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Cold Front
Coldfront booster
Virtual Booster
Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


Cold Front


The Continuing Committee





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Cold Front is the 34th virtual expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by The Continuing Committee on January 12, 2018. The set consists of 56 cards. This set is part of the Enterprise Block consisting of cards from Broken Bow, Pre-Warp Pack, Live Long and Prosper, Cold Front, and Enterprise Collection Remastered expansion sets.

Type BreakdownEdit

NOTE: There are 4 Dual Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

1 V A Crime of Passion Virtual Dilemma -
2 V Enemies of the State Virtual Dilemma -
3 V No Mention of Crime Virtual Dilemma -
4 V Pawns of the Military Virtual Dilemma -
5 V Temporal Benefactor Virtual Dilemma -
6 V Bigger on the Inside Virtual Event -
7 V Disrupted Continuum Virtual Event -
8 V Empress Virtual Event -
9 V Revolutionaries Virtual Event -
10 V Romulan Minefield Virtual Event -
11 V The Unrelenting Lust for Profit Virtual Event -
12 V Treaty: Romulan/Vulcan Virtual Event -
13 V "We Are the Metrons" Virtual Event -
14 V Cold Station 12 Virtual Facility Non-Aligned
15 V Tellarite Trading Post Virtual Facility Non-Aligned
16 V Comfort Women Virtual Incident -
17 V Ferengi Gas Trap Virtual Incident -
18 V Holographic Camouflage Virtual Incident -
19 V One with the Borg Virtual Incident -
20 V The Spires of Romulus Virtual Incident -
21 V These Are the Voyages Virtual Incident -
22 V Reman Sacrifice Virtual Interrupt -
23 V Temporal Almanac Virtual Interrupt -
24 V Inspect Strategic Snare Virtual Mission -
25 V Distant Control Virtual Objective -
26 V Hinder Progress Virtual Objective -
27 V Chef Virtual Personnel Federation
28 V Data Virtual Personnel Federation
29 V Ezri Dax Virtual Personnel Federation
30 V Boshar Virtual Personnel Klingon
31 V Korath Virtual Personnel Klingon
32 V Arik Soong Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned/Starfleet
32* V Arik Soong (AI) Virtual Personnel Starfleet/Non-Aligned
33 V E'Lis Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
34 V Feezal Phlox Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
35 V Jaya Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
36 V Jonathan Archer Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
37 V Lissan Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
38 V N'Rana Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
39 V Parrec-Sut Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
40 V Raakin Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
41 V Riaan Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
42 V Sarin Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
43 V Admiral Mendak Virtual Personnel Romulan
44 V Devanha Virtual Personnel Romulan
45 V Leodis Virtual Personnel Romulan
46 V Olicana Virtual Personnel Romulan
47 V Talok Virtual Personnel Romulan
48 V Venoxis Virtual Personnel Romulan
49 V Escort Vessel Virtual Ship Federation
50 V Cargo Vessel Virtual Ship Ferengi/Non-Aligned
50* V Cargo Vessel (AI) Virtual Ship Non-Aligned/Ferengi
51 V Devna-Lev Virtual Ship Non-Aligned
52 V Bird-of-Prey Virtual Ship Romulan
53 V Raptor Two Virtual Ship Romulan
54 V Smuggler's Rendezvous Virtual Time Location -

Errata CardsEdit

The following cards had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Virtual Errata Cards).

  • Dilemma
    • 5 V Temporal Benefactor
  • Event
    • 12 V Treaty: Romulan/Vulcan

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