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Blaze of Glory
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Game/Set: Star Trek CCG 1st Edition


Blaze of Glory









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Blaze of Glory is the 18th expansion of Star Trek CCG 1st Edition. It is published by Decipher on 18 August 1999. The set consists of 130 cards and 18 foiled cards. This is the first set to include foiled cards.

This set is available in 9-card booster packs and there are 30 booster packs in a box.

Decipher issued a double-sided Rules Supplement / Card List sheet.

Regular Card Set[]

Type Breakdown[]

NOTE: There are 2 Dual Affiliations cards, thus the totals are higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity Breakdown[]

Card List[]

Sword of Kahless Rare Artifact -
Chula: The Abyss Rare Dilemma -
Chula: The Lights Common Dilemma -
Drumhead Uncommon Dilemma -
Ferengi Ingenuity Uncommon Dilemma -
Gravimetric Distortion Common Dilemma -
Hazardous Duty Common Dilemma -
New Essentialists Uncommon Dilemma -
Stellar Flare Uncommon Dilemma -
Under Fire Uncommon Dilemma -
Battle Bridge Door Common Doorway -
Holding Cell Door Common Doorway -
Bat'leth Common Equipment -
D'k Tahg Common Equipment -
Kar'takin Common Equipment -
Klingon Disruptor Rifle Uncommon Equipment -
Mek'leth Uncommon Equipment -
Romulan Disruptor Rifle Uncommon Equipment -
Starfleet Type I Phaser Common Equipment -
Defense System Upgrade Uncommon Event -
Dial Martok for Murder Uncommon Event -
E-Band Emissions Rare Event -
Engage Shuttle Operations: Dominion Uncommon Event -
Fajo's Gallery Rare Event -
The Big Picture Uncommon Event -
Torture Rare Event -
Access Denied Uncommon Incident -
Blood Oath Rare Incident -
Captured Uncommon Incident -
Intruder Alert! Uncommon Incident -
Long Live the Queen Rare Incident -
Prisoner Exchange Uncommon Incident -
Scanner Interference Uncommon Incident -
Sniper Uncommon Incident -
Ultimatum Uncommon Incident -
Attack Pattern Delta Uncommon Interrupt -
Counterintelligence Uncommon Interrupt -
Inside Operation Rare Interrupt -
Outgunned Rare Interrupt -
Phaser Array Power Cell Common Interrupt -
Prisoner Escort Common Interrupt -
The Guardian Uncommon Interrupt -
The Wake of the Borg Uncommon Interrupt -
Victory Is Life Common Interrupt -
A Good Day To Live Rare Mission -
Bat'leth Tournament Uncommon Mission -
Chart Stellar Cluster Rare Mission -
Commandeer Ship Uncommon Objective -
Examine Singularity Uncommon Objective -
Impersonate Captive Rare Objective -
Prepare the Prisoner Uncommon Objective -
Furel Uncommon Personnel Bajoran
Lupaza Uncommon Personnel Bajoran
Riker Wil Rare Personnel Bajoran
Ro Laren Rare Personnel Bajoran
Boone Impersonator Rare Personnel Cardassian
Dolak Uncommon Personnel Cardassian
Elim Rare Personnel Cardassian
Gul Madred Rare Personnel Cardassian
Duran'Adar Common Personnel Dominion
Gelnon Rare Personnel Dominion
Ixtana'Rax Rare Personnel Dominion
Kudak'Etan Rare Personnel Dominion
Lamat'Ukan Uncommon Personnel Dominion
Odo Founder Rare Personnel Dominion
Oken'alak Common Personnel Dominion
Umat'Adan Uncommon Personnel Dominion
Admiral Ross Rare Personnel Federation
Donald Varley Rare Personnel Federation
Enrique Muñiz Rare Personnel Federation
Miles O'Brien Rare Personnel Federation
Sarita Carson Common Personnel Federation
Ilon Tandro Rare Personnel Federation/Cardassian
Hon'Tihl Uncommon Personnel Klingon
Jadzia Dax Rare Personnel Klingon
Kang Rare Personnel Klingon
Kavok Rare Personnel Klingon
Koloth Rare Personnel Klingon
Kor Rare Personnel Klingon
N'Garen Uncommon Personnel Klingon
Voktak Common Personnel Klingon
Wo'Din Common Personnel Klingon
Worf Son of Mogh Rare Personnel Klingon
Zetal Common Personnel Klingon
Quark Son of Keldar Rare Personnel Klingon/Ferengi
The Albino Rare Personnel Non-Aligned
Ambassador Tomalak Rare Personnel Romulan
Chief O'Brien Rare Personnel Romulan
D'Vin Common Personnel Romulan
Dr. Koramar Uncommon Personnel Romulan
La Forge Impersonator Rare Personnel Romulan
Mopak Common Personnel Romulan
Navok Common Personnel Romulan
Parthok Rare Personnel Romulan
R'Mal Common Personnel Romulan
Senator Letant Rare Personnel Romulan
Tamarith Uncommon Personnel Romulan
Tharket Uncommon Personnel Romulan
Locutus' Borg Cube Rare Ship Borg
Keldon Common Ship Cardassian
Kraxon Rare Ship Cardassian
Alpha Attack Ship Uncommon Ship Dominion
U.S.S. Thunderchild Rare Ship Federation
I.K.C. Koraga Rare Ship Klingon
I.K.C. Lukara Rare Ship Klingon
I.K.C. Negh'Var Rare Ship Klingon
Goraxus Rare Ship Romulan
Romulan Shuttle Common Ship Romulan
Security Holding Cell Uncommon Site -
"Crimson Forcefield" Uncommon Tactic -
Attack Wing Common Tactic -
Borg Cutting Beam Rare Tactic -
Evasive Maneuvers Common Tactic -
Full Phaser Spread Common Tactic -
Maximum Firepower Rare Tactic -
Phased Polaron Beam Common Tactic -
Phaser Banks Common Tactic -
Photon Torpedo Common Tactic -
Picard Maneuver Rare Tactic -
Plasma Torpedo Common Tactic -
Primary Energy Weapon Common Tactic -
Pulse Disruptor Common Tactic -
Pulse Phaser Cannons Common Tactic -
Quantum Torpedo Common Tactic -
Spiral-Wave Disruptor Common Tactic -
Strafing Run Common Tactic -
Target Engines Common Tactic -
Target Shields Common Tactic -
Target These Coordinates Rare Tactic -
Target Weapons Common Tactic -

