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Game/Set: Age of Empires II




Journeyman Press





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Nautical is the first and only published expansion for Age of Empires II ECG. It is printed by Journeyman Press on 16 April 2001. and consists of 160 cards. It is available in 12-card boosters.

New civilizations are the Franks, Japanese, Saracens and Vikings. There are water rules included in the rule book, as well as a resource card that will give players an alternate way to track resources.

Type Breakdown[]

  • 25 Buildings
  • 61 Events
  • 4 Relics
  • 2 Technologies
  • 37 Units
  • 30 Upgrades

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • 59 Commons
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 45 Rares
  • 5 Promos

Card List[]

Title Rarity Type Civilization
A Just Cause Common Event -
Absent Minded Rare Event -
Arbalest Rare Upgrade Saracens
Archer Common Unit European
Archer Common Unit Saracens
Back from a Foreign Land Promo Event -
Battering Ram Common Unit -
Berserk Rare Unit Vikings
Berserk Rare Unit Vikings
Black Knight Common Event -
Book of Zaydi Uncommon Relic -
Build Up Your Defenses Uncommon Event -
Camel Common Unit -
Castle Common Building Franks
Caught from the Crow's Nest Common Event -
Cavalier Uncommon Upgrade Franks
Cavalry Archer Uncommon Unit -
Cavalry Archer Rare Unit Saracens
Champion Rare Upgrade Japanese
Champion Rare Upgrade Vikings
Charisma Common Event -
Cleansing Ritual Common Event -
Copious Book Selection Uncommon Event -
Costly Prodigy Uncommon Event Japanese
Crossbowman Uncommon Upgrade Saracens
Dangerous Times Common Event -
Demolition Ship Common Unit -
Demolition Ship Uncommon Unit Vikings
Dock Common Building Persian
Dock Common Building Vikings
Dock Common Building European
Dock Uncommon Building Arab
Dock Common Building Far East
Dock Uncommon Building Raider
Earthquake Uncommon Event -
Elite Berserk Rare Upgrade Vikings
Elite Longboat Rare Upgrade Vikings
Elite Mameluke Rare Upgrade Saracens
Elite Samurai Rare Upgrade Japanese
Elite Throwing Axeman Rare Upgrade Franks
Exploring the Wilderness Common Event Franks
Farm Common Building -
Fast Fire Ship Uncommon Upgrade -
Fat Friar's Tavern o' Spirits Uncommon Event -
Field Testing Uncommon Event -
Fight for Your Home Common Event Franks
Fire Ship Common Unit -
First Battle Jitters Uncommon Event -
Fish Trap Common Technology -
Fishing Ship Common Unit Japanese
Fishing Ship Common Unit Persian
Fishing Ship Common Unit -
Fortune Teller Common Event Vikings
Galleon Uncommon Upgrade -
Galleon Rare Upgrade Saracens
Galleon Rare Upgrade Vikings
Galleon Rare Upgrade Japanese
Galley Common Unit Japanese
Galley Common Unit Saracens
Galley Common Unit Vikings
Galley Common Unit -
Gatherin' a Rowdy Bunch Common Event -
Get In and Get Out Rare Event -
Gladiatorial Games Rare Event -
Gold Mine Uncommon Building Japanese
Gold Mine Common Building -
Golden Crown of Charlemagne Uncommon Relic -
Hard to Starboard! Common Event -
Heavy Cavalry Archer Rare Upgrade Saracens
Heavy Demolition Ship Uncommon Upgrade -
Heavy Demolition Ship Uncommon Upgrade Vikings
Hidden Strength Uncommon Event Vikings
I Can't Tell Where It's Coming From Rare Event -
I Come Bearing Gifts Common Event -
Inventive Mind Uncommon Event -
It's a Miracle Common Event -
Knight Uncommon Unit Franks
Knight Uncommon Unit -
Kusanagi-No-Tsurugi Uncommon Relic -
Long Swordsman Common Upgrade Japanese
Long Swordsman Common Upgrade Vikings
Longboat Rare Unit Vikings
Longboat Rare Unit Vikings
Lumber Camp Uncommon Building Japanese
Lumber Camp Common Building -
Mameluke Rare Unit Saracens
Mameluke Rare Unit Saracens
Man-At-Arms Common Upgrade Japanese
Man-At-Arms Common Upgrade Vikings
Mangonel Common Unit -
Market Uncommon Building Saracens
Medieval Trappings Uncommon Event -
Militia Common Unit -
Mill Uncommon Building Japanese
Monastery Rare Building -
Non Compos Mentis Rare Event -
Non Compos Mentis Rare Event -
Notre-Dame Cathedral Rare Building Franks
Notre-Dame Cathedral Rare Building Franks
Oh, No You Don't Promo Event -
Opportunity Knocks Uncommon Event -
Paladin Rare Upgrade Franks
Piety Common Event -
Pikeman Uncommon Upgrade Japanese
Pikeman Uncommon Upgrade Vikings
Raven Banner of King Knut Uncommon Relic -
Retreat Uncommon Event -
Rich Plunder Promo Event Vikings
Rough Waters Common Event -
Run Around Common Event -
Saladin's Mercy Uncommon Event -
Salvage the Ashes Common Event -
Samurai Rare Unit Japanese
Samurai Rare Unit Japanese
Scorpion Common Unit -
Scout Cavalry Common Unit -
Shanghaied Uncommon Event -
Shipwright Uncommon Technology -
Skilled Labor Common Event -
Skirmisher Common Unit -
Soak the Timbers Uncommon Event -
Sometimes Less Is Better Promo Event Saracens
Spearman Common Unit Japanese
Spearman Common Unit Vikings
Spearman Common Unit -
Starting From Scratch Common Event -
Stave Church at Urnes Rare Building Vikings
Stave Church at Urnes Rare Building Vikings
Steady Hand Uncommon Event -
Stone Mine Uncommon Building Japanese
Stone Mine Common Building -
Swarm of Locusts Rare Event -
Taut Sail Common Event -
The Forest Is Warning You Rare Event -
The Great Mosque at Samarra Rare Building Saracens
The Great Mosque at Samarra Rare Building Saracens
The Great Temple at Nara Rare Building Japanese
The Great Temple at Nara Rare Building Japanese
The Hammer's Cavalry Uncommon Event Franks
The Wind Hears My Call Common Event -
They're Naturals Promo Event Japanese
Throwing Axeman Rare Unit Franks
Throwing Axeman Rare Unit Franks
Toll Road Uncommon Event -
Too Few Hands Common Event -
Trade Cog Common Unit -
Tsunami Uncommon Event -
Two-Handed Swordsman Uncommon Upgrade Japanese
Two-Handed Swordsman Uncommon Upgrade Vikings
Uji Rare Event Japanese
Vengeance Is Mine! Rare Event -
War Galley Common Upgrade Japanese
War Galley Uncommon Upgrade Saracens
War Galley Uncommon Upgrade Vikings
War Galley Uncommon Upgrade -
We'll Make Room Uncommon Event -
While They're Sleeping Uncommon Event -
Worth It's Weight Common Event -
Wrong Way Rare Event -
You Will Die! Rare Event Saracens

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