Era Glaciaire
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Game/Set: Magic: The Gathering


Era Glaciaire


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Ere Glaciare (English: Ice Age) is the 20th expansion for Magic: the Gathering and the 1st of the Ice Age block, published by Wizards of the Coast in June 1995. It consists of 383 cards.

This expansion is designed by Skaff Elias, Jin Lin, Dave Petty and Chris Page.

There are 15 cards in a booster.

International counterpartsEdit

English Ice Age
German Eiszeit
Italian Era Glaciale
Portugese Era Glacial
Spanish Era Glacial

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 141 Commons
  • 122 Rares
  • 120 Uncommons

Color BreakdownEdit

  • 56 Black
  • 56 Blue
  • 78 Colorless
  • 56 Green
  • 25 Multicolor
  • 56 Red
  • 56 White

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 39 Artifacts
  • 6 Artifact Creatures
  • 32 Enchant Creatures
  • 1 Enchant Dead Creature
  • 7 Enchant Lands
  • 55 Enchantments
  • 44 Instants
  • 9 Interrupts
  • 33 Lands
  • 29 Sorceries
  • 124 Summons
  • 4 Summon Legends

Card ListEdit

[1] Spectre des abysses Abyssal Specter Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[2] Goule cendreuse Ashen Ghoul Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[3] Shamane des embruns Brine Shaman Common [Black] [Summon]
[4] Offrande consumée Burnt Offering Common [Black] [Interrupt]
[5] Cape de désarroi Cloak of Confusion Common [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[6] Danse macabre Dance of the Dead Uncommon [Black] [Enchant Dead Creature]
[7] Obscur bannissement Dark Banishing Common [Black] [Instant]
[8] Messe noire Dark Ritual Common [Black] [Interrupt]
[9] Consultation démoniaque Demonic Consultation Uncommon [Black] [Instant]
[10] Nécrophage effroyable Dread Wright Rare [Black] [Summon]
[11] Congère macabre Drift of the Dead Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[12] Peur Fear Common [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[13] Flot de vermine Flow of Maggots Rare [Black] [Summon]
[14] Familier flétri Foul Familiar Common [Black] [Summon]
[15] Zombies gangreneux Gangrenous Zombies Common [Black] [Summon]
[16] Regard de douleur Gaze of Pain Common [Black] [Sorcery]
[17] Lien sépulcral Gravebind Rare [Black] [Instant]
[18] Hécatombe Hecatomb Rare [Black] [Enchantment]
[19] Ombre de givre Hoar Shade Common [Black] [Summon]
[20] Rugissement de l'au-delà Howl from Beyond Common [Black] [Instant]
[21] Lemure Hyaloptère Hyalopterous Lemure Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[22] Séisme glaciaire Icequake Uncommon [Black] [Sorcery]
[23] Obscurité infernale Infernal Darkness Rare [Black] [Enchantment]
[24] Hôte infernal Infernal Denizen Rare [Black] [Summon]
[25] Mort kjeldorien Kjeldoran Dead Common [Black] [Summon]
[26] Chevalier de Stromgald Knight of Stromgald Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[27] Elémentaliste krovois Krovikan Elementalist Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[28] Fétiche krovois Krovikan Fetish Common [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[29] Vampire Krovois Krovikan Vampire Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[30] Légions de Lim-Dûl Legions of Lim-Dûl Common [Black] [Summon]
[31] Rite selon Leshrac Leshrac's Rite Uncommon [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[32] Sceau de Leshrac Leshrac's Sigil Uncommon [Black] [Enchantment]
[33] Cohorte de Lim-Dûl Lim-Dûl's Cohort Common [Black] [Summon]
[34] Maléfice selon Lim-Dûl Lim-Dûl's Hex Uncommon [Black] [Enchantment]
[35] Effilochage cérébral Mind Ravel Common [Black] [Sorcery]
[36] Distorsion cérébrale Mind Warp Uncommon [Black] [Sorcery]
[37] Fouet mental Mind Whip Rare [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[38] Mignon de Leshrac Minion of Leshrac Rare [Black] [Summon]
[39] Mignon de Tevesh Szat Minion of Tevesh Szat Rare [Black] [Summon]
[40] Vers fouisseurs Mole Worms Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[41] Fielleux des maremmes Moor Fiend Uncommon [Black] [Summon]
