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Marvel OverPower (expansion)
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Marvel OverPower (expansion)







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Marvel OverPower is the base set of the OverPower CCG. It is published by Fleer/Skybox in 1995.

This game is released in 9-card booster, 17-card boosters, a collector's gift set (with 2 random starter decks and random boosters). There are also 6 different 55-card starter decks: Clobberin' Time, Deadly Foes, Heroes Assemble, Lethal Allies, Mutants Unite and Sworn to Protect.

There are many different booster pack designs: Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Magneto, Apocalypse, Venom, Cable, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Mystique, Elektra, Psylocke and Human Torch.

Type Breakdown[]

  • 39 Characters
  • 42 Missions
  • 29 Powers
  • 202 Specials
  • 42 Universes

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • 190 Commons
  • 95 Uncommons
  • 68 Rares
  • 1 Promo

Card List[]

1 Energy Common Power
1 Fighting Common Power
1 MultiPower Common Power
1 Strength Common Power
2 Energy Common Power
2 Fighting Common Power
2 MultiPower Common Power
2 Strength Common Power
3 Energy Common Power
3 Fighting Common Power
3 MultiPower Common Power
3 Strength Common Power
4 Energy Common Power
4 Fighting Common Power
4 MultiPower Common Power
4 Strength Common Power
5 Energy Common Power
5 Energy Fighting +4 Common Universe
5 Energy Strength +3 Common Universe
5 Energy Strength +4 Common Universe
5 Fighting Common Power
5 Fighting Energy +3 Common Universe
5 Fighting Strength +3 Common Universe
5 Fighting Strength +4 Common Universe
5 Strength Common Power
6 Energy Common Power
6 Energy Fighting/Strength +1 +2 Common Universe
6 Fighting Common Power
6 Fighting Energy/Strength +1 +2 Common Universe
6 Strength Common Power
6 Strength Energy/Fighting +1 +2 Common Universe
7 Energy Common Power
7 Energy Fighting/Strength +2 +2 Common Universe
7 Fighting Common Power
7 Fighting Energy/Strength +2 +2 Rare Universe
7 Strength Common Power
7 Strength Energy/Fighting +2 +2 Rare Universe
8 Energy Common Power
8 Energy Fighting/Strength +1 +3 Common Universe
8 Fighting Common Power
8 Fighting Energy/Strength +1 +3 Rare Universe
8 Strength Common Power
8 Strength Energy/Fighting +1 +3 Rare Universe
Age of Apocalypse 1 - "The Truth Revealed" Uncommon Mission
Age of Apocalypse 2 - "Siege the Sea Wall" Uncommon Mission
Age of Apocalypse 3 - "The Human High Council" Uncommon Mission
Age of Apocalypse 4 - "The Sinister Lair" Uncommon Mission
Age of Apocalypse 5 - "The Life of a Child" Uncommon Mission
Age of Apocalypse 6 - "Headlong into the Holocaust" Uncommon Mission
Age of Apocalypse 7 - "The Heart of the Apocalypse" Uncommon Mission
Alien Technology Common Universe
Annihilation Affair 1 - "A Gun in the Night" Uncommon Mission
Annihilation Affair 2 - "Blood & Thunder" Uncommon Mission
Annihilation Affair 3 - "How the Mighty Fall" Uncommon Mission
Annihilation Affair 4 - "Treachery and Triumph" Uncommon Mission
Annihilation Affair 5 - "None Shall Be Spared" Uncommon Mission
Annihilation Affair 6 - "Make Room for the Hostage" Uncommon Mission
Annihilation Affair 7 - "Ground Zero" Uncommon Mission
Any Hero - Death from Above Rare Special
Any Hero - Gamma Terror Rare Special
Any Hero - God of Mischief Rare Special
Any Hero - Guardian Angel Rare Special
Any Hero - Unlucky at Love Rare Special
Any Hero - Web-Headed Wizard Rare Special
Apocalypse Rare Character
Apocalypse - Enhance Strength Uncommon Special
Apocalypse - Genetic Engineering Uncommon Special
Apocalypse - Megamorph Rare Special
Apocalypse - Shape Shift Common Special
Apocalypse - Survival of the Fittest Uncommon Special
Beast Uncommon Character
Beast - Analyze Common Special
Beast - Animal Dexterity Common Special
Beast - Bestial Brawn Common Special
Beast - Biochemist Uncommon Special
