Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG




Alderac Entertainment Group







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This page lists the promo cards of the 7th Sea CCG. They are printed by Aldarac Entertainment Group and consists of 67 cards. They are mostly foiled, except for Samuel Smitts and a few others

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 11 Action
  • 11 Attachment
  • 10 Captain
  • 13 Crew
  • 4 Sea
  • 17 Ship

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation Purchase
A Friend in Need Promo Action -
Admiral Alizis Valoix-Praisse III Promo Captain Montaigne
Allende Promo Captain Brotherhood
Ambush! Promo Action -
Berek Promo Captain
Betrayal Promo Action -
Brother in Arms Promo Action -
Calling in Favors Promo Action -
Captain Bonnie McGee Promo Captain Unaligned
Captain Necros Promo Captain
Corazón del Castille Promo Ship
Corsairs Figurehead Promo Attachment
Dregs and Thugs Promo Crew Unaligned
Enrique Orduño Promo Captain Castille
Fair Weather Friend Promo Ship Unaligned Given to players in the AEG 7th Sea Fan Club
Faye Dunisain Promo Crew Unaligned
Forbidden Sea Promo Sea -
Freya Danya Gydasdottir Promo Crew Unaligned
Gentleman's Agreement Promo Action -
Gosse Figurehead Promo Attachment -
Grenouille du Grâce Promo Ship
Guy McCormick Promo Captain
Hassad the Enforcer Promo Crew Unaligned
Homeward Arrow Promo Ship Unaligned
Ill-Fated Journey Promo Attachment -
In the Dark of the Night Promo Action -
Indisposed Promo Action -
Jacklyn the Black Promo Crew Unaligned
Kheired-Din Promo Crew
La Boca Promo Sea - Tournament Prize
Le Prédatuer des Mers (sic) Promo Ship
Luis Rafael Dominguez de San Angelo Promo Crew Castille
Lumière de l'Empereur Promo Attachment -
Neeman the Coward Promo Crew Unaligned
Philip Gosse Promo Captain Gosse
Plunder Redemption Promo Action
Reis Promo Captain
Reynard Fornier Promo Crew
Salvador Bernoulli Promo Crew Unaligned
Samuel Smitts Promo Crew
Strange Skies Promo Ship
The Black Dawn Promo Ship
The Black Freighter Promo Ship
The Crimson Roger Promo Ship
The Discovery Promo Ship
The Gallows Promo Attachment -
The General Promo Captain
The Hanged Man Promo Ship
The Highland Piper Promo Ship Unaligned
The Homeward Arrow Promo Ship
The Hurricane Promo Ship
The Mirror Promo Sea -
The Moon Beckoned Promo Action -
The Queen's Reward Promo Attachment -
The Reaper Promo Attachment -
The Revensj Promo Ship
The Scarlet Roger Promo Ship
The Shield Man Promo Attachment -
The Spear of Theus Promo Attachment -
The Traitor's Scream Promo Attachment -
Tracy Anvillin Promo Crew
Trade Sea Promo Sea -
Uncharted Course Promo Ship
Vesten Figurehead Promo Attachment -
What Do We Have Here? Promo Action -
Yngvild Olafsdottir Promo Crew