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A Throne of Blades
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Throne of Blades


Fantasy Flight Games





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A Throne of Blades is the seventh expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the second set of the Ice & Fire Block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2003 and consists of 145 cards. It is packaged in 11-card boosters only.

Type Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 19 Attachment (3 Baratheon, 3 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 2 Neutral, 6 Stark and 3 Targaryen)
  • 59 Character (10 Baratheon, 10 Greyjoy, 10 Lannister, 12 Neutral, 7 Stark and 10 Targaryen)
  • 30 Event (all Neutral)
  • 29 Location (5 Baratheon, 5 Greyjoy, 4 Lannister, 5 Neutral, 5 Stark and 5 Targaryen)
  • 8 Plot (all Neutral)

Rarity Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 45 Common
  • 50 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card List[edit | edit source]

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Ghost Rare Attachment Stark
2 Grey Wind Rare Attachment Stark
3 Lady Uncommon Attachment Stark
4 Nymeria Uncommon Attachment Stark
5 Summer Rare Attachment Stark
6 Mark of the Wolf Common Attachment Stark
7 Ser Edmure Tully Uncommon Character Stark
8 The Blackfish Rare Character Stark
9 Ambassador of the Wolf Uncommon Character Stark
10 House Tully Knight Common Character Stark
11 Kennel Master Rare Character Stark
12 Knight of the Red Fork Common Character Stark
13 Septon of Winterfell Common Character Stark
14 Riverrun Rare Location Stark
15 The Iron Throne Uncommon Location Stark
16 Woods of the North Common Location Stark
17 Ford on the Trident Common Location Stark
18 Winterfell Kennels Uncommon Location Stark
19 Heavy Taxes Rare Attachment Lannister
20 Ridicule Common Attachment Lannister
21 Raff the Sweetling Uncommon Character Lannister
22 The Hound Rare Character Lannister
23 Ambassador of the Lion Uncommon Character Lannister
24 Corrupt Councilman Common Character Lannister
25 Envoy of Highgarden Rare Character Lannister
26 Footmen of the Reach Common Character Lannister
27 Gossiping Bard Rare Character Lannister
28 House Herald Uncommon Character Neutral
29 Highborn Uncommon Character Lannister
30 Lurkers at Harrenhal Rare Character Lannister
31 Septon of Lannisport Common Character Lannister
32 Council Bureaucrat Uncommon Character Neutral
33 The Iron Throne Uncommon Location Lannister
34 Deep Ore Vein Common Location Lannister
35 Secret Passage Common Location Lannister
36 Street of Splendor Rare Location Lannister
37 Ever Vigilant Common Attachment Baratheon
38 The Dragon's Mouth Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
39 True King Common Attachment Baratheon
40 Knight of Flowers Rare Character Baratheon
41 Ambassador of the Stag Uncommon Character Baratheon
42 Celtigar Bannerman Common Character Baratheon
43 House Celtigar Retainer Rare Character Baratheon
44 Masked Sorceress Uncommon Character Baratheon
45 Mistress of Shadows Rare Character Baratheon
46 Red Devotee Common Character Baratheon
47 Royal Guard Uncommon Character Baratheon
48 Septon of Dragonstone Common Character Baratheon
49 Soldier of the Light Rare Character Baratheon
50 Pyre of the False Gods Rare Location Baratheon
51 The Iron Throne Uncommon Location Baratheon
52 Gates of Storm's End Common Location Baratheon
53 Estates of Highgarden Uncommon Location Baratheon
54 Trade Port Rare Location Baratheon
55 Discretion Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
56 Heart of Iron Common Attachment Greyjoy
57 Naval Tactician Rare Attachment Greyjoy
58 Dagmer Cleftjaw Rare Character Greyjoy
59 Ambassador of the Kraken Uncommon Character Greyjoy