Beast - Drop Kick Uncommon Special
Bishop Common Character
Bishop - Absorb Energy Common Special
Bishop - Draw Enemy Fire Common Special
Bishop - Plasma Gun Uncommon Special
Bishop - Spectrum Blast Rare Special
Bishop - XSE Tactics Common Special
Booster Shot Common Universe
Cable Rare Character
Cable - Battle Tactics Uncommon Special
Cable - Bionic Eye Uncommon Special
Cable - Bodyslide Common Special
Cable - Cover Fire Uncommon Special
Cable - Custom Firearms Uncommon Special
Captain America Rare Character
Captain America - Avenger Uncommon Special
Captain America - Mighty Shield Uncommon Special
Captain America - Ricochet Shield Uncommon Special
Captain America - Stars & Stripes Uncommon Special
Captain America - Super Soldier Uncommon Special
Carnage Common Character
Carnage - Blade Hand Common Special
Carnage - Climb Common Special
Carnage - Insane Rage Common Special
Carnage - Ruthless Rare Special
Carnage - Symbiotic Web Rare Special
Chain Common Universe
City Bus Uncommon Universe
Collect All the OverPower Heroes and Villains SuperCommon List Card
Colossus Uncommon Character
Colossus - Fastball Special Uncommon Special
Colossus - Haymaker Common Special
Colossus - Metal Barrier Common Special
Colossus - Skin of Steel Uncommon Special
Colossus - Smash Object Common Special
Crossbow Uncommon Universe
Cyclops Common Character
Cyclops - Fearless Leader Common Special
Cyclops - Ground Blast Rare Special
Cyclops - Optic Obliteration Common Special
Cyclops - Visual Sweep Common Special
Cyclops - Wide Beam Common Special
Deadpool Common Character
Deadpool - Assassin Rare Special
Deadpool - High Threshold of Pain Rare Special
Deadpool - Killing Machine Common Special
Deadpool - Regeneration Common Special
Deadpool - Super Spy Common Special
Divine Intervention Common Universe
Doctor Doom Common Character
Doctor Doom - Concussion Beams Common Special
Doctor Doom - Energy Dampening Field Common Special
Doctor Doom - Super Genius Rare Special
Doctor Doom - Time Machine Common Special
Doctor Doom - Villainous Plot Rare Special
Dr. Octopus Common Character
Doctor Octopus - Criminal Mastermind Common Special
Doctor Octopus - Evasive Action Uncommon Special
Doctor Octopus - Grasping Tentacles Rare Special
Doctor Octopus - Multi-Armed Menace Common Special
Doctor Octopus - Villainous Shield Common Special
Dumpster Uncommon Universe
Elektra Rare Character
Elektra - Anticipate Uncommon Special
Elektra - Martial Artist Rare Special
Elektra - Ninja Master Uncommon Special
Elektra - Resurrection Uncommon Special
Elektra - Sai Uncommon Special
EM Force Lines Uncommon Universe
Energy Booster Common Universe
Energy Enhancer Uncommon Universe
Energy Maximizer Common Universe
Fatal Attractions 1 - "To Cleanse a Nation" Common Mission
Fatal Attractions 2 - "In the Nick of Time" Common Mission
Fatal Attractions 3 - "Unholy Crusade" Common Mission
Fatal Attractions 4 - "The Shock Felt 'Round the World" Common Mission
Fatal Attractions 5 - "For the Life of a Friend" Common Mission
Fatal Attractions 6 - "Brother Against Brother" Common Mission
Fatal Attractions 7 - "Dreams of Light and Dark" Common Mission
Gambit Common Character
Gambit - 52 Card Pickup Common Special
Gambit - Charge Object Common Special
Gambit - Charm Rare Special
Gambit - Intercept Object Common Special
Gambit - Staff Attack Uncommon Special
Generator Common Universe
Girder Common Universe
Hand Grenade Common Universe
Hobgoblin Common Character
Hobgoblin - Concussion Grenade Common Special
Hobgoblin - Goblin Glider Uncommon Special
Hobgoblin - Pumpkin Bomb Common Special
Hobgoblin - Razor Bats Common Special
Hobgoblin - Stun Gas Rare Special
Hot Dog Cart Common Universe
Hulk Uncommon Character
Hulk - Enraged Rare Special
Hulk - Green Goliath Uncommon Special
Hulk - Hulk Smash Common Special
Hulk - Intimidate Rare Special
Hulk - Shrug Off Common Special
Human Torch Rare Character
Human Torch - Fire Shield Uncommon Special