[42] Nécropuissance Necropotence Rare [Black] [Enchantment]
[43] Norritt Norritt Common [Black] [Summon]
[44] Serment de Lim-Dûl Oath of Lim-Dûl Rare [Black] [Enchantment]
[45] Rats de la pestilence Pestilence Rats Common [Black] [Summon]
[46] Vérole Pox Rare [Black] [Sorcery]
[47] Emprise Seizures Common [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[48] Chants des damnés Songs of the Damned Common [Black] [Interrupt]
[49] Brûlure des âmes Soul Burn Common [Black] [Sorcery]
[50] Etreinte des âmes Soul Kiss Common [Black] [Enchant Creature]
[51] Pillage funeste Spoils of Evil Rare [Black] [Interrupt]
[52] Butin de guerre Spoils of War Rare [Black] [Sorcery]
[53] Miames du mal Stench of Evil Uncommon [Black] [Sorcery]
[54] Côterie de Stromgald Stromgald Cabal Rare [Black] [Summon]
[55] Toucher de mort Touch of Death Common [Black] [Sorcery]
[56] Traînées de flétrissure Withering Wisps Uncommon [Black] [Enchantment]
[57] Ascension selon Arnjlot Arnjlot's Ascent Common [Blue] [Enchantment]
[58] Conjurateur balduvian Balduvian Conjurer Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[59] Shamane balduvian Balduvian Shaman Common [Blue] [Summon]
[60] Emprise profonde Binding Grasp Uncommon [Blue] [Enchant Creature]
[61] Remue-méninges Brainstorm Common [Blue] [Instant]
[62] Souffle des rêves Breath of Dreams Uncommon [Blue] [Enchantment]
[63] Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Common [Blue] [Instant]
[64] Contresort Counterspell Common [Blue] [Interrupt]
[65] Déflexion Deflection Rare [Blue] [Interrupt]
[66] Rêves des défunts Dreams of the Dead Uncommon [Blue] [Enchantment]
[67] Aveulissement Enervate Common [Blue] [Instant]
[68] Mignon errant Errant Minion Common [Blue] [Enchant Creature]
[69] Flamboiement d'essence Essence Flare Common [Blue] [Enchant Creature]
[70] Anéantissement de force Force Void Uncommon [Blue] [Interrupt]
[71] Mur glaciaire Glacial Wall Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[72] Hydrosalve Hydroblast Common [Blue] [Interrupt]
[73] Iceberg Iceberg Uncommon [Blue] [Enchantment]
[74] Prison glaciale Icy Prison Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
[75] Forces illusoires Illusionary Forces Common [Blue] [Summon]
[76] Présence illusoire Illusionary Presence Rare [Blue] [Summon]
[77] Terrans illusoires Illusionary Terrain Uncommon [Blue] [Enchantment]
[78] Mur illusoire Illusionary Wall Common [Blue] [Summon]
[79] Illusions de grandeur Illusions of Grandeur Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
[80] Aiguillonnement Infuse Common [Blue] [Instant]
[81] Sorcier krovois Krovikan Sorcerer Common [Blue] [Summon]
[82] Mage de l'Inapparence Magus of the Unseen Rare [Blue] [Summon]
[83] Transe mesmérique Mesmeric Trance Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
[84] Brumeux Mistfolk Common [Blue] [Summon]
[85] Musicien Musician Rare [Blue] [Summon]
[86] Puissance mystique Mystic Might Rare [Blue] [Enchant Land]
[87] Rémora mystique Mystic Remora Common [Blue] [Enchantment]
[88] Monture phantasmatique Phantasmal Mount Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[89] Kraken polaire Polar Kraken Rare [Blue] [Summon]
[90] Présage Portent Common [Blue] [Sorcery]
[91] Siphon d'énergie Power Sink Common [Blue] [Interrupt]
[92] Rayon de commandement Ray of Command Common [Blue] [Instant]
[93] Rayon d'effacement Ray of Erasure Common [Blue] [Instant]
[94] Gauchissement de la réalité Reality Twist Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
[95] Esprit marin Sea Spirit Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[96] Shanje Shyft Rare [Blue] [Summon]
[97] Esprit stridulent Sibilant Spirit Rare [Blue] [Summon]
[98] Orfraie argentée Silver Erne Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[99] Tricherie mentale Sleight of Mind Uncommon [Blue] [Interrupt]
[100] Diable des neiges Snow Devil Common [Blue] [Enchant Creature]
[101] Chute de neige Snowfall Common [Blue] [Enchantment]
