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Endor is the 20th expansion of Star Wars CCG. It is published by Decipher 1999 and consists of 180 cards. It was available in 9-card boosters. A booster contained 1 rare, 3 uncommons and 5 commons.

Light Side Card List (Normal Cards)[]

Type Breakdown[]

  • 33 Characters
  • 9 Effects
  • 1 Epic Event
  • 23 Interrupts
  • 11 Locations
  • 1 Objective
  • 2 Starships
  • 3 Vehicles
  • 7 Weapons

Rarity Breakdown[]

Side Breakdown[]

  • 90 Light
Captain Yutani Uncommon Character
Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk Rare Character
Chief Chirpa Rare Character
Corporal Beezer Uncommon Character
Corporal Delevar Uncommon Character
Corporal Janse Uncommon Character
Corporal Kensaric Rare Character
Daughter Of Skywalker Rare Character
Dresselian Commando Common Character
Endor Scout Trooper Common Character
Ewok Sentry Common Character
Ewok Spearman Common Character
Ewok Tribesman Common Character
General Crix Madine Rare Character
General Solo Rare Character
Graak Rare Character
Kazak Rare Character
Lieutenant Greeve Rare Character
Lieutenant Page Rare Character
Logray Rare Character
Lumat Uncommon Character
Mon Mothma Rare Character
Orrimaarko Rare Character
Paploo Uncommon Character
Rabin Uncommon Character
Romba Rare Character
Sergeant Brooks Carlson Rare Character
Sergeant Bruckman Rare Character
Sergeant Junkin Uncommon Character
Teebo Rare Character
Threepio Rare Character
Wicket Rare Character
Wuta Uncommon Character
Aim High Rare Effect
Battle Plan Uncommon Effect
Commando Training Common Effect
Count Me In Rare Effect
I Hope She's All Right Uncommon Effect
I Wonder Who They Found Uncommon Effect
Insurrection Uncommon Effect
That's One Rare Effect
Wokling Rare Effect
Deactivate The Shield Generator Rare Epic Event
Careful Planning Common Interrupt
Covert Landing Uncommon Interrupt
Endor Celebration Rare Interrupt
Ewok And Roll Common Interrupt
Ewok Log Jam Common Interrupt
Ewok Rescue Common Interrupt
Firefight Common Interrupt
Fly Casual Rare Interrupt
Free Ride Uncommon Interrupt
Get Alongside That One Uncommon Interrupt
Here We Go Again Rare Interrupt
I Have A Really Bad Feeling About This Common Interrupt
I Know Rare Interrupt
Lost In The Wilderness Rare Interrupt
Rapid Deployment Rare Interrupt
Sound The Attack Common Interrupt
Surprise Counter Assault Rare Interrupt
Take The Initiative Common Interrupt
This Is Absolutely Right Rare Interrupt
Throw Me Another Charge Uncommon Interrupt
Were You Looking For Me? Rare Interrupt
Wookiee Guide Common Interrupt
Yub Yub! Common Interrupt
Chandrila Uncommon Location
Endor Uncommon Location
Endor: Back Door Uncommon Location
Endor: Bunker Uncommon Location
Endor: Chief Chirpa's Hut Rare Location
Endor: Dense Forest Common Location
Endor: Ewok Village Uncommon Location
Endor: Great Forest Common Location
Endor: Hidden Forest Trail Uncommon Location
Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) Common Location
Endor: Rebel Landing Site (Forest) Rare Location
Rebel Strike Team / Garrison Destroyed Rare Objective
Tydirium Rare Starship
YT-1300 Transport Common Starship
Chewie's AT-ST Rare Vehicle
Ewok Glider Common Vehicle
Speeder Bike Common Vehicle
A280 Sharpshooter Rifle Rare Weapon
BlasTech E-11B Blaster Rifle Common Weapon
Chewbacca's Bowcaster Rare Weapon
Ewok Bow Common Weapon
Ewok Catapult Uncommon Weapon
Ewok Spear Common Weapon
Explosive Charge Uncommon Weapon

Dark Side Card List (Normal Cards)[]

Type Breakdown[]

  • 25 Characters
  • 18 Effects
  • 22 Interrupts
  • 11 Locations
  • 1 Objective
  • 1 Starship
  • 9 Vehicles
  • 3 Weapons

Rarity Breakdown[]

Side Breakdown[]

