanced Super Rare Ship Cardassian
Prakesh Very Rare Ship Cardassian
Future Enterprise Ultra Rare Ship Federation
U.S.S. Defiant Ultra Rare Ship Federation
U.S.S. Enterprise Super Rare Ship Federation
U.S.S. Enterprise-C Very Rare Ship Federation
I.K.C. Bortas Very Rare Ship Klingon
I.K.C. Fek'Ihr Very Rare Ship Klingon
I.K.C Hegh'ta Very Rare Ship Klingon
I.K.C. Rotarran Very Rare Ship Klingon
Gomtuu Very Rare Ship Non-Aligned
D'deridex Advanced Super Rare Ship Romulan
Decius Very Rare Ship Romulan
Khazara Very Rare Ship Romulan
Cha'Joh Very Rare Ship Romulan/Klingon
Montana Missile Complex Very Rare Time Location -
100,000 Tribbles - Clone Box Topper Tribble -

Errata CardsEdit

The following Decipher cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Dilemma
    • Borg Ship
  • Doorway
    • Devidian Door
  • Event
    • Revolving Door
  • Personnel
    • Kira Nerys (Bajoran) - Gowron of Borg (Borg) - Admiral Riker (Federation) - Taris (Romulan)


Print SheetsEdit

  • There are three different print sheets.
  • The first print sheet had 3 copies of 23 Very Rare foils and 2 copies of 26 Super Rare foils, for a total of 121 cards (11x11).
  • The second print sheet had 3 copies of the remaining 23 Very Rare foils, 2 copies of the remaining 24 Super Rare foils, and 1 copy of the 4 Ultra Rare foils, for a total of 121 cards (11x11).
  • The third print sheet had 22 copies of the Seven of Nine case topper foil, 24 copies of the Gowron of Borg box topper foil, and 25 copies of the Dr. Telek R'Mor, Admiral Riker, and 100,000 Tribbles - Clone box topper cards for a total of 121 cards (11x11).

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