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Aliens vs Predator CCG is a CCG based on the Alien movie franchise and the Predator movie franchise. It is published by Harper Prism and Precedence Publishing in 1997. The game is designed by Ran Ackels, Paul Brown, David Hewitt and John Myler

Card Types[edit | edit source]

Battle Conditions, Barriers, Events, Items, Locations, Main Characters (Aliens, Marines, Predators and Rogues) and Supporting Characters.

CCG Expansions[edit | edit source]

# Expansion Year, Date #Cards
1 Premiere 1997 370
2 Resurrection 1998 122
3 Promos 1997-1998 ? 16
4 Atmosphere 1998 121

Cancelled Expansions and Fan-Sets[edit | edit source]

# Expansion #Cards
5 Cityscape 171
6 Rites of Passage 14
7 Candles in the Dark 40
8 Final Battle 27

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