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PowerSurge is the 2nd expansion of the OverPower CCG. It is published by Fleer/Skybox in 1995. This set consists of 275 cards. It is available in 9-card boosters.

This set is easily identified by the flame graphics on the borders of the Special cards.

Type Breakdown[]

  • 21 Characters
  • 14 Missions
  • 27 Powers
  • 88 Specials
  • 40 Universes

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • 43 Commons
  • 66 Uncommons
  • 63 Rares
  • 98 Very Rares
  • 3 Silvers
  • 1 Promo

Card List[]

1 Energy Common Power
1 Fighting Common Power
1 MultiPower Common Power
1 Strength Common Power
2 Energy Common Power
2 Fighting Common Power
2 MultiPower Uncommon Power
2 Strength Common Power
3 Energy Common Power
3 Fighting Common Power
3 MultiPower Rare Power
3 Strength Common Power
4 Energy Common Power
4 Fighting Common Power
4 MultiPower Very Rare Power
4 Strength Common Power
5 Energy Common Power
5 Energy Fighting +3 Uncommon Universe
5 Energy Fighting +4 Rare Universe
5 Energy Strength +3 Uncommon Universe
5 Energy Strength +4 Rare Universe
5 Fighting Common Power
5 Fighting Strength +3 Uncommon Universe
5 Fighting Strength +4 Rare Universe
5 Strength Common Power
6 Energy Common Power
6 Energy Fighting/Strength +1 +2 Rare Universe
6 Fighting Common Power
6 Fighting Energy/Strength +1 +2 Rare Universe
6 Strength Common Power
6 Strength Energy/Fighting +1 +2 Rare Universe
7 Energy Uncommon Power
7 Energy Fighting/Strength +2 +2 Rare Universe
7 Fighting Uncommon Power
7 Fighting Energy/Strength +2 +2 Rare Universe
7 Strength Uncommon Power
7 Strength Energy/Fighting +2 +2 Rare Universe
8 Energy Uncommon Power
8 Energy Fighting/Strength +1 +3 Rare Universe
8 Fighting Uncommon Power
8 Fighting Energy/Strength +1 +3 Rare Universe
8 Strength Uncommon Power
8 Strength Energy/Fighting +1 +3 Rare Universe
Alien Technology Uncommon Universe
Any Hero - Confusion Promo Special
Any Hero - Savage Land Rare Special
Apocalypse - Instant Evolution Uncommon Special
Banshee Very Rare Character
Banshee - Interpol Training Uncommon Special
Banshee - Luck o' the Irish Very Rare Special
Banshee - Shatter Shriek Very Rare Special
Banshee - Sonic Glide Very Rare Special
Banshee - Super Scream Very Rare Special
Banshee - Vocal Hypnosis Very Rare Special
Beast - Acrobatics Uncommon Special
Bishop - Body Armor Uncommon Special
Black Cat Rare Character
Black Cat - Bad Luck Very Rare Special
Black Cat - Cat Burglar Very Rare Special
Black Cat - Cat Fight Uncommon Special
Black Cat - Femme Fatale Very Rare Special
Black Cat - Kiss of Death Very Rare Special
Black Cat - Nine Lives Very Rare Special
Blob Very Rare Character
Blob - Absorp Impact Uncommon Special
Blob - Blubber Block Very Rare Special
Blob - Bottomless Belly Very Rare Special
Blob - Heavy Hitter Rare Special
Blob - Immovable Object Uncommon Special
Blob - Sumo Slam Very Rare Special
Booster Shot Common Universe
Cable - Really Big Gun Rare Special
Captain America - Inspiration Uncommon Special
Carnage - Alien Healing Rare Special
Chain Uncommon Universe
City Bus Rare Universe
Colossus - Iron Curtain Rare Special
Cyclops - Remove Visor Very Rare Special
Daredevil Very Rare Character
Daredevil - Agility Very Rare Special
Daredevil - Alertness Uncommon Special
Daredevil - Billy Club Very Rare Special
Daredevil - Blind Man's Bluff Uncommon Special
Daredevil - Hypersenses Very Rare Special
Daredevil - Man Without Fear Very Rare Special
Deadpool - Bushwack Uncommon Special
Divine Intervention Common Universe
Doctor Doom - Expandable Ally Uncommon Special
Domino Very Rare Character
Domino - Double Down Uncommon Special
Domino - Fall Into Place Rare Special
Domino - Lady Luck Very Rare Special
Domino - Shrapnel Bomb Very Rare Special
Domino - Six Pack Attack Uncommon Special
Domino - Tripwire Very Rare Special
