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Crisis Expansion Pack 4
Game/Set: DC Comics Deck-Building Game


Crisis Expansion Pack 4


Cryptozoic Entertainment





Cards Total:


Card Size:

63x88 mm
75x101mm (Super Hero cards)

Crisis Expansion Pack 4 is an expansion for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. It is published by Cryptozoic Entertainment on August 8, 2018.

Card List[]

Ancient Map Equipment 2
Biometric Exo-Suit Equipment 3
Birthday Cake Equipment 2
Waterbearer Equipment 3
Damian Wayne Hero 2
Donna Troy Hero 1
Omen Hero 1
Wally West Hero 2
Infinity Island Location 1
Depowered Personal Crisis
Inflated Ego Personal Crisis
Insecure Personal Crisis
Malfunction Personal Crisis
Out of Control Personal Crisis
Sudden Loss Personal Crisis
Survivor's Guilt Personal Crisis
Trial by Combat Personal Crisis
Unappreciated Personal Crisis
Unrequited Love Personal Crisis
Villainous Lineage Personal Crisis
Weakened Heart Personal Crisis
Crisis Expansion Pack 4 Randomizer
Arsenal Super Hero
Beast Boy (Crisis) Super Hero
Blue Beetle (Crisis) Super Hero
Donna Troy Super Hero
Kid Flash (Crisis) Super Hero
Nightwing Super Hero
Omen Super Hero
Raven (Crisis) Super Hero
Red Robin (Crisis) Super Hero
Starfire (Crisis) Super Hero
Superboy (Crisis) Super Hero
Tempest Super Hero
The Flash Super Hero
Wonder Girl (Crisis) Super Hero
Titans Together Super Power 2
Vigilant Guard Super Power 3
Warm Embrace Super Hero 2
Blackfire (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Brother Blood (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Cheshire (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Clock King (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Crisis Dr. Light (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Crisis Superboy Prime (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Crisis Trigon (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Crisis Troia (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Harvest (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Psimon (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Slade Wilson (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Terra (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
The Brain & Monsieur Mallah (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Blank Villain 2
Mara Al Ghul Villain 1
Nightstorm Villain 3
Plague Villain 1
Stone Villain 1