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Enterprise Collection
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Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


Enterprise Collection







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The Enterprise Collection is the 31st and final physical expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by Decipher on 7 July 2006. The set consists of 18 foiled promo cards covering the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise.

It was available from the Decipher online store after a long delay.

The card numbering system continues from All Good Things.

The Continuing Committee released the Enterprise Collection Remastered virtual expansion set on 26 October 2018 giving the original expansion set get new life with updated icons, game text, and high resolution images for a new era of First Edition.

Type BreakdownEdit

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

41 Starfleet Phaser Pistol Promo Equipment -
42 Revisionist History Promo Event -
43 Temporal Shifting Promo Event -
44 Seat of Starfleet Promo Facility Starfleet
45 Charles Tucker III Promo Personnel Starfleet
46 Elizabeth Cutler Promo Personnel Starfleet
47 Emory Erickson Promo Personnel Starfleet
48 Ethan Novakovich Promo Personnel Starfleet
49 Hoshi Sato Promo Personnel Starfleet
50 Jeremy Lucas Promo Personnel Starfleet
51 Jonathan Archer Promo Personnel Starfleet
52 Malcolm Reed Promo Personnel Starfleet
53 Maxwell Forrest Promo Personnel Starfleet
54 Phlox Promo Personnel Starfleet
55 T'Pol Promo Personnel Starfleet
56 Travis Mayweather Promo Personnel Starfleet
57 Enterprise Promo Ship Starfleet
58 T'Pol/Soong Maneuver Promo Tactic -


  • This set is published in 2006, but the cards have a copyright date of 2005.
  • Cards were published by Decipher missing the 22nd Century icon (22nd Century). The Continuing Committee corrects this oversight when publishing errata cards for this set.
  • Since the October 2014 conversion rules update, all cards except those with the Alternate icon have the 22nd Century icon.

Errata CardsEdit

The following Decipher cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Equipment
    • 41 - Starfleet Phaser Pistol
  • Event
    • 42 - Revisionist History
  • Facility
    • 44 - Seat of Starfleet (Starfleet) (twice)
  • Personnel
    • 51 - Jonathan Archer (Starfleet)
  • Ship
    • 57 - Enterprise (Starfleet)
  • Tactic
    • 58 - T'Pol/Soong Maneuver

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