No Quarter
Noquarter booster
Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


No Quarter


Alderac Entertainment Group




August 1999



Cards Total:


No Quarter is the original base set of the 7th Sea CCG. It was printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in August 1999 and consists of 323 cards. It is packaged in 15-card boosters and starters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 107 Action
  • 36 Adventure
  • 58 Attachment
  • 6 Captain (1 from each faction, except Unaligned)
  • 105 Crew (12 Brotherhood, 12 Castille, 12 Crimson Rogers, 12 Explorers, 12 Montaigne, 12 Sea Dogs and 33 Unaligned)
  • 5 Sea
  • 6 Ship (1 from each faction, except Unaligned)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Common
  • 23 Fixed
  • 100 Uncommon
  • 100 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"Again, Boys!" Rare Action -
"Cut the Ropes" Common Action -
"Fire the Chase Guns!" Rare Action -
"Lyin'" John Fox Common Crew Sea Dogs
"Prepare for Boarding!" Common Action -
"Ramming Speed!" Rare Action -
"Take No Prisoners!" Uncommon Attachment -
"Target Their Powder Room!" Rare Action -
"You Won't Be Needin' This!" Rare Action -
12-Pound Cannon Volley Common Action -
16-Pound Cannon Volley Uncommon Action -
20-Pound Cannon Volley Rare Action -
A Better Offer Common Action -
A Hero's Courage Rare Action -
A Sailor's Quarrel Common Action -
Across the Mirror Common Adventure -
Aimon Riché du Pourisse Common Crew Montaigne
Alesio Rare Crew Brotherhood
Allende Fixed Captain Brotherhood
Ambush Boarding Rare Action -
Ancient Maps Rare Adventure -
Andrei Levovich Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Angus McCloud Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Antonio Aldonez Uncommon Crew Castille
Archæologists Common Crew Explorers
Artifact Leg Rare Action -
Arturo Rodriguez Rare Crew Unaligned
Asprey Common Attachment -
Augusto Rodriguez Common Attachment -
Avalon Noble Common Adventure -
Avoid Fate Rare Attachment -
Away Boarders! Rare Action -
Babette Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Bad Maps Common Action -
Bad Powder Common Action -
Barrels of Beer Common Adventure -
Berek Fixed Captain Sea Dogs
Betrayal Rare Action -
Billy Bones Uncommon Attachment -
Bjørnsson's Horn Rare Adventure -
Black Heart Uncommon Action -
Blacktooth Bill Common Crew Unaligned
Bloody Bonnie McGee Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Bolts of Fine Cloth Common Adventure -
Brennan Uncommon Crew Explorers
Broken Compass Inn Common Attachment -
Brutes Common Crew Unaligned
Buccaneers Common Crew Brotherhood
Bully Boys Common Crew Unaligned
Burke Rare Crew Unaligned
Calm Before the Storm Common Action -
Captain's Quarters Rare Attachment -
Carlos Altenar Common Crew Castille
Carousing Common Action -
Casks of Fine Wine Common Adventure -
Castillian Gunpowder Uncommon Action -
Castillian Merchant Ship Common Adventure -
Castillian Swordmaster Uncommon Adventure -
Cat O' Nine Tails Uncommon Attachment -
Celedoine Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Chain Shot Rare Action -
Charter Fixed Attachment -
Cheap Barrels Uncommon Action -
Confusion Rare Attachment -
Constitution Fixed Attachment -
Corazón del Castille Fixed Ship Castille
Cosette Rare Crew Explorers
Courtly Manner Uncommon Action -
Crashing Seas Common Adventure -
Crescent Fire Uncommon Action -
Crossing the T Rare Action -
Cutlass Common Attachment -
Cutlass of Command Uncommon Adventure -
Dark Temptations Rare Action -
Dead Men Tell No Tales Rare Action -
Death From Above! Rare Action -
Decks Awash Rare Action -
Decks Running Red Rare Action -
Denny La Bree Common Crew Brotherhood
Derwyddon's Schemes Rare Action -
Direct Hit! Common Action -
Disarmed! Rare Action -
Divvying the Plunder Rare Action -
Domingo Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Domingo Marten de Avila Uncommon Crew Castille
Don Deanna Uncommon Crew Castille
Donna Rare Crew Brotherhood
Dorf Klinderhoff Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Eisen Cannons Common Adventure -
Enrique Orduño Fixed Captain Castille
Evasive Course Rare Action -
Eyepatch Uncommon Action -
Fancy Dans Common Crew Unaligned
Fate's Blessing Rare Attachment -
Felipe Jose de Granjero Rare Crew Castille
Fierbas Desaix du Paix Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Fine Galley Common Attachment -
Flashing Swords Inn Uncommon Attachment -
Flogging Uncommon Action -