60 Deep Sea Buccaneers Common Character Greyjoy
61 Drowned Convert Uncommon Character Greyjoy
62 Greataxe Warrior Rare Character Greyjoy
63 Grizzled Shiphand Common Character Greyjoy
64 Iron Raiders Uncommon Character Greyjoy
65 Privateer Rare Character Greyjoy
66 Saltcliffe Captain Common Character Greyjoy
67 Septon of Pyke Common Character Greyjoy
68 The Iron Throne Uncommon Location Greyjoy
69 Destroyer Fleet Rare Location Greyjoy
70 Flagship Common Location Greyjoy
71 Salt Mines Rare Location Greyjoy
72 Straits of Blazewater Bay Uncommon Location Greyjoy
73 Blood of My Blood Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
74 Khal Rare Attachment Targaryen
75 Khaleesi's Favor Common Attachment Targaryen
76 Grey Worm Rare Character Targaryen
77 Quaithe of the Shadow Rare Character Targaryen
78 Ambassador of the Dragon Uncommon Character Targaryen
79 Dothraki Screamers Common Character Targaryen
80 Eastern Mercenary Uncommon Character Targaryen
81 Pureborn Common Character Targaryen
82 Qartheen Cutpurse Common Character Targaryen
83 Servitors of the Thirteen Uncommon Character Targaryen
84 Thundering Cavalry Rare Character Targaryen
85 Warlock of Qarth Rare Character Targaryen
86 Balerion Rare Location Targaryen
87 The Iron Throne Uncommon Location Targaryen
88 City of Bones Common Location Targaryen
89 Graveyard of the Gods Common Location Targaryen
90 House of the Undying Uncommon Location Targaryen
91 Lordship Common Attachment Neutral
92 Power Behind the Throne Uncommon Attachment Neutral
93 Scroll and Seal Uncommon Event Neutral
94 High Septon Rare Character Neutral
95 Janos Slynt Uncommon Character Neutral
96 Maester Aemon Rare Character Neutral
97 Yoren Rare Character Neutral
98 Disgraced Lordling Common Character Neutral
99 Lord Tyrion's Host Uncommon Character Neutral
100 Mountain Warriors Uncommon Character Neutral
101 Petty Noble Common Character Neutral
102 Ranging Party Common Character Neutral
103 Septon of King's Landing Common Character Neutral
104 Great Sept of Baelor Rare Location Neutral
105 The Red Keep Rare Location Neutral
106 The Shadow Tower Rare Location Neutral
107 Jousting Arena Uncommon Location Neutral
108 Crushing Victory Common Event Neutral
109 Cutting the Braid Uncommo Event Neutral
110 Dark Prophecy Rare Event Neutral
111 Famine Rare Event Neutral
112 Funeral Pyre Common Event Neutral
113 Insult to Injury Common Event Neutral
114 Lightning Raid Common Event Neutral
115 Maester's Conclave Uncommon Event Neutral
116 Oath of the Drowned God Rare Event Neutral
117 Sorefoot King Rare Event Neutral
118 Ours is the Old Way Uncommon Event Neutral
119 Overwhelming Numbers Common Event Neutral
120 Peace Envoys Uncommon Event Neutral
121 Prosperity and Plenty Common Event Neutral
122 Rally to the Throne Rare Event Neutral
123 Rampage Rare Event Neutral
124 Show of Strength Rare Event Neutral
125 King's Gallows Uncommon Location Neutral
126 Starve them Out! Common Event Neutral
127 Mining Uncommon Event Neutral
128 The Gold Price Common Event Neutral
129 The Iron Price Uncommon Event Neutral
130 The Seven's Blessing Uncommon Event Neutral
131 The Sword in the Darkness Uncommon Event Neutral
132 Thrown to the Wolves Rare Event Neutral
133 Trickery Rare Event Neutral
134 Turning the Tide Uncommon Event Neutral
135 Twisting the Blade Rare Event Neutral
136 Valiant Protector Common Event Neutral
137 Wedding Gift Common Event Neutral
138 Against the Common Foe Rare Plot Neutral
139 Forced March Rare Plot Neutral
140 Fortified Position Uncommon Plot Neutral
141 Plans within Plans Uncommon Plot Neutral
142 Rule by Decree Uncommon Plot Neutral
143 Spending the Winter Stores Uncommon Plot Neutral
144 Stalemate Rare Plot Neutral
145 The Others are Massing Rare Plot Neutral

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