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Broken Bow
Brokenbow booster
Virtual Booster
Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


Broken Bow


The Continuing Committee





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Broken Bow is the 30th virtual expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by The Continuing Committee on March 31, 2017. This set consists of 90 cards. This set is part of the Enterprise Block consisting of cards from Broken Bow, Pre-Warp Pack, Live Long and Prosper, Cold Front, and Enterprise Collection Remastered expansion sets.

Type BreakdownEdit

Rarity BreakdownEdit

Card ListEdit

1 V A Miner Confrontation Virtual Dilemma -
2 V Authorized Access Only Virtual Dilemma -
3 V Contaminating a Culture Virtual Dilemma -
4 V Defrosted Menace Virtual Dilemma -
5 V Faux Pas Virtual Dilemma -
6 V MACO Encounter Virtual Dilemma -
7 V Preoccupied Virtual Dilemma -
8 V Quantum Leap Virtual Dilemma -
9 V Rock People Virtual Dilemma -
10 V Silent Enemy Virtual Dilemma -
11 V Stand-off Virtual Dilemma -
12 V Symbalene Blood Burn Virtual Dilemma -
13 V The Ghost of Cyrus Ramsey Virtual Dilemma -
14 V Xindi Test Strike Virtual Dilemma -
15 V Temporal Conduit Virtual Doorway -
16 V MACO Assault Rifle Virtual Equipment -
17 V Combat-Ready: Solidarity Virtual Event -
18 V Combat-Ready: Tense Situation Virtual Event -
19 V Decontamination Virtual Event -
20 V Grappler: Shuttlepod Retrieval Virtual Event -
21 V Military Assault Command Operations Virtual Event -
22 V Polarized Hull Plating Virtual Event -
23 V Gold! Virtual Incident -
24 V Klingon Imperial Court Virtual Incident -
25 V Launch Bay Virtual Incident -
26 V Reed Alert! Virtual Incident -
27 V Sickbay: Menagerie Virtual Incident -
28 V Combat-Ready: Jury-Rig Virtual Interrupt -
29 V Combat-Ready: Tactical Reserve Virtual Interrupt -
30 V Klingon Border Patrol Virtual Interrupt -
31 V Klingon Bounty Virtual Interrupt -
32 V Battle of Narendra III Virtual Mission -
33 V Escape Gulag Virtual Mission -
34 V Extract Rare Mineral Virtual Mission -
35 V Police Trade Route Virtual Mission -
36 V Research Devastating Attack Virtual Mission -
37 V Retrieve Materiel Virtual Mission -
38 V Study Neutronic Storm Virtual Mission -
39 V Survey New World Virtual Mission -
40 V Survival Training Virtual Mission -
41 V Explore New World Virtual Objective -
42 V Operate Dilithium Gulag Virtual Objective -
43 V Search and Seize Virtual Objective -
44 V Four of Fifty Virtual Personnel Borg
45 V Ten of Fifty Virtual Personnel Borg
46 V Advocate Kolos Virtual Personnel Klingon
47 V Aklam Virtual Personnel Klingon
48 V Bu'kaH Virtual Personnel Klingon
49 V Captain Goroth Virtual Personnel Klingon
50 V Captain Korok Virtual Personnel Klingon
51 V Captain Monak Virtual Personnel Klingon
52 V Captain Vorok Virtual Personnel Klingon
53 V Chancellor M'Rek Virtual Personnel Klingon
54 V Duras Son of Toral Virtual Personnel Klingon
55 V Gonik Virtual Personnel Klingon
56 V J'Met Virtual Personnel Klingon
57 V Klaang Virtual Personnel Klingon
58 V Magistrate Gorvil Virtual Personnel Klingon
59 V Morga Virtual Personnel Klingon
60 V P'Mokh Virtual Personnel Klingon
61 V Prisoner Archer Virtual Personnel Klingon
62 V Prosecutor Orak Virtual Personnel Klingon
63 V Osmotic Eel Virtual Personnel Neutral
64 V Darrit Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
65 V Shobbi-Har Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
66 V Skalaar Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
67 V Trevix Virtual Personnel Non-Aligned
68 V Amanda Cole Virtual Personnel Starfleet
69 V Callaghan Virtual Personnel Starfleet
70 V Fiona McKenzie Virtual Personnel Starfleet
71 V Hideaki Chang Virtual Personnel Starfleet
72 V Jeremiah Hayes Virtual Personnel Starfleet
73 V John Frederick Paxton Virtual Personnel Starfleet
74 V Jonathan Archer Virtual Personnel Starfleet
75 V Kelby Virtual Personnel Starfleet
76 V Markus Forbes Virtual Personnel Starfleet
77 V Maxwell Forrest Virtual Personnel Starfleet
78 V Nathan Samuels Virtual Personnel Starfleet
79 V Nelson Kemper Virtual Personnel Starfleet
80 V Phlox Virtual Personnel Starfleet
81 V Sascha Money Virtual Personnel Starfleet
82 V Sean Hawkins Virtual Personnel Starfleet
83 V Stewart Rivers Virtual Personnel Starfleet
84 V Battle Cruiser Bortas Virtual Ship Klingon
85 V I.K.S. Raptor Virtual Ship Klingon
86 V Intrepid Virtual Ship Starfleet
87 V Shuttlepod One Virtual Ship Starfleet
88 V Shuttlepod Two Virtual Ship Starfleet
89 V Hall of Magistrates Virtual Time Location -
90 V MACO Training Camp Virtual Time Location -

Errata CardsEdit

The following card had a correction made by The Continuing Committee (see Virtual Errata Cards)

  • Time Location
    • 90 V - MACO Training Camp

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