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The Austin Powers card game is a 2-player game published by Warp Spawn Games in 2006.

There are two 50-card decks: the Groovy Deck and the Evil Deck. The winner is the player who accumulates 10 or more mojo points. Each card has a mojo value on it, which ranges from 1 to 10.

Card List[]

Groovy Deck[]

The Groovy Deck represent Austin Powers. There are five card types: Austin Powers, Special Agent, Catch Phrases, Spy Stuff and Groovy Moves.

Abort Button Groovy Moves 9
Bad Teeth Spy Stuff 1
Basil Exposition Special Agent 6
Behind the Screen Groovy Moves 5
British Agent Austin Powers 1
Commandos Special Agent 1
Convert Special Agent 5
Cross-Mojonations Groovy Moves 10
Danger Powers Austin Powers 3
Dixie Normous Special Agent 3
Do I Make You Randy? Catch Phrases 4
Evacuation Complete Groovy Moves 3
Fashion Photographer Austin Powers 5
Felicity Shagwell Special Agent 8
Foxy Cleopatra (sic) Special Agent 7
Gentleman Spy Austin Powers 9
Go-Go Dancer Special Agent 2
Groovy Dance Number Groovy Moves 4
Hairy Chest Spy Stuff 2
I'll Beat Him Again Catch Phrases 1
I'll Cover Your Rear Catch Phrases 6
I'm a Sexy Beast Catch Phrases 7
International Man of Mystery Austin Powers 10
It's Not My Bag Baby Catch Phrases 5
Judo Chop Groovy Moves 8
Kama Sutra Spy Stuff 5
Leader of the Band Austin Powers 4
Menage Trois (sic) Groovy Moves 1
MOD Pimpmobile (sic) Spy Stuff 3
Mojo Working Overtime Groovy Moves 7
Nigel Powers Secret Agent 10
Oh Behave Catch Phrases 9
Peace Sign Groovy Moves 2
Penis Pump Spy Stuff 7
Quasi-Futuristic Clothes Spy Stuff 10
Red Velvet Suit Spy Stuff 8
Save the Girl Groovy Moves 6
Secret Agent Man Austin Powers 8
Sex Symbol Austin Powers 6
Shag Now or Shag Later? Catch Phrases 3
Shagadelic Catch Phrases 8
Shaguar Spy Stuff 9
She's Rancid Catch Phrases 2
Sir Austin Powers Austin Powers 2
Ten Minutes Ago Austin Austin Powers 7
The Mole Secret Agent 4
Tight Fitting Leather Catsuit Spy Stuff 6
Vanessa Kensington Secret Agent 9
Yeah Baby Catch Phrases 10
Yellow Submarine Spy Stuff 4

Evil Deck[]

The Evil Deck represent Dr. Evil. There are five card types: Doctor Evil, Hench Men, Evil Equipment, Diabolical Scheme and One Liners.

100 Billion Ransom Diabolical Scheme 5
Allota Fagina (sic) Hench Men 4
Big Boy Rocket Evil Equipment 8
Blackmail UN (sic) Diabolical Scheme 6
Clear Plastic Suit Evil Equipment 4
Creepy Oompah Loompah Vibe One Liners 1
Cryogenic Freeze Chamber Evil Equipment 9
Daddy's Nemesis One Liners 7
Enjoy the Snow One Liners 4
Evil Empire Diabolical Scheme 8
Evil Flashback Doctor Evil 1
Evil Genius Doctor Evil 7
Evil Laugh Doctor Evil 10
Evil Pinky Smirk Doctor Evil 9
Evil Rap Doctor Evil 8
Evil Ultimatum Diabolical Scheme 1
Fat Bastard Hench Men 9
Fembots Evil Equipment 3
Fire Trap Evil Equipment 1
Frau Farbissina Hench Men 6
Giant Moon Laser Diabolical Scheme 3
Gold Member (sic) Hench Men 8
Hijack Nuclear Weapons Diabolical Scheme 7
Hollowed Out Volcano Lair Doctor Evil 6
Hollywood Lair Doctor Evil 4
I Expect Them To Die One Liners 6
Ivonna Humpalot (sic) Hench Men 1
Mini-Me Hench Men 10
Mr. Bigglesworth Doctor Evil 3
Mustafa Hench Men 2
Nehru Jacket Doctor Evil 2
Number 2 Hench Men 7
Overly Elaborate Death Trap Evil Equipment 7
Quasi Evil One Liners 8
Rotating Chair Evil Equipment 6
Scott Evil Hench Men 5
Self Destruct Sequence Evil Equipment 2
Sharks with Laser Beams Evil Equipment 5
Steal His Mojo Diabolical Scheme 10
Submarine Lair Doctor Evil 5
Subterranean Probe Diabolical Scheme 4
Surrounded by Frickin Idiots (sic) One Liners 3
The Worlds Deadliest Assassins Hench Men 3
Throw Me a Frickin Bone (sic) One Liners 10
Time Machine Evil Equipment 10
Tractor Beam Diabolical Scheme 2
Were Not So Different You & I One Liners 5
World Domination Diabolical Scheme 9
You Gonna Squirt Some? One Liners 2
Zip It Zip It Good One Liners 9