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Engage booster
Virtual Booster
Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition




The Continuing Committee





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Engage is the 14th virtual expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by The Continuing Committee on 2 November 2012. The set consists of 54 cards. This set is part of the The Next Generation Block consisting of cards from The Next Generation, The Next Generation: Supplemental, Engage, The Sky's the Limit, Coming of Age, and Q Who? virtual expansions.

Type BreakdownEdit

NOTE: There are 2 Dual Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity Breakdown>Edit

Card ListEdit

1 V Trilithium Weapon Virtual Artifact -
2 V Antedean Assassins Virtual Dilemma -
3 V Captain's Holiday Virtual Dilemma -
4 V Devastating Communique Virtual Dilemma -
5 V Do You Smell Something Burning? Virtual Dilemma -
6 V Invidium Leak Virtual Dilemma -
7 V Ornaran Threat Virtual Dilemma -
8 V Reluctant Informant Virtual Dilemma -
9 V Shall We Begin Again? Virtual Dilemma -
10 V Trilithium Raid Virtual Dilemma -
11 V Undercover Agent Virtual Dilemma -
12 V Venus Drug Virtual Event -
13 V Always A Chess Game Virtual Incident -
14 V Federation Flagship: Recovered Virtual Incident -
15 V Illegitimate Leader of the Empire Virtual Incident -
16 V The Romulan Underground Virtual Incident -
17 V They Will Be Coming Virtual Incident -
18 V A Family of Traitors Virtual Interrupt -
19 V Explain Your Presence Virtual Interrupt -
20 V Abduction Plot Virtual Mission -
21 V Advanced Combat Training Virtual Mission -
22 V Assist Damaged Vessel Virtual Mission -
23 V Assist Survivors Virtual Mission -
24 V Attend Mysterious Rendezvous Virtual Mission -
25 V Conceal Unlikely Society Virtual Mission -
26 V Investigate Dead Planet Virtual Mission -
27 V Legal Appeal Virtual Mission -
28 V Prevent Military Escalation Virtual Mission -
29 V Recover Prisoner Virtual Mission -
30 V Resupply Marauder II Virtual Mission -
31 V Ensnared Virtual Objective -
32 V We Are Back Virtual Objective -
33 V Corak Virtual Personnel Cardassian
34 V Gollek Virtual Personnel Cardassian
35 V Joret Dal Virtual Personnel Cardassian/Federation
35* V Joret Dal Virtual Personnel Federation/Cardassian
35* V Joret Dal (with TCC logo) Virtual Personnel Federation/Cardassian
36 V Harcourt Fenton Mudd Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
37 V Rybak Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
38 V Agyer Virtual Personnel Romulan
39 V Ambassador Spock Virtual Personnel Romulan
40 V D'Lors Virtual Personnel Romulan
41 V Jean-Luc Picard Virtual Personnel Romulan
42 V Kell Virtual Personnel Romulan
43 V Kharic Virtual Personnel Romulan
44 V Khev Virtual Personnel Romulan
45 V Mareth Virtual Personnel Romulan
46 V Parem Virtual Personnel Romulan
47 V Proconsul Neral Virtual Personnel Romulan
48 V T'Jev Virtual Personnel Romulan
49 V Tacil Virtual Personnel Romulan
50 V Toraan Virtual Personnel Romulan
51 V U.S.S. Excalibur Virtual Ship Federation
52 V Voyager Virtual Ship Kazon
53 V Deranas Virtual Ship Romulan

NOTE: Card 35* V Joret Dal (alternate image) was initially released with the Continuinge Committee logo. This card with the TCC logo is not included as part of the card count and type breakdowns.

Card 35* V without the Continuing Committee logo was made available in May 2013.


The icon for this expansion resembles a piece of Romulan clothing.

Starter DeckEdit

One starter deck was published with this set consisting of cards from this set and previous virtual sets. The link below redirects to a pdf file.


  • Engage at The Continuing Committee
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