Inferno JCC is the first collectible card game in Argentina. It is published by Industria Argentina and it is designed by Nicolás Fernández, Daniel Fernández and Juan Torrecilla.

It is a strategy game in which each player takes the role of an immortal demon that wants to dominate the Earth. To do this, you must fight the demons that oppose him, and banished to the abyss.

Card Types[edit | edit source]

  • Aliado
  • Aliado instantáneo
  • Aliado único
  • Arma
  • Arma instantánea
  • Demonio
  • Escenario
  • Objeto
  • Ritual
  • Ritual instantáneo

Expansions[edit | edit source]

# Expansion Year, Date # Cards
1 Despertar 2011, 7 February 184
2 Insania 2011, 1 August 184
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