[102] Machiniste Soldevi Soldevi Machinist Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[103] Barrière des âmes Soul Barrier Uncommon [Blue] [Enchantment]
[104] Mur de tonnerre Thunder Wall Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[105] Sursaut Updraft Uncommon [Blue] [Instant]
[106] Esprit du vent Wind Spirit Uncommon [Blue] [Summon]
[107] Fraîcheur hivernale Winter's Chill Rare [Blue] [Instant]
[108] Mot d'annulation Word of Undoing Common [Blue] [Instant]
[109] Colère de Marit Lage Wrath of Marit Lage Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
[110] Enchanteur zuranien Zuran Enchanter Common [Blue] [Summon]
[111] Lanceur de sorts zuranien Zuran Spellcaster Common [Blue] [Summon]
[112] Déterminisme selon Zur Zur's Weirding Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
[113] Aurochs Aurochs Common [Green] [Summon]
[114] Ours de Balduvia Balduvian Bears Common [Green] [Summon]
[115] Blizzard Blizzard Rare [Green] [Enchantment]
[116] Orphe brun Brown Ouphe Common [Green] [Summon]
[117] Crapaud butor Chub Toad Common [Green] [Summon]
[118] Loups funestes Dire Wolves Common [Green] [Summon]
[119] Sapience tellurique Earthlore Common [Green] [Enchant Land]
[120] Doyen des druides Elder Druid Rare [Green] [Summon]
[121] Filtre d'essence Essence Filter Common [Green] [Sorcery]
[122] Fièvre fanatique Fanatical Fever Uncommon [Green] [Instant]
[123] Peuple des pinèdes Folk of the Pines Common [Green] [Summon]
[124] Sapience interdite Forbidden Lore Rare [Green] [Enchant Land]
[125] Sapience oubliée Forgotten Lore Uncommon [Green] [Sorcery]
[126] Chromophores Foxfire Common [Green] [Instant]
[127] Suppliant de Freyalise Freyalise Supplicant Uncommon [Green] [Summon]
[128] Charme selon Freyalise Freyalise's Charm Uncommon [Green] [Enchantment]
[129] Vents selon Freyalise Freyalise's Winds Rare [Green] [Enchantment]
[130] Lutin cordellien Fyndhorn Brownie Common [Green] [Summon]
[131] Ancêtre Cordellien Fyndhorn Elder Uncommon [Green] [Summon]
[132] Elfes cordelliens Fyndhorn Elves Common [Green] [Summon]
[133] Pollen cordellien Fyndhorn Pollen Rare [Green] [Enchantment]
[134] Croissance gigantesque Giant Growth Common [Green] [Instant]
[135] Harde de gorilles Gorilla Pack Common [Green] [Summon]
[136] Sources thermales Hot Springs Rare [Green] [Enchant Land]
[137] Ouragan Hurricane Uncommon [Green] [Sorcery]
[138] Guivre johtullienne Johtull Wurm Uncommon [Green] [Summon]
[139] Druide de l'Ordre du genévrier Juniper Order Druid Common [Green] [Summon]
[140] Lhurgoyf Lhurgoyf Rare [Green] [Summon]
[141] Leurre Lure Uncommon [Green] [Enchant Creature]
[142] Vent exacerbant Maddening Wind Uncommon [Green] [Enchant Creature]
[143] Sapience naturaliste Nature's Lore Uncommon [Green] [Sorcery]
[144] Ours pâles Pale Bears Rare [Green] [Summon]
[145] Allosaure pygmée Pygmy Allosaurus Rare [Green] [Summon]
[146] Pyknite Pyknite Common [Green] [Summon]
[147] Régénération Regeneration Common [Green] [Enchant Creature]
[148] Dryade des frimas Rime Dryad Common [Green] [Summon]
[149] Rite de subjugation Ritual of Subdual Rare [Green] [Enchantment]
[150] Guivre écailleuse Scaled Wurm Common [Green] [Summon]
[151] Enjambeur escogriffe Shambling Strider Common [Green] [Summon]
[152] Neige aveuglante Snowblind Rare [Green] [Enchant Creature]
[153] Ruée effrénée Stampede Rare [Green] [Instant]
[154] Croissance sclérosée Stunted Growth Rare [Green] [Sorcery]
[155] Tarpan Tarpan Common [Green] [Summon]
[156] Thermokarst Thermokarst Uncommon [Green] [Sorcery]
[157] Sangsue cérébrale Thoughtleech Uncommon [Green] [Enchantment]
[158] Mur d'amadou Tinder Wall Common [Green] [Summon]
[159] Toucher de vigueur Touch of Vitae Uncommon [Green] [Instant]
[160] Pionnier Trailblazer Rare [Green] [Instant]
[161] Souffle venimeux Venomous Breath Uncommon [Green] [Instant]
[162] Mur d'aguilles de pin Wall of Pine Needles Uncommon [Green] [Summon]
[163] Brouillard polaire Whiteout Uncommon [Green] [Instant]
[164] Wytigo Wiitigo Rare [Green] [Summon]
