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Alien Armies was a CCG published by Panini Comics in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The game consists of 260 cards and 4 promos.

The cards followed a television transmission order covering the Tenth Doctor stories from The Christmas Invasion through to Planet of the Dead with only the 10 Embossed Doctor cards referencing earlier stories.

Rarity Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 180 Standard Cards (numbered 1-180)
  • 40 Glitter Foil Cards (numbered G1-G40)
  • 20 Super Foil Cards (numbered F1-F20)
  • 20 Super Foil Embossed Cards (numbered E1-E20)

Type Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 92 Allies
  • 24 Children of Time
  • 23 Doctors
  • 21 Equipment
  • 100 Villains

Card List[edit | edit source]

001 TARDIS Equipment
002 Sonic Screwdriver Equipment
003 Genesis Ark Equipment
004 Genetic Manipulation Device Equipment
005 Psychic Paper Equipment
006 Fob Watch Equipment
007 The Doctor's Hand Equipment
008 Extrapolator Equipment
009 TARDIS Key Equipment
010 Laser Screwdriver Equipment
011 The Doctor (pyjamas) Equipment
012 Rose Tyler Children of Time
013 Jackie Tyler Children of Time
014 Mickey Smith Children of Time
015 Harriet Jones Ally
016 Sycorax Villain
017 Robot Santa Villain
018 The Doctor (brown suit) Doctor
019 Possessed Rose Villain
020 Chip Ally
021 The Face of Boe Ally
022 Matron Casp Villain
023 Sister Jatt Villain
024 Zombie Patent Villain
025 Queen Victoria Ally
026 Werewolf Villain
027 Sir Robert Ally
028 Father Angelo Villain
029 Sarah Jane Smith Children of Time
030 K9 Mark III Children of Time
031 Mr. Finch Villain
032 Krillitane Villain
033 Madame de Pompadour Ally
034 Clockwork Woman Villain
035 John Lumic Villain
036 Pete Tyler Ally
037 Jake Simmonds Ally
038 Cyberman Villain
039 Ricky Smith Ally
040 Mrs. Moore Ally
041 The Wire Villain
042 Tommy Connolly Ally
043 Mr. Magpie Villain
044 Ood (normal) Ally
045 Ida Scott Ally
046 Toby Zed Ally
047 The Beast Villain
048 Elton Pope Ally
049 Ursula Blake Ally
050 The Abzorbaloff Villain
051 The Hoix Villain
052 Chloe Webber Ally
053 Wardrobe Monster Villain
054 Yvonne Hartman Ally
055 Cyber-Leader Villain
056 Donna Noble Children of Time
057 Empress of the Racnoss Villain
058 Lance Bennett Villain
059 The Doctor (blue suit) Doctor
060 Martha Jones Children of Time
061 Florence Finnegan Villain
062 Judoon Trooper Villain
063 Francine Jones Ally
064 Clive Jones Ally
065 Slab Villain
066 William Shakespeare Ally
067 Lilith Villain
068 Mother Bloodtide Villain
069 Mother Doomfinger Villain
070 Macra Villain
071 Thomas Kincade Brannigan Ally
072 Valerie Brannigan Ally
073 Milo Ally
074 Cheen Ally
075 Novice Hame Ally
076 Laszlo Ally
077 Tallulah Ally
078 Solomon Ally
079 Frank Ally
080 Mr. Diagoras Villain
081 Pig Slave Villain
082 Professor Lazarus Villain
083 Tish Jones Ally
084 Lady Thaw Ally
085 Kath McDonnell Ally
086 Korwin McDonnell Villain
087 Sun Possessed Doctor Ally
088 John Smith Doctor
089 Joan Redfern Ally
090 Tim Latimer Ally
091 Father of Mine Villain
092 Mother of Mine Villain
093 Son of Mine Villain
094 Daughter of Mine Villain
095 Scarecrow Villain
096 Sally Sparrow Ally
097 Kathy Nightingale Ally
098 Weeping Angel (weeping) Villain
099 Professor Yana Ally
100 Captain Jack Harkness Children of Time
101 Futurekind Villain
102 Chantho Ally
103 Mr. Saxon Villain
104 Lucy Saxon Villain
105 Toclafane Villain
106 Thomas Milligan Ally
107 Old Doctor Doctor
108 Ancient Doctor Doctor
109 The Doctor (tux) Doctor
110 Astrid Peth Ally
111 Mr. Copper Ally
112 Foon Van Hoff Ally
113 Morvin Van Hoff Ally
114 Bannakaffalatta Ally
115 Midshipman Frame Ally
116 Rickston Slade Ally
117 Heavenly Host Villain
118 Max Capricorn Villain
119 Sylvia Noble Children of Time
120 Wilfred Mott Children of Time
121 Miss Foster Villain
122 Adipose Villain
123 Penny Carter Ally
124 Lucius Caecilius Iucundus Ally
125 Metella Ally
126 Quintus Ally
127 Evelina Ally
128 Pyrovile Villain
129 High Priestess Villain