Human Torch - Fire Storm Common Special
Human Torch - Inferno Uncommon Special
Human Torch - Nova Burst Rare Special
Human Torch - Searing Heat Uncommon Special
Hunk of Asphalt Common Universe
Infestation Incident 1 - "A Parasite's Hunger" Uncommon Mission
Infestation Incident 2 - "Swarm of the Insidious" Uncommon Mission
Infestation Incident 3 - "Children of the Damned" Uncommon Mission
Infestation Incident 4 - "A Line in the Sand" Uncommon Mission
Infestation Incident 5 - "The Belly of the Beast" Uncommon Mission
Infestation Incident 6 - "Robbing the Cradle" Uncommon Mission
Infestation Incident 7 - "The Queen of Evil" Uncommon Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 1 - "The Mind" Common Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 2 - "The Soul" Common Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 3 - "Time" Common Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 4 - "Reality" Common Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 5 - "Power" Common Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 6 - "Space" Common Mission
Infinity Gauntlet 7 - "The Final Confrontation" Common Mission
Invisible Woman Rare Character
Invisible Woman - Bubble Shield Uncommon Special
Invisible Woman - Force Field Uncommon Special
Invisible Woman - Invisibility Uncommon Special
Invisible Woman - Invisible Ram Rare Special
Invisible Woman - Unseen Assailant Uncommon Special
Iron Man Rare Character
Iron Man - Concealed Arsenal Uncommon Special
Iron Man - Heat Seeking Missile Rare Special
Iron Man - In the Line of Fire Uncommon Special
Iron Man - Radar Warning Uncommon Special
Iron Man - Tactical Computer Rare Special
Jean Grey Common Character
Jean Grey - Mental Deflection Common Special
Jean Grey - Mind Over Matter Uncommon Special
Jean Grey - Mind Scan Common Special
Jean Grey - Telekinesis Common Special
Jean Grey - Telepathic Unity Rare Special
Jubilee Common Character
Jubilee - Blinding Flare Common Special
Jubilee - Distracting Burst Common Special
Jubilee - Fireworks Common Special
Jubilee - Plasmoid Flash Rare Special
Jubilee - Spectrum Tease Common Special
Lamp Post Common Universe
Laser Pistol Uncommon Universe
Machine Gun Common Universe
Magneto Rare Character
Magneto - Evil Genius Uncommon Special
Magneto - Gravity Alteration Uncommon Special
Magneto - Magnetic Shield Uncommon Special
Magneto - Paralyze Opponent Rare Special
Magneto - Repel Object Uncommon Special
Manhole Cover Common Universe
Maximum Carnage 1 - "A Lunatic on the Loose" Common Mission
Maximum Carnage 2 - "Venom to the Rescue?" Common Mission
Maximum Carnage 3 - "The Madness Grows" Common Mission
Maximum Carnage 4 - "A Touch of Death" Common Mission
Maximum Carnage 5 - "Deadly Duplicates" Common Mission
Maximum Carnage 6 - "A Bitter Love" Common Mission
Maximum Carnage 7 - "The Face of Evil" Common Mission
Mr. Fantastic Rare Character
Mr. Fantastic - Ingenuity Common Special
Mr. Fantastic - Protect Teammate Uncommon Special
Mr. Fantastic - Python Hold Uncommon Special
Mr. Fantastic - Stretch Attack Uncommon Special
Mr. Fantastic - Team Leader Uncommon Special
Mystique Rare Character
Mystique - Commando Raid Uncommon Special
Mystique - Cool Under Fire Uncommon Special
Mystique - Illusion of Ally Uncommon Special
Mystique - Infiltration Common Special
Mystique - Surprise Attack Rare Special
Omega Red Uncommon Character
Omega Red - Carbonadium Coils Common Special
Omega Red - Drain Lifeforce Common Special
Omega Red - KGB Training Common Special
Omega Red - Sacrificial Lamb Common Special
Omega Red - Tendril Tactics Rare Special
Power Cosmic Common Universe
Power Lines Common Universe
Professor X Common Character
Professor X - Cerebro Common Special
Professor X - Psionic Hold Rare Special
Professor X - Psychic Scan Common Special
Professor X - Telepathic Coordination Rare Special
Professor X - X-Men Founder Common Special
Psylocke Rare Character
Psylocke - Combat Prowess Uncommon Special