[165] Végétation luxuriante Wild Growth Common [Green] [Enchant Land]
[166] Mammouths laineux Woolly Mammoths Common [Green] [Summon]
[167] Araignée laineuse Woolly Spider Common [Green] [Summon]
[168] Moucherons de la Yavimaya Yavimaya Gnats Uncommon [Green] [Summon]
[169] Agression Aggression Uncommon [Red] [Enchant Creature]
[170] Anarchie Anarchy Uncommon [Red] [Sorcery]
[171] Avalanche Avalanche Uncommon [Red] [Sorcery]
[172] Barbares balduvians Balduvian Barbarians Common [Red] [Summon]
[173] Hydre de Balduvia Balduvian Hydra Rare [Red] [Summon]
[174] Guides barbares Barbarian Guides Common [Red] [Summon]
[175] Frénésie guerrière Battle Frenzy Common [Red] [Instant]
[176] Shamane ostéomancien Bone Shaman Common [Red] [Summon]
[177] Marque de mauvais augure Brand of Ill Omen Rare [Red] [Enchant Creature]
[178] Seigneur du chaos Chaos Lord Rare [Red] [Summon]
[179] Lune du chaos Chaos Moon Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
[180] Conquête Conquer Uncommon [Red] [Enchant Land]
[181] Malédiction de Marit Lage Curse of Marit Lage Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
[182] Arsenal des nains Dwarven Armory Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
[183] Lutte solitaire Errantry Common [Red] [Enchant Creature]
[184] Esprit de flamme Flame Spirit Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[185] Flamboiement Flare Common [Red] [Instant]
[186] Jeu du chaos Game of Chaos Rare [Red] [Sorcery]
[187] Crevasses glaciaires Glacial Crevasses Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
[188] Mutant gobelin Goblin Mutant Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[189] Sapeurs gobelins Goblin Sappers Common [Red] [Summon]
[190] Patrouille gobeline à ski Goblin Ski Patrol Common [Red] [Summon]
[191] Bonhomme de neige gobelin Goblin Snowman Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[192] Glouton grison Grizzled Wolverine Common [Red] [Summon]
[193] Face imposante Imposing Visage Common [Red] [Enchant Creature]
[194] Incinération Incinerate Common [Red] [Instant]
[195] Jökulhlaups Jokulhaups Rare [Red] [Sorcery]
[196] Géant karplusean Karplusan Giant Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[197] Yeti Karpluséan Karplusan Yeti Rare [Red] [Summon]
[198] Explosion de lave Lava Burst Common [Red] [Sorcery]
[199] Màrton Stromgald Márton Stromgald Rare [Red] [Summon]
[200] Mêlée Melee Uncommon [Red] [Instant]
[201] Fonte Melting Uncommon [Red] [Enchantment]
[202] Pluie de météores Meteor Shower Common [Red] [Sorcery]
[203] Bouquetin Mountain Goat Common [Red] [Summon]
[204] Coulée de boue Mudslide Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
[205] Canonniers orques Orcish Cannoneers Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[206] Conscrits orques Orcish Conscripts Common [Red] [Summon]
[207] Fermier orque Orcish Farmer Common [Red] [Summon]
[208] Guérisseur orque Orcish Healer Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[209] Bibliothécaire orque Orcish Librarian Rare [Red] [Summon]
[210] Bûcheron orque Orcish Lumberjack Common [Red] [Summon]
[211] Squatters orques Orcish Squatters Rare [Red] [Summon]
[212] Panique Panic Common [Red] [Instant]
[213] Pyrosalve Pyroblast Common [Red] [Interrupt]
[214] Pyroclasme Pyroclasm Uncommon [Red] [Sorcery]
[215] Tigre à dents de sabre Sabretooth Tiger Common [Red] [Summon]
[216] Fracasser Shatter Common [Red] [Instant]
[217] Pluie de pierres Stone Rain Common [Red] [Sorcery]
[218] Esprit de pierre Stone Spirit Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[219] Mains de pierre Stonehands Common [Red] [Enchant Creature]
[220] Géant des pics Tor Giant Common [Red] [Summon]
[221] Guerre totale Total War Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
[222] Vertige Vertigo Uncommon [Red] [Instant]
[223] Mur de lave Wall of Lava Uncommon [Red] [Summon]
[224] Mot de déflagration Word of Blasting Uncommon [Red] [Instant]
[225] Licorne adarkare Adarkar Unicorn Common [White] [Summon]
[226] Renards arctiques Arctic Foxes Common [White] [Summon]