Doctor Octopus - Master Inventor Very Rare Special
Dr. Strange Very Rare Character
Dr. Strange - Crimson Bands of Cytorak Very Rare Special
Dr. Strange - Eldritch Blasts Uncommon Special
Dr. Strange - Eye of Agamotto Very Rare Special
Dr. Strange - Mists of Morpheus Rare Special
Dr. Strange - Necromancy Very Rare Special
Dr. Strange - Sorcerer Supreme Very Rare Special
Dumpster Common Universe
Elektra - Shuriken Uncommon Special
EM Force Lines Rare Universe
Energy Booster Common Universe
Energy Enhancer Uncommon Universe
Energy Maximizer Uncommon Universe
Gambit - Ace in the Hole Rare Special
Generator Common Universe
Ghost Rider Rare Character
Ghost Rider - Bat Out of Hell Very Rare Special
Ghost Rider - Demon Chain Uncommon Special
Ghost Rider - Fire and Brimstone Uncommon Special
Ghost Rider - Hell on Wheels Very Rare Special
Ghost Rider - Penance Stare Very Rare Special
Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance Very Rare Special
Girder Common Universe
Hand Grenade Uncommon Universe
Hobgoblin - Secret Pouches Very Rare Special
Hot Dog Cart Common Universe
Hulk - Power Leap Rare Special
Human Torch - Flame On Rare Special
Hunk of Asphalt Common Universe
Iceman Very Rare Character
Iceman - Blood Chill Very Rare Special
Iceman - Frostbite Rare Special
Iceman - Hail Storm Uncommon Special
Iceman - Ice Armor Very Rare Special
Iceman - Snow Blind Rare Special
Iceman - Sub Zero Very Rare Special
Invisible Woman - Invisible Saboteur Uncommon Special
Iron Man - Industrial Waste Rare Special
Jean Grey - Mutant Motivation Uncommon Special
Jubilee - Prismatic Flare Very Rare Special
Juggernaut Very Rare Character
Juggernaut - Battering Ram Very Rare Special
Juggernaut - Head Butt Uncommon Special
Juggernaut - Ignore Blow Rare Special
Juggernaut - Raze Uncommon Special
Juggernaut - Smash Incoming Object Very Rare Special
Juggernaut - Unstoppable Force Very Rare Special
Lamp Post Uncommon Universe
Laser Pistol Rare Universe
Longshot Very Rare Character
Longshot - Four-Fingered Fury Very Rare Special
Longshot - Freedom Fighter Uncommon Special
Longshot - Hollow Bones Very Rare Special
Longshot - Lucky Bounce Very Rare Special
Longshot - One in a Million Very Rare Special
Longshot - Roll with the Punches Rare Special
Machine Gun Rare Universe
Magneto - Power Flux Rare Special
Mandarin Very Rare Character
Mandarin - Arch Villain Very Rare Special
Mandarin - Disintegrate Very Rare Special
Mandarin - Electromagnetic Shield Uncommon Special
Mandarin - Mastermind Very Rare Special
Mandarin - Mind Control Very Rare Special
Mandarin - Vortex Beam Rare Special
Manhole Cover Uncommon Universe
Mojo Very Rare Character
Mojo - Bodyguard Very Rare Special
Mojo - It's a Rap Uncommon Special
Mojo - Prime Time Very Rare Special
Mojo - Rewrite Script Very Rare Special
Mojo - Spineless Plot Very Rare Special
Mojo - Supreme Edits Rare Special
Mr. Fantastic - Object Bounce Uncommon Special
Mr. Sinister Very Rare Character
Mr. Sinister - Backstab Rare Special
Mr. Sinister - Hidden Agenda Very Rare Special
Mr. Sinister - Inside Information Rare Special
Mr. Sinister - Maleable Maneuver Very Rare Special
Mr. Sinister - Merciless Mutant Uncommon Special
Mr. Sinister - Power Scheme Rare Special
Mysterio Very Rare Character
Mysterio - Alter Perception Very Rare Special
Mysterio - Hollywood Horror Very Rare Special
Mysterio - Mist and Mirrors Uncommon Special
Mysterio - Now You See It... Very Rare Special
Mysterio - Poison Props Very Rare Special
Mysterio - Stuntman Very Rare Special
Mystique - Mistaken Identity Rare Special
Namor Rare Character
Namor - Atlantis Attacks Uncommon Special
Namor - Bounty of the Sea Very Rare Special
Namor - Imperious Rex Very Rare Special
Namor - Land, Sea, and Air Very Rare Special
Namor - Watery Grave Very Rare Special
Namor - Winged Feet Uncommon Special
