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Game/Set: Anachronism


The History Channel / Tri King Games





A non-random collectible combat game published by The History Channel and TriKing Games, Anachronism allows you to take control of some of the greatest warriors in history and pit them against each other in a one-on-one battle to the death.

Anachronism began with a 2-player starter set pitting Japanese warrior Musashi against the Norse legend Beowulf. The game now includes cards featuring such notables as Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, Spartacus, Alexander the Great, Blackbeard and Genghis Khan, as well as weapons and armor from various eras.

Decks can be added-to with various booster packs, each of which include a set selection of cards initially focusing on Greek, Japanese, Norse, and Roman heroes, with other periods of history, including the eras of Genghis Khan and Richard the Lionheart,now in the mix. And of course, historical accuracy within the cards is sure to be high, as the game does bear the seal of approval from The History Channel.

Variant formats exist for more than 2 players, and some cards in the game are geared toward multi-player games.

This game is designed by Michael A. Brown, illustrated by Szucs Gregory, Chris Seaman and Justin Walsh.

Card Types[]

  • Armors
  • Inspirations
  • Specials
  • Warriors
  • Weapons

Printed Expansions[]

# Expansion Year, Date #Cards Other Languages
1 Promos 2004-2008 100
2 Set 1 2004 110
3 Set 2 2005, June 100
4 Set 3 2005, September 110
5 Set 4 2005, November 110
6 Set 5 2006, February 110
7 Set 6 2006, August 110
8 Set 7 2006, November 108
9 Set 8 2007, October 109 FR
10 Set 9 2008, February 100
11 Set 10 TBD ?

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