[227] Aura selon Arenson Arenson's Aura Common [White] [Enchantment]
[228] Armure de foi Armor of Faith Common [White] [Enchant Creature]
[229] Cri di guerre Battle Cry Uncommon [White] [Instant]
[230] Scarabée noir Black Scarab Uncommon [White] [Enchant Creature]
[231] Vin de messe Blessed Wine Common [White] [Instant]
[232] Esprit fugace Blinking Spirit Rare [White] [Summon]
[233] Scarabée bleu Blue Scarab Uncommon [White] [Enchant Creature]
[234] Appel aux armes Call to Arms Rare [White] [Enchantment]
[235] Contrée des caribous Caribou Range Rare [White] [Enchant Land]
[236] Cercle de protection : noir Circle of Protection: Black Common [White] [Enchantment]
[237] Cercle de protection : bleu Circle of Protection: Blue Common [White] [Enchantment]
[238] Cercle de protection : vert Circle of Protection: Green Common [White] [Enchantment]
[239] Cercle de protection : rouge Circle of Protection: Red Common [White] [Enchantment]
[240] Cercle de protection : blanc Circle of Protection: White Common [White] [Enchantment]
[241] Coup de froid Cold Snap Uncommon [White] [Enchantment]
[242] Coopération Cooperation Common [White] [Enchant Creature]
[243] Survie Death Ward Common [White] [Instant]
[244] Désenchantement Disenchant Common [White] [Instant]
[245] Sécheresse Drought Uncommon [White] [Enchantment]
[246] Guérisseur elfe Elvish Healer Common [White] [Summon]
[247] Renouvellement perpétuel Enduring Renewal Rare [White] [Enchantment]
[248] Tempête d'énergie Energy Storm Rare [White] [Enchantment]
[249] Formation Formation Rare [White] [Instant]
[250] Fylgja Fylgja Common [White] [Enchant Creature]
[251] Général Jarkeld General Jarkeld Rare [White] [Summon]
[252] Scarabée vert Green Scarab Uncommon [White] [Enchant Creature]
[253] Sol sacré Hallowed Ground Uncommon [White] [Enchantment]
[254] Guérison Heal Common [White] [Instant]
[255] Hpparion Hipparion Uncommon [White] [Summon]
[256] Justice Justice Uncommon [White] [Enchantment]
[257] Ranger kelsinkois Kelsinko Ranger Common [White] [Summon]
[258] Garde d'élite du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Elite Guard Uncommon [White] [Summon]
[259] Garde du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Guard Common [White] [Summon]
[260] Chevalier du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Knight Rare [White] [Summon]
[261] Phalange du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Phalanx Rare [White] [Summon]
[262] Garde royale du Kjeldor Kjelodran Royal Guard Rare [White] [Summon]
[263] Capitaine céleste du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Skycaptain Uncommon [White] [Summon]
[264] Chevalier céleste du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Skyknight Common [White] [Summon]
[265] Guerrier du Kjeldor Kjeldoran Warrior Common [White] [Summon]
[266] Coup fulgurant Lightning Blow Rare [White] [Instant]
[267] Ordre perdu de Jarkeld Lost Order of Jarkeld Rare [White] [Summon]
[268] Mercenaires Mercenaries Rare [White] [Summon]
[269] Ordre de la torche sacrée Order of the Sacred Torch Rare [White] [Summon]
[270] Ordre du bouclier blanc Order of the White Shield Uncommon [White] [Summon]
[271] Rune de garde prismatique Prismatic Ward Common [White] [Enchant Creature]
[272] Ralliement Rally Common [White] [Instant]
[273] Scarabée rouge Red Scarab Uncommon [White] [Enchant Creature]
[274] Faveur sacrée Sacred Boon Uncommon [White] [Instant]
[275] Séraphin Seraph Rare [White] [Summon]
[276] Porteur de bouclier Shield Bearer Common [White] [Summon]
[277] Chien de chasse des neiges Snow Hound Uncommon [White] [Summon]
[278] Retour au pays Swords to Plowshares Uncommon [White] [Instant]
[279] Avertissement Warning Common [White] [Instant]
[280] Scarabée blanc White Scarab Uncommon [White] [Enchant Creature]
[281] Sentinelle adarkare Adarkar Sentinel Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact Creature]