130 Soothsayer (The Fires of Pompeii) Ally
131 Lucius Petrus Dextrus Villain
132 Mr. Halpen Villain
133 Natural Ood Ally
134 Ood Sigma Ally
135 Dr. Ryder Ally
136 Commander Skorr Villain
137 Sontaran Trooper Villain
138 Luke Rattigan Villain
139 Colonel Mace Ally
140 Private Ross Jenkins Ally
141 Martha Jones's Clone Villain
142 Jenny Ally
143 Hath Soldier Villain
144 General Cobb Villain
145 Cline Ally
146 Agatha Christie Ally
147 Rev. Golightly Villain
148 Colonel Curbishley Ally
149 Lady Eddison Ally
150 Robina Redmond Ally
151 Roger Curbishley Ally
152 The Vespiform Villain
153 Professor River Song Ally
154 Dr. Moon Ally
155 Proper Dave Ally
156 Other Dave Ally
157 Miss Evangelista Ally
158 Strackman Lux Ally
159 Anita Ally
160 Vashta Nerada Villain
161 Sky Silvestry Ally
162 Professor Hobbes Ally
163 Captain Magambo Ally
164 Fortune Teller Villain
165 Time Beetle Villain
166 Dalek Villain
167 Mr. Smith Ally
168 Luke Smith Ally
169 Gwen Cooper Ally
170 Ianto Jones Ally
171 Duplicate Doctor Doctor
172 Doctor Donna Doctor
173 Insane Dalek Caan Ally
174 Jackson Lake Villain
175 Miss Hartigan Villain
176 Rosita Farisi Ally
177 Cybershade Villain
178 Lady Christina de Souza Ally
179 Dr. Malcolm Tyler Ally
180 Tritovore Ally
E1 The First Doctor Doctor
E2 The Second Doctor Doctor
E3 The Third Doctor Doctor
E4 The Fourth Doctor Doctor
E5 The Fifth Doctor Doctor
E6 The Sixth Doctor Doctor
E7 The Seventh Doctor Doctor
E8 The Eighth Doctor Doctor
E9 The Ninth Doctor Doctor
E10 The Tenth Doctor Doctor
E11 Rose Tyler Children of Time
E12 Martha Jones Children of Time
E13 Donna Noble Children of Time
E14 Captain Jack Harkness Children of Time
E15 Sarah Jane Smith Children of Time
E16 Mickey Smith Children of Time
E17 Jackie Tyler Children of Time
E18 Wilfred Mott Children of Time
E19 Sylvia Noble Children of Time
E20 K9 Mark IV Children of Time
F1 Sycorax Leader Villain
F2 Clockwork Man Villain
F3 Cyber Controller Villain
F4 Ood Villain
F5 Dalek Caan Villain
F6 Dalek Jast Villain
F7 Dalek Thay Villain
F8 Dalek Sec Villain
F9 Judoon Captain Villain
F10 Dalek Sec Hybrid Villain
F11 Lazarus Monster Villain
F12 Weeping Angel (attacking) Villain
F13 The Master Villain
F14 The Master Villain
F15 Toclafane Swarm Villain
F16 General Staal Villain
F17 Supreme Dalek Villain
F18 Davros Villain
F19 Cyber-Leader Villain
F20 CyberKing Villain
G1 TARDIS Equipment
G2 Sonic Screwdriver Equipment
G3 Genesis Ark Equipment
G4 Genetic Manipulation Device Equipment
G5 Psychic Paper Equipment
G6 Fob Watch Equipment
G7 The Doctor's Hand Equipment
G8 Extrapolator Equipment
G9 TARDIS Key Equipment
G10 Laser Screwdriver Equipment
G11 Rose Tyler Children of Time
G12 Donna Noble Children of Time
G13 Martha Jones Children of Time
G14 Face of Boe Ally
G15 Dalek Villain
G16 Cassandra Villain
G17 The Doctor (brown suit) Doctor
G18 The Doctor (blue suit) Doctor
G19 Sontaran Trooper Villain
G20 Cyberman Villain
G21 Ood (normal) Ally
G22 Pig Slave Villain
G23 Harriet Jones Ally
G24 Robot Santa Villain
G25 Judoon Trooper Ally
G26 Toby Zed (possessed) Villain
G27 Scarecrow Villain
G28 The Master Villain
G29 Sarah Jane Smith Children of Time
G30 John Smith Doctor
G31 Jackson Lake Ally
G32 Cybershade Villain
G33 Heavenly Host Villian
G34 The Doctor (tux) Doctor
G35 The Doctor (pyjamas) Doctor
G36 Sycorax Villain
G37 Novice Hame Ally
G38 Lilith Villain
G39 Hath Peck Ally
G40 Vashta Nerada Villain


Promos[edit | edit source]

These cards are unnumberd.

The weekly Doctor Who Adventures title also featured pack giveaways that included two free packs with each of three consecutive issues (DWA Issues 135 - 137).

In both these titles, the promotional card packs included 5 consecutivly numbered standard cards and one other.

Card Types[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Children of Time
  • 1 Doctor
  • 2 Unknown

Card List[edit | edit source]

Rose Tyler Children of Time Martin's Newsagents
The Tenth Doctor Doctor Doctor Who Magazine 414

Source[edit | edit source]

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