Psylocke - Mental Hold Rare Special
Psylocke - Psi-Fighting Uncommon Special
Psylocke - Psychic Knife Rare Special
Psylocke - Thought Probe Uncommon Special
Punisher Uncommon Character
Punisher - Full Auto Common Special
Punisher - Secret Weapon Rare Special
Punisher - Smoke Screen Common Special
Punisher - Sniper Common Special
Punisher - Vendetta Rare Special
Quick Reference Card SuperCommon Crib Card
Rhino Common Character
Rhino - Bowl Over Common Special
Rhino - Pinball Blow Common Special
Rhino - Rhino Charge Common Special
Rhino - Rhino Hide Uncommon Special
Rhino - Romp N' Stomp Common Special
Rocket Launcher Common Universe
Rogue Common Character
Rogue - Intercept Attack Common Special
Rogue - Mutagenic Drain Rare Special
Rogue - Power Transfer Common Special
Rogue - Sky Soar Common Special
Rogue - Super Strength Uncommon Special
Sabretooth Common Character
Sabretooth - Blood Hunt Rare Special
Sabretooth - Bloodlust Common Special
Sabretooth - Danger Scent Common Special
Sabretooth - Healing Factor Common Special
Sabretooth - Wildcat Attack Common Special
Silver Surfer Uncommon Character
Silver Surfer - Cosmic Healing Common Special
Silver Surfer - Energy Protection Common Special
Silver Surfer - Force Shield Common Special
Silver Surfer - Power Cosmic Rare Special
Silver Surfer - Rearrange Matter Common Special
Spider-Man Rare Character
Spider-Man - Arachnid Agility Uncommon Special
Spider-Man - Spider Sense Uncommon Special
Spider-Man - Wall Crawl Common Special
Spider-Man - Web Rare Special
Spider-Man - Web Shield Uncommon Special
Spider-Woman Common Character
Spider-Woman - Arachnophobia Common Special
Spider-Woman - Psi-Web Rare Special
Spider-Woman - Spider Attack Common Special
Spider-Woman - Spider Strength Common Special
Spider-Woman - Web Lines Common Special
Storm Common Character
Storm - Chain Lightning Common Special
Storm - Emotional Outburst Rare Special
Storm - Flight Common Special
Storm - Hurricane Winds Common Special
Storm - Summon Elemental Power Rare Special
Sword Common Universe
Taxi Cab Common Universe
Thing Common Character
Thing - Bear Hug Common Special
Thing - Clobberin' Time Rare Special
Thing - Revoltin' Development Rare Special
Thing - Rock Skin Common Special
Thing - Temper Tantrum Common Special
Thor Common Character
Thor - God of Thunder Common Special
Thor - Mjolnir Speaks Uncommon Special
Thor - Mystic Uru Metal Common Special
Thor - Power of Asgard Rare Special
Thor - Protect Teammate Common Special
Throwing Blades Common Universe
Tree Common Universe
Venom Rare Character
Venom - Alien Webbing Common Special
Venom - Creepy Crawler Uncommon Special
Venom - Panic Attack Rare Special
Venom - Rampage Uncommon Special
Venom - Symbiotic Snare Rare Special
War Machine Common Character
War Machine - Battle Computer Rare Special
War Machine - Energy Shield Common Special
War Machine - Guided Missile Common Special
War Machine - Hidden Weapon Common Special
War Machine - Unleash Arsenal Uncommon Special
Wolverine Rare Character
Wolverine - Berserk Attack Uncommon Special
Wolverine - Fighting Instinct Common Special
Wolverine - Heal Uncommon Special
Wolverine - Snikt Uncommon Special
Wolverine - Wounded Animal Rare Special


Carnage - Insane Rage (color variant) Common Special
Rogue - Super Strength (color variant) Uncommon Special
Spider-Man - Arachnid Agility (color variant) Uncommon Special

Starter Decks[]

  • Clobberin' Time: focusing on Thing, War Machine, Spider-Woman and Thor.
  • Deadly Foes: focusing on Sabretooth, Deadpool, Hobgoblin and Dr. Octopus.
  • Heroes Assemble: focusing on Silver Surfer, Punisher, Colossus and Beast.
  • Lethal Allies: focusing on Dr. Doom, Carnage, Omega Red and Rhino.
  • Mutants Unite: focusing on Storm, Rogue, Gambit and Bishop.
  • Sworn to Protect: focusing on Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Jubilee.




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