Card Pages are pages with a card image and publisher's info, used mainly for CCG/TCG cards and (non-sports) trading cards.

There are 6 steps to create these pages, but only step 2 and 3 are mandatory:

  1. Add the next-previous top bar on the page by adding the Top Bar template and fill in the appropriate fields.
  2. Add the image from the card to that page.
  3. Add the Infobox game template to the page and fill in the fields.
  4. Add a table with the card content written out.
  5. Add links to other groups of that card game (i.e. affiliations, card types, card rarities, characters and actors).
  6. Add the appopriate categories to that page. For CCG cards the mandatory categories are "CCG Cards" (in time this will be used for site statistics), Card type (followed by the name of the game between brackets), and card rarity (also followed by the name of the game between brackets).
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