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Iron Throne Legacy Pack
Starter Pack
Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


Iron Throne Legacy Pack


Fantasy Flight Games





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Iron Throne Legacy Pack is the 24th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the fourth set of the Iron Throne block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2007 and consists of 55 cards. It is packaged in starters only.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 4 Attachments (1 Martell, 2 Neutral and 1 Targaryen)
  • 28 Characters (5 Baratheon, 3 Greyjoy, 5 Lannister, 4 Martell, 3 Neutral, 4 Stark and 4 Targaryen)
  • 6 Events (all 5 Neutral)
  • 10 Locations (1 Baratheon, 3 Greyjoy, 1 Lannister, 2 Neutral, 2 Stark and 1 Targaryen)
  • 7 Plots (all Neutral)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 55 Fixed

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Guard at Riverrun Fixed Character Stark
2 War Host of the North Fixed Character Stark
3 Sparring Yard Fixed Location Stark
4 Ser Rodrik Cassel Fixed Character Stark
5 Host of the Bear Fixed Character Stark
6 Winterfell Armory Fixed Location Stark
7 Meddling Page Fixed Character Lannister
8 Grand Maester Pycelle Fixed Character Lannister
9 Myrcella Lannister Fixed Character Lannister
10 Marbrand Estates Fixed Location Lannister
11 Janos Slynt Fixed Character Lannister
12 The Tickler Fixed Character Lannister
13 Burdensome Official Fixed Character Baratheon
14 Salladhor Saan Fixed Character Baratheon
15 Envoy of Dragonstone Fixed Character Baratheon
16 Chamber of the Painted Table Fixed Location Baratheon
17 Smuggler Fixed Character Baratheon
18 Stannis Baratheon Fixed Character Baratheon
19 Old Wyk Fixed Location Greyjoy
20 Maester Wendamyr Fixed Character Greyjoy
21 Salt Mines Fixed Location Greyjoy
22 Dagmer Cleftjaw Fixed Character Greyjoy
23 The Iron Mines Fixed Location Greyjoy
24 Septon of the Isles Fixed Character Greyjoy
25 Heritage of the Dragon Fixed Attachment Targaryen
26 Balerion Fixed Location Targaryen
27 Maegi Fixed Character Targaryen
28 Viserys Targaryen Fixed Character Targaryen
29 Ser Jorah Mormont Fixed Character Targaryen
30 Rakharo Fixed Character Targaryen
31 Arbiter of the Contest Fixed Character Martell
32 Areo Hotah Fixed Character Martell
33 Darkstar Fixed Character Martell
34 House Dayne Knight Fixed Character Martell
35 Student of the Viper Fixed Attachment Martell
36 The Wall Fixed Location Neutral
37 Bannermen Fixed Character Neutral
38 Maester of Oldtown Fixed Character Neutral
39 Grand Maester's Chain Fixed Attachment Neutral
40 Mountains of the Moon Fixed Location Neutral
41 Lyseni Assassin Fixed Character Neutral
42 Milk of the Poppy Fixed Attachment Neutral
43 Too Clever by Half Fixed Event Neutral
44 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" Fixed Event Neutral
45 Paper Shield Fixed Event Neutral
46 Healing Fixed Event Neutral
47 Poison Fixed Event Neutral
48 Dornish Law Fixed Event Martell
49 Forgotten Plans Fixed Plot Neutral
50 Old Intrigues Fixed Plot Neutral
51 Power and Wealth Fixed Plot Neutral
52 Royal Decree Fixed Plot Neutral
53 Marched to the Wall Fixed Plot Neutral
54 Reinforcements Fixed Plot Neutral
55 Filthy Accusations Fixed Plot Neutral


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