[282] Egide des humbles Aegis of the Meek Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[283] Amulette saugrenue Amulet of Quoz Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[284] Traîneau d'Arcum Arcum's Sleigh Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[285] Girouette d'Arcum Arcum's Weathervane Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[286] Appeau d'Arcum Arcum's Whistle Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[287] Sextant barbelé Barbed Sextant Common [Colorless] [Artifact]
[288] Hampe fédératrice Baton of Morale Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[289] Épée céleste Celestial Sword Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[290] Couronne des temps anciens Crown of the Ages Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[291] Sceptre du despote Despotic Scepter Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[292] Bouteille elkine Elkin Bottle Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[293] Arc cordellien Fyndhorn Bow Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[294] Lyre gobeline Goblin Lyre Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[295] Talisman d'hématite Hematite Talisman Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[296] Chaudron de glace Ice Cauldron Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[297] Manipulateur glacial Icy Manipulator Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[298] Sablier infini Infinite Hourglass Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[299] Bonnet du bouffon Jester's Cap Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[300] Masque du bouffon Jester's Mask Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[301] Amulette ornée de joyaux Jeweled Amulet Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[302] Talisman de lapis-lazuli Lapis Lazuli Talisman Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[303] Talisman de malachite Malachite Talisman Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[304] Talisman de nacre Nacre Talisman Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[305] Noeud de singularité Naked Singularity Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[306] Talisman d'onyx Onyx Talisman Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[307] Pentagramme des temps anciens Pentagram of the Ages Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[308] Fosse piégée Pit Trap Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[309] Voûte runique Runed Arch Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[310] Bouclier des temps anciens Shield of the Ages Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[311] Catapulte des crânes Skull Catapult Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[312] Forteresse des neiges Snow Fortress Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[313] Golem soldevi Soldevi Golem Rare [Colorless] [Artifact Creature]
[314] Simulacre soldevi Soldevi Simulacrum Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact Creature]
[315] Bâton des temps anciens Staff of the Ages Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[316] Pierre-soleil Sunstone Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[317] Bombe temporelle Time Bomb Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[318] Babiole d'Urza Urza's Bauble Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[319] Arcanologue vexatoire Vexing Arcanix Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[320] Sphère vibrante Vibrating Sphere Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
[321] Mur mobile Walking Wall Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact Creature]
[322] Mur de boucliers Wall of Shields Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact Creature]
[323] Chariot de guerre War Chariot Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[324] Planeur de fanons Whalebone Glider Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[325] Orbe zuranienne Zuran Orb Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
[326] Landes d'Adarkar Adarkar Wastes Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[327] Broussaille Brushland Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[328] Forêt Forest Common [Colorless] [Land]