Errata Cards[]

The following Decipher cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Incident
    • Access Denied - Blood Oath - Intruder Alert!
  • Interrupt
    • Outgunned - The Wake of the Borg (errata`d twice)
  • Ship
    • Locutus' Borg Cube (Borg)
  • Tactic
    • Maximum Firepower - Picard Maneuver

Foiled Set[]

The three types of foil rarity were inserted into packs as follows: VRF = Very Rare Foil (1:13 packs), SRF = Super-Rare Foil (1:37 packs) and URF = Ultra-Rare Foil (1:112 packs) with an overall insertion rate of approximately 1:9 packs.

Type Breakdown[]

Rarity Breakdown[]

Card List[]

Sword of Kahless Super Rare Artifact -
Fajo's Gallery Very Rare Event -
Inside Operation Very Rare Interrupt -
Riker Wil Ultra Rare Personnel Bajoran
Elim Ultra Rare Personnel Cardassian
Odo Founder Super Rare Personnel Dominion
Jadzia Dax Ultra Rare Personnel Klingon
Kang Very Rare Personnel Klingon
Koloth Very Rare Personnel Klingon
Kor Super Rare Personnel Klingon
La Forge Impersonator Super Rare Personnel Romulan
Locutus' Borg Cube Ultra Rare Ship Borg
Kraxon Very Rare Ship Cardassian
U.S.S. Thunderchild Super Rare Ship Federation
I.K.C. Negh'Var Very Rare Ship Klingon
Goraxus Very Rare Ship Romulan
Borg Cutting Beam Very Rare Tactic -
Maximum Firepower Super Rare Tactic -

Errata Cards (Foiled set)[]

The following Decipher foiled cards have had corrections made by The Continuing Committee (see Physical Errata Cards). These cards are virtual cards.

  • Tactic
    • Maximum Firepower


Print Sheet[]

  • Every rarity had its own print sheet.
  • The Common print sheet had 2 sets of commons for a total of 80 cards (8x10).
  • The Uncommon print sheet had 2 sets of uncommons for a total of 80 cards (8x10).
  • The Rare print sheet had 2 sets of rares for a total of 100 cards (10x10).
  • The Foiled Card print sheet had 2 copies of the 4 Ultra Rare cards (8 cards), 4 copies of the 6 Super Rare cards (24 cards), and 8 copies of the 8 Very Rare cards plus an additional 2 copies of Fajo`s Gallery and Borg Cutting Beam (68 cards) for a total of 100 cards (10x10).


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