  • 90 Dark
AT-ST Pilot Common Character
Biker Scout Trooper Common Character
Colonel Dyer Rare Character
Commander Igar Rare Character
Corporal Avarik Uncommon Character
Corporal Drazin Uncommon Character
Corporal Drelosyn Rare Character
Corporal Misik Rare Character
Corporal Oberk Rare Character
Elite Squadron Stormtrooper Common Character
Lieutenant Arnet Uncommon Character
Lieutenant Grond Uncommon Character
Lieutenant Renz Rare Character
Lieutenant Watts Rare Character
Major Hewex Rare Character
Major Marquand Rare Character
Navy Trooper Common Character
Navy Trooper Fenson Rare Character
Navy Trooper Shield Technician Common Character
Navy Trooper Vesden Uncommon Character
Sergeant Barich Rare Character
Sergeant Elsek Uncommon Character
Sergeant Irol Rare Character
Sergeant Tarl Uncommon Character
Sergeant Wallen Rare Character
An Entire Legion Of My Best Troops Uncommon Effect
Aratech Corporation Rare Effect
Battle Order Uncommon Effect
Biker Scout Gear Uncommon Effect
Closed Door Rare Effect
Crossfire Rare Effect
Early Warning Network Rare Effect
Empire's New Order Rare Effect
Establish Secret Base Rare Effect
Imperial Academy Training Common Effect
Imperial Arrest Order Uncommon Effect
Ominous Rumours Rare Effect
Perimeter Patrol Rare Effect
Pinned Down Uncommon Effect
Relentless Tracking Rare Effect
Search And Destroy Uncommon Effect
Security Precautions Rare Effect
Well-earned Command Rare Effect
Accelerate Common Interrupt
Always Thinking With Your Stomach Rare Interrupt
Combat Readiness Common Interrupt
Compact Firepower Common Interrupt
Counterattack Rare Interrupt
Dead Ewok Common Interrupt
Don't Move! Common Interrupt
Eee Chu Wawa! Common Interrupt
Endor Occupation Rare Interrupt
Freeze! Uncommon Interrupt
Go For Help! Common Interrupt
High-speed Tactics Uncommon Interrupt
Hot Pursuit Common Interrupt
Imperial Tyranny Common Interrupt
It's An Older Code Rare Interrupt
Main Course Uncommon Interrupt
Outflank Common Interrupt
Pitiful Little Band Common Interrupt
Scout Recon Common Interrupt
Sneak Attack Common Interrupt
Wounded Warrior Rare Interrupt
You Rebel Scum Rare Interrupt
Carida Uncommon Location
Endor Uncommon Location
Endor: Ancient Forest Uncommon Location
Endor: Back Door Uncommon Location
Endor: Bunker Uncommon Location
Endor: Dark Forest Rare Location
Endor: Dense Forest Common Location
Endor: Ewok Village Uncommon Location
Endor: Forest Clearing Uncommon Location
Endor: Great Forest Common Location
Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) Common Location
Endor Operations / Imperial Outpost Rare Objective
Lambda-Class Shuttle Common Starship
Speeder Bike Common Vehicle
Tempest 1 Rare Vehicle
Tempest Scout Uncommon Vehicle
Tempest Scout 1 Rare Vehicle
Tempest Scout 2 Rare Vehicle
Tempest Scout 3 Rare Vehicle
Tempest Scout 4 Rare Vehicle
Tempest Scout 5 Rare Vehicle
Tempest Scout 6 Rare Vehicle
AT-ST Dual Cannon Rare Weapon
Scout Blaster Common Weapon
Speeder Bike Cannon Uncommon Weapon

Foil Cards[]

The foil cards were very scarce. Common foils averaged about 3 per box, uncommon foils about 5 per box, and rare foils only occurred once in every three boxes.

Type Breakdown[]

  • 7 Characters (2 Dark and 5 Light)
  • 2 Effects (1 Dark and 1 Light)
  • 3 Interrupts (2 Dark and 1 Light)
  • 2 Locations (1 Dark and 1 Light)
  • 4 Vehicles (3 Dark and 1 Light)

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • 8 Commons
  • 4 Rares
  • 6 Uncommons

Side Breakdown[]

  • 9 Dark
  • 9 Light

Card List[]

Biker Scout Trooper Common Dark Character
Chewbacca of Kashyyyk Uncommon Light Character
Daughter Of Skywalker Uncommon Light Character
Early Warning Network Uncommon Dark Effect
Elite Squadron Stormtrooper Common Dark Character
Endor Celebration Uncommon Light Interrupt
Endor: Ewok Village Common Light Location
Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) Common Dark Location
Ewok And Roll Common Light Interrupt
Ewok Glider Common Light Vehicle
General Solo Rare Light Character
Hot Pursuit Uncommon Dark Interrupt
Main Course Uncommon Dark Interrupt
Paploo Common Light Character
Speeder Bike Common Dark Vehicle
Tempest 1 Rare Dark Vehicle
Tempest Scout 4 Rare Dark Vehicle
Threepio Rare Light Character



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