Forbidden Delicacies Common Adventure -
Forbidden Sea Fixed Sea -
Foul Weather Jack Common Crew Explorers
Franzini's Lost Notebooks Common Adventure -
From Stem to Gudgeon Common Action -
From the Depths! Rare Adventure -
Frothing Sea Fixed Sea -
Fyodor Zastienchivy Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Galleon of the Treasure Fleet Common Attachment -
Gambling House Rare Action -
Gerald Höhne Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Gerard Rois et Reines Rare Crew Montaigne
Gilles Allais du Crieux Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Glamour Knowledge Rare Attachment -
Glimpse of the Skein Rare Attachment -
Gold Only Buys Obedience Common Action -
Good King Sandoval Rare Attachment -
Good Shot! Common Action -
Grape Shot Rare Action -
Grappling Gun Rare Attachment -
Grappling Hooks Common Action -
Grenouille du Grâce Fixed Ship Montaigne
Grimey Stubbs Rare Crew Unaligned
Grousin' George Rare Crew Unaligned
Guy McCormick Fixed Captain Explorers
Hammocks Rare Attachment -
Handsome Scar Uncommon Action -
Here There Be Monsters Uncommon Attachment -
Hidden Knife Uncommon Attachment -
Hiding in the Reefs Common Action -
High Seas Boarding Common Action -
Hired Swordsman Rare Action -
Hole in the Hull Uncommon Action -
Hook Uncommon Action -
I Fights Better Drunk Common Action -
I Told You Not to Trust Him Rare Action -
Into the Fray Rare Action -
Invar Andersson Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Isabeau Dubois du Arrent Common Crew Montaigne
It's Who You Know Common Action -
Ivory Spyglass Rare Adventure -
Jack Tars Common Crew Sea Dogs
Jack Trades Rare Crew Unaligned
Jacob Faust Uncommon Crew Explorers
Javier de Bejarano Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Jemy Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Jens Bjorn Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Jillison Brown Common Crew Brotherhood
Jimmy Bass Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Joern Keitelsson Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Julius Caligari Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Keel of Rowan Wood Rare Adventure -
Korintine Nicolovich Rare Crew Explorers
La Boca Fixed Sea -
Lady Katerina Common Adventure -
Last Second Cannon Volley Rare Action -
Leonard Pinkerton Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Letter of Marque Fixed Attachment -
Leviathan Bone Rare Action -
Li'l Jim Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Lord Windamshire Uncommon Crew Explorers
Louis Sices du Sices Common Crew Montaigne
Lucky Lou Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Lucrezia Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Luis de Rioja Common Crew Castille
Mad Jack O'Bannon Rare Attachment -
Mad Mario Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Maggie Malone Common Crew Explorers
Manuel Dejavez Uncommon Crew Castille
Margaretta Orduño Rare Crew Castille
Mark Scars Rare Crew Unaligned
Marketeers Common Crew Unaligned
Master Gunner Common Attachment -
Master of the Tops Common Attachment -
Maureen Leveque Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Mermaids Uncommon Action -
Michael Fitzhugh Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Michel Rois et Reines Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Mind Your P's and Q's Rare Action -
Misfire Common Action -
Monkey's Fist Uncommon Action -
Montaigne Puzzle Sword Uncommon Attachment -
Montaigne Valet Common Attachment -
Mordekei's Casket Uncommon Adventure -
Mountainous Mike Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Mr. Briggs Rare Attachment -
Mr. Smythe Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Musketeers Common Attachment -
Mutiny! Rare Action -
Narrow Escape Uncommon Action -
Naval Sanction Fixed Attachment -
Near Miss Common Action -
Needle Nose Nye Common Crew Sea Dogs
Nice Try! Rare Action -
No Escape! Rare Action -
Off Course Uncommon Action -
One With the Sails Uncommon Action -
Only Two Came Out Uncommon Attachment -
Otiro Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Out of Rum Uncommon Action -
Padre Alfonso Rare Crew Castille
Padre Esteban Common Crew Castille
Panache Uncommon Action -
Passionate Duel Uncommon Adventure -
Paule du Paix Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Peek at the Future Rare Attachment -
Peg Leg Uncommon Action -
Pepin Rare Crew Montaigne
Persuasion Rare Attachment -