Omega Red - Secret Pheromones Very Rare Special
Power Cosmic Uncommon Universe
Power Lines Uncommon Universe
Professor X - Read Mind Rare Special
Psylocke - Illusion Uncommon Special
Punisher - Flame Thrower Rare Special
Rhino - Scare Tactics Rare Special
Rocket Launcher Common Universe
Rogue - Mutant Missile Rare Special
Sabretooth - Rabid Beast Uncommon Special
Scarlet Spider Very Rare Character
Scarlet Spider - Arachnid Gizmos Rare Special
Scarlet Spider - Hidden Pouches Very Rare Special
Scarlet Spider - Impact Webbing Very Rare Special
Scarlet Spider - New Warrior Uncommon Special
Scarlet Spider - Spider Web Very Rare Special
Scarlet Spider - Sticky Fingers Very Rare Special
Scarlet Witch Very Rare Character
Scarlet Witch - Change Outcome Very Rare Special
Scarlet Witch - Hex Power Very Rare Special
Scarlet Witch - Mutant Magic Rare Special
Scarlet Witch - Sorceress Slam Rare Special
Scarlet Witch - Spell of Destruction Uncommon Special
Scarlet Witch - Spontaneous Combustion Very Rare Special
Separation Anxiety 1 - "Seeds of Destruction" Common Mission
Separation Anxiety 2 - "A Bridge to Bedlam" Common Mission
Separation Anxiety 3 - "A Hot Welcome" Common Mission
Separation Anxiety 4 - "City Beneath the Soil" Common Mission
Separation Anxiety 5 - "Ventilator Blues" Common Mission
Separation Anxiety 6 - "Check-Point Charley" Common Mission
Separation Anxiety 7 - "Carnage Uncaged!" Common Mission
She Hulk (sic) Rare Character
She Hulk - Elbow Grease (sic) Very Rare Special
She Hulk - Emerald Allure (sic) Uncommon Special
She Hulk - Gamma Girl (sic) Rare Special
She Hulk - Power Proxy (sic) Uncommon Special
She Hulk - She-Hulk Smash (sic) Very Rare Special
She Hulk - Vitamin "G" (sic) Rare Special
Siver Sable Very Rare Character
Silver Sable - Chia (sic) Uncommon Special
Silver Sable - Hidden Weapon Very Rare Special
Silver Sable - Katana Rare Special
Silver Sable - Kevlar Very Rare Special
Silver Sable - Leadership Uncommon Special
Silver Sable - One with the Sword Rare Special
Silver Surfer - Double Power Blast Rare Special
Sins of the Future 1 - "The New Order" Common Mission
Sins of the Future 2 - "Fractured Logic" Common Mission
Sins of the Future 3 - "The Face of Death" Common Mission
Sins of the Future 4 - "The Fight for Freedom" Common Mission
Sins of the Future 5 - "Search and Destroy" Common Mission
Sins of the Future 6 - "Traitors and Turncoats" Common Mission
Sins of the Future 7 - "The Ultimate Evil" Common Mission
Spider-Man - Taunt Rare Special
Spider-Woman - Psionic Attack Rare Special
Storm - Weather Manipulation Rare Special
Strong Guy Very Rare Character
Strong Guy - Fit of Laughter Rare Special
Strong Guy - Kinetic Absorption Uncommon Special
Strong Guy - Knuckle Sandwich Uncommon Special
Strong Guy - Mighty Mutant Very Rare Special
Strong Guy - Pile It On Very Rare Special
Strong Guy - Rock & Roll Very Rare Special
Super Skrull (sic) Very Rare Character
Super Skrull - Alien Fire (sic) Rare Special
Super Skrull - Fists of Stone (sic) Very Rare Special
Super Skrull - Flexible Form (sic) Very Rare Special
Super Skrull - Imitation (sic) Very Rare Special
Super Skrull - Invisible Invasion (sic) Rare Special
Super Skrull - Skrull and Crossbones (six) Very Rare Special
Sword Uncommon Universe
Taxi Cab Rare Universe
Thing - Brute Force Uncommon Special
Thor - Airborne Avenger Uncommon Special
Throwing Blades Common Universe
Tree Uncommon Universe
Venom - Alien Symbiote Rare Special
War Machine - Shield Teammate Uncommon Special
Wolverine - Rage Uncommon Special


Longshot - Roll with the Punches Rare Special 1 on second line
Mr. Sinister - Power Scheme Silver Special Printing
Namor - Atlantis Attacks Silver Special Printing
Scarlet Witch - Sorceress Slam Rare Special Fighting icon
Super Skrull - Imitation Silver Special Printing

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