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Crisis Expansion Pack 3 (expansion)
Game/Set: DC Comics Deck-Building Game


Crisis Expansion Pack 3


Cryptozoic Entertainment





Cards Total:


Card Size:

63x88 mm
75x101mm (Super-Villain cards)

Crisis Expansion Pack is an expansion for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. It is published by Cryptozoic Entertainment on March 2, 2016.

Card List[]

A City Destroyed Crisis
Abandon All Hope Crisis
Exposed Crisis
Hunted by the Crime Syndicate Crisis
Lost in Time Crisis
Murder Machine Crisis
Permanent Eclipse Crisis
Powerless Crisis
Psychic Static Crisis
Releasing the Prisoners Crisis
The Justice League is Dead Crisis
The Penalty is Death Crisis
The World is Ours Crisis
Trinity War Crisis
Villains in Control Crisis
Boomerang Equipment
Porthole to Nowhere Equipment
Sniper Rifle Equipment
Tarot Cards Equipment
Black Orchid Hero
Frankenstein Hero
Madame Xanadu Hero
Nightmare Nurse Hero
A Friend in Need Hidden Objective
Break the Code Hidden Objective
Collector Hidden Objective
Heroes and Their Toys Hidden Objective
Solo Mission Hidden Objective
The Best Defense Hidden Objective
Traitor! Hidden Objective
Well-Focused Hidden Objective
Winner Among Thieves Hidden Objective
Level 7 Location
Nanda Parbat Location
Cat-Like Reflexes Super Power
Chlorokinesis Super Power
Iced Over Super Power
Savagery Super Power
Atomica (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Bane (Crisis) Super-Villain
Bizarro (Crisis) Super-Villain
Black Adam (Crisis) Super-Villain
Black Manta (Crisis) Super-Villain
Blight (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Captain Boomerang Super-Villain
Cheetah Super-Villain
Crisis Mazahs! (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Deadshot Super-Villain
Deathstorm (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Deathstroke (Crisis) Super-Villain
Felix Faust (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Grid (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Harley Quinn (Crisis) Super-Villain
Johnny Quick (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Killer Frost Super-Villain
King Shark Super-Villain
Lex Luthor (Crisis) Super-Villain
Nick Necro (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Owlman (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Poison Ivy Super-Villain
Power Ring (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Sea King (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Sinestro (Crisis) Super-Villain
Superwoman (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
The Outsider (Impossible Mode0 Super-Villain
Ultraman (Impossible Mode) Super-Villain
Black Mask Villain
Copperhead Villain
Joker's Daughter Villain
Shadow Thief Villain