Phelan Cole Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Phineas Flynn Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Piles of Skulls Rare Action -
Point Blank Cannon Volley Common Action -
Port Master Rare Attachment -
Porté Knowledge Rare Attachment -
Porte Ward Rare Attachment -
Powder Monkeys Common Crew Unaligned
Press Gang Common Action -
Queen Elaine Rare Attachment -
Queen of the Sea Rare Action -
Queen of the Sidhe Rare Attachment -
Quick Reload Uncommon Action -
Quick Sailing Uncommon Action -
Quick Tack Common Action -
Rafael de St. Theresa Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Rats! Uncommon Attachment -
Raze the Village Common Adventure -
Reclusive Backers Common Attachment -
Red Common Attachment -
Red Scarves Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Red Skies at Morning Rare Action -
Red Skies at Night Common Action -
Reggie Wilcox Rare Crew Brotherhood
Reis Fixed Captain Crimson Rogers
Riant Gaucher Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Riggers Common Crew Unaligned
Roger Gaffrin Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Romantic Captive Rare Attachment -
Rosa Maria de Barcino Uncommon Crew Castille
Rosamonde du Montaigne Common Crew Montaigne
Rose & Cross Apprentice Common Adventure -
Rough Voyage Uncommon Action -
Rough Waters Uncommon Attachment -
Sabotaged Sails Uncommon Action -
Sailing Under the Jolly Roger Uncommon Action -
Sails of Wind Rare Adventure -
Samuel Sanderson Common Crew Explorers
Samuel Smitts Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Sandoval's Guard Common Crew Castille
Save the Princess Common Adventure -
Scarlet Hook of Madness Rare Action -
Scott Jay Rare Crew Unaligned
Scraping the Bottom Uncommon Adventure -
Scurvy Uncommon Action -
Seal of the Sun King Fixed Attachment -
Sean McCorley Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Seven League Striders Uncommon Attachment -
Shellbacks Common Crew Unaligned
Sidhe Sails Uncommon Adventure -
Sidney Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Sinking of the Swan Common Adventure -
Slip of the Tongue Common Action -
Slippery Sal Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Sniper Uncommon Action -
Solomon Sails Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Son of a Gun Rare Action -
Southern Trade Winds Rare Action -
Speed Isn't Everything Common Action -
St. Roger's Blessing! Rare Attachment -
St. Roger's Day Common Action -
Steal Their Wind Uncommon Action -
Steering Clear Common Action -
Stirring Speech Rare Action -
Stolen Guns Uncommon Adventure -
Storms Make Sailors Common Adventure -
Swiveling Cannon Uncommon Attachment -
Syrneth Crystal Eye Rare Action -
Tagging Common Action -
The Better Part of Valor Common Action -
The Black Dawn Fixed Ship Sea Dogs
The Calloways Uncommon Crew Explorers
The Crimson Roger Fixed Ship Crimson Rogers
The Discovery Fixed Ship Explorers
The General Fixed Captain Montaigne
The Great Grey Uncommon Action -
The Hanged Man Fixed Ship Brotherhood
The Inquisition Uncommon Attachment -
The Living Storm Uncommon Action -
The Marquis d'Arrent Rare Attachment -
The Mirror Fixed Sea -
The Ocean's Teeth Rare Adventure -
The Pact of the Crimson Rogers Fixed Attachment -
The Sailor's Curse Uncommon Action -
Thom Brunner Common Crew Brotherhood
Thomas Metzger Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Through the Portal Rare Attachment -
Timothy le Beau Rare Crew Montaigne
Tom Toblin Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Too Close for Comfort Common Action -
Trade Sea Fixed Sea -
Treasure Hold Uncommon Attachment -
Two-Toe Terrence Common Crew Unaligned
Unexpected Turn of Events Uncommon Action -
Ussuran Pelts Common Adventure -
Velik Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Vincent Rochester Common Crew Unaligned
Vincenzo Caligari Rare Attachment -
Vodacce Valuables Uncommon Adventure -
Vodanken Rare Action -
Warren Abbotsford Uncommon Crew Explorers
Waylaid Common Attachment -
We Need Us an Ussuran Gunner Uncommon Adventure -
Wee Willy Rare Crew Explorers
Wenching Common Action -
When All Else Fails Common Action -
Who Can You Trust? Rare Action -
Who Shot the Albatross? Uncommon Attachment -
Wilhelm Dunst Rare Crew Unaligned
William Fodd Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
William Toss Common Crew Sea Dogs
Willowed Ropes Uncommon Attachment -
Wind at Your Back Common Adventure -
Winds of Fate Common Adventure -
Wreckers Rare Adventure -