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Crisis Expansion Pack 1
Game/Set: DC Comics Deck-Building Game


Crisis Expansion Pack 1


Cryptozoic Entertainment





Cards Total:


Card Size:

63x88 mm
75x101mm (Persona cards)

Crisis Expansion Pack is an expansion for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. It is published by Cryptozoic Entertainment on August 6, 2014.

Card List[]

A Death in the Family Crisis 1
Alternate Reality Crisis 1
Arkham Breakout Crisis 1
Atlantis Attacks Crisis 1
Collapsing Parallel Worlds Crisis 1
Dimension Shift Crisis 1
Electromagnetic Pulse Crisis 1
Final Confrontation Crisis 1
Identity Crisis Crisis 1
Kryptonite Meteor Crisis 1
Legion of Doom Crisis 1
Rise of the Rot Crisis 1
Untouchable Villain Crisis 1
Wave of Terror Crisis 1
World Domination Crisis 1
Bo Staff Equipment 2
Magician's Corset Equipment 1
Quiver of Arrows Equipment 2
Signature Trenchcoat Equipment 2
Animal Man Hero 3
Captain Atom Hero 2
John Constantine Hero 2
House of Mystery Location 1
The Rot Location 1
Animal Man Persona 1
Aquaman Persona 1
Batman Persona 1
Constantine Persona 1
Cyborg Persona 1
Flash Persona 1
Green Arrow Persona 1
Green Lantern Persona 1
Martian Manhunter Persona 1
Robin Persona 1
Superman Persona 1
Swamp Thing Persona 1
Wonder Woman Persona 1
Zatanna Zatara Persona 1
Flight Super Power 4
Magic Super Power 2
Power of the Red Super Power 3
Anti-Monitor (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Atrocitus (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Black Manta (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Brainiac (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Captain Cold (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Darkseid (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Deathstroke (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Hades (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Lex Luthor (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Parallax (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Ra's Al Ghul (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Sinestro (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
The Joker (Impossible Mode) Super Villain 1
Avatar of the Red Villain 1
Killer Frost Villain 2
Psycho Pirate Villain 2
Strife Villain 2