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Disambiguation pages lists articles associated with the same title.

Cards with the same title are set in a card gallery. Non-card articles are set in a dotted list. Some pages may have a combination of dotted lists and card galleries.

How to create galleries?[]

  • If a CCG/TCG is published in multiple languages add a table with border size 0 and small images of the flags in which country/languages the card is published. The flags should have a width of 25px. Then add a link to that image for a card page or gallery with the title for that card from other countries. It is very important to make a gallery page for each different language of that card.
  • Set the images in order of publication!!
    • NOTE: If you know of a card's existence, but have or can't find a image, you can add the image "Image_missing.jpg" for standing cards and "Image_missing_hor.jpg" for laying cards.
  • Make a heading 3 text with the name of the CCG/TCG. If it is for a non-sport, non-game trading card use the title "Trading Cards". Make this text a link to the page of that game. This is to easily navigate back to that game.
  • Add the gallery with 4 columns if there are 4 or more cards in one game with that title. Use small spacing.
  • You can add to lines of information when creating a gallery.
    • In the first line add the following info:
      • Abbreviation for the rarity, followed by a )
      • Space
      • Between square brackets [ ] the name of the expansion.
      • Breaking rule, this is added by typing < br >.(without the spaces)
      • Year of the set
      • Card number if listed on the cards. Begin with #
    • On the second line add the following info:
      • Name of the card
      • Abbreviation for the expansion between brackets ( )
      • If there are two or more numbered cards in the same expansion, add that number after the expansion abbreviation with the #.

Non-sport Trading Cards[]

This is very similar to the gaming cards, except for a few exceptions:

  • Put the following info in the first line:
    • Year
    • Name of the trading card set
    • Breaking rule
    • Name of the sub-set (i.e. Base Set, Character Card, Plot Card)

External Links[]

It is optional to add external links. I.e. for Star Wars to add a link to the Star Wars wiki and for Star Trek to the Star Trek wiki. These external links must be listed on card pages and character pages.