[329] Forêt Forest Common [Colorless] [Land]
[330] Forêt Forest Common [Colorless] [Land]
[331] Précipice glaciaire Glacial Chasm Uncommon [Colorless] [Land]
[332] Halls de brume Halls of Mist Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[333] Banquise Ice Floe Uncommon [Colorless] [Land]
[334] Île Island Common [Colorless] [Land]
[335] Île Island Common [Colorless] [Land]
[336] Île Island Common [Colorless] [Land]
[337] Forêt de Karpluse Karplusan Forest Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[338] Alluvions Land Cap Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[339] Conduits de lave Lava Tubes Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[340] Montagne Mountain Common [Colorless] [Land]
[341] Montagne Mountain Common [Colorless] [Land]
[342] Montagne Mountain Common [Colorless] [Land]
[343] Plaine Plains Common [Colorless] [Land]
[344] Plaine Plains Common [Colorless] [Land]
[345] Plaine Plains Common [Colorless] [Land]
[346] Delta du fleuve River Delta Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[347] Forêt enneigée Snow-Covered Forest Common [Colorless] [Land]
[348] Île enneigée Snow-Covered Island Common [Colorless] [Land]
[349] Motagne enneigée Snow-Covered Mountain Common [Colorless] [Land]
[350] Plaine enneigée Snow-Covered Plains Common [Colorless] [Land]
[351] Marais enneigée Snow-Covered Swamp Common [Colorless] [Land]
[352] Sources sulfureuses Sulfurous Springs Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[353] Marais Swamp Common [Colorless] [Land]
[354] Marais Swamp Common [Colorless] [Land]
[355] Marais Swamp Common [Colorless] [Land]
[356] Contrefort forestier Timberline Ridge Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[357] Rivière souterraine Underground River Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[358] Veldt Veldt Rare [Colorless] [Land]
[359] Autel d'ossements Altar of Bone Rare [Multicolor] [Sorcery]
[360] Archer centaure Centaur Archer Uncommon [Multicolor] [Summon]
[361] Armure chromatique Chromatic Armor Rare [Multicolor] [Enchant Creature]
[362] Vision diabolique Diabolic Vision Uncommon [Multicolor] [Sorcery]
[363] Lien chtonien Earthlink Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[364] Augure élémental Elemental Augury Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[365] Vortex d'essence Essence Vortex Uncommon [Multicolor] [Instant]
[366] Justice ardente Fiery Justice Rare [Multicolor] [Sorcery]
[367] Pacte de feu Fire Covenant Uncommon [Multicolor] [Instant]
[368] Sylves inondées Flooded Woodlands Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[369] Fumerolle Fumarole Uncommon [Multicolor] [Sorcery]
[370] Flamme fantomatique Ghostly Flame Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[371] Araignée géante piègeuse Giant Trap Door Spider Uncommon [Multicolor] [Summon]
[372] Glaciers Glaciers Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[373] Hymne au renouveau Hymn of Rebirth Uncommon [Multicolor] [Sorcery]
[374] Sangivre kjeldorienne Kjeldoran Frostbeast Uncommon [Multicolor] [Summon]
[375] Merieke Ri Berit Merieke Ri Berit Rare [Multicolor] [Summon]
[376] Mousson Monsoon Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[377] Titan des montagnes Mountain Titan Rare [Multicolor] [Summon]
[378] Défrichement Reclamation Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[379] Navire squelette Skeleton Ship Rare [Multicolor] [Summon]
[380] Bouclier spectral Spectral Shield Uncommon [Multicolor] [Enchant Creature]
[381] Esprit tempête Storm Spirit Rare [Multicolor] [Summon]
[382] Tourmenteuse Stormbind Rare [Multicolor] [Enchantment]
[383] Ailes d'Aeszir Wings of Aesthir Uncommon [Multicolor] [Enchant Creature]


  • This expansion's icon is a snowflake.
  • This expansion's official abbreviation is "IA".
  • This is the first Magic: The Gathering expansion with an image from a card on its boosters. The image comes from the card "Karplusan Yeti."