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A Song of Twilight
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Song of Twilight


Fantasy Flight Games





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A Song of Twilight is the 18th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the third set of the Winter block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2005 and consists of 145 cards. It is packaged in boosters only.

Type Breakdown[]

  • 3 Agendas (all Neutral)
  • 16 Attachments (2 Lannister, 3 Martell, 8 Neutral and 3 Targaryen)
  • 71 Characters (8 Baratheon, 8 Greyjoy, 8 Lannister, 8 Martell, 21 Neutral, 9 Stark and 9 Targaryen)
  • 30 Events (all Neutral)
  • 22 Locations (4 Baratheon, 4 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 1 Martell, 8 Neutral and 3 Stark)
  • 3 Plots (all Neutral)

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • 45 Commons
  • 48 Uncommons
  • 51 Rares

Card List[]

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Grey Wind Rare Character Stark
2 Lady Rare Character Stark
3 Nymeria Uncommon Character Stark
4 Summer Rare Character Stark
5 Trident Reinforcements Common Character Stark
6 Aemon's Correspondent Common Character Stark
7 Edmure's Van Common Character Stark
8 Grim Defender Uncommon Character Stark
9 Sullen Recruit Uncommon Character Stark
10 Icy Moat Uncommon Location Stark
11 Mole Town Brothel Rare Location Stark
12 Reinforced Walls Common Location Stark
13 Gold for Bribes Rare Attachment Lannister
14 In Love with Cersei Common Attachment Lannister
15 Podrick Payne Rare Character Lannister
16 Ser Jacelyn Bywater Rare Character Lannister
17 Frey Outrider Common Character Lannister
18 Cersei's Attendant Uncommon Character Lannister
19 Exiled Asshai Courtesan Uncommon Character Lannister
20 Kingsroad Merchant Master Uncommon Character Lannister
21 Sacrificial Envoy Common Character Lannister
22 Slynt's Man Common Character Lannister
23 Lannisport Archives Uncommon Location Lannister
24 Undefended Port Rare Location Lannister
25 Devan Seaworth Rare Character Baratheon
26 Edric Storm Rare Character Baratheon
27 The Lord's Assassin Common Character Baratheon
28 Blackwater Captain Uncommon Character Baratheon
29 Guardsman of the Arbor Common Character Baratheon
30 Robert's Squire Uncommon Character Baratheon
31 Stannis's Cavalry Common Character Baratheon
32 Stannis's Personal Guard Uncommon Character Baratheon
33 Caverns of Storm's End Rare Location Baratheon
34 Crackclaw Point Tower Rare Location Baratheon
35 Melisandre's Garden Common Location Baratheon
36 Salladhor's Merchant Vessel Uncommon Location Baratheon
37 Gevin Harlaw Rare Character Greyjoy
38 Stygg Rare Character Greyjoy
39 Sea God's Disciple Common Character Greyjoy
40 Balon's Retainer Uncommon Character Greyjoy
41 Bay of Ice Buccaneers Common Character Greyjoy
42 Cotter Pyke's Men Uncommon Character Greyjoy
43 Euron's Servant Uncommon Character Greyjoy
44 Seagard Looter Common Character Greyjoy
45 Damphair's Chambers Common Location Greyjoy
46 Fjords of Ironman's Bay Rare Location Greyjoy
47 Goodbrother Interceptor Uncommon Location Greyjoy
48 Pyke Drydocks Rare Location Greyjoy
49 Festering Wound Common Attachment Targaryen
50 Horse Whip Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
51 Ser Jorah's Storybooks Rare Attachment Targaryen
52 Brown Ben Plumm Rare Character Targaryen
53 Haggo Rare Character Targaryen
54 Qotho Rare Character Targaryen
55 Blue-Lipped Warlock Common Character Targaryen
56 Bloodthirsty Khal Uncommon Character Targaryen
57 Dany's Handmaiden Rare Character Targaryen
58 Minor Khalasar Common Character Targaryen
59 Narrow Sea Trader Common Character Targaryen
60 Westerosi Informant Uncommon Character Targaryen
61 Delicate Stomach Common Attachment Martell
62 Hooked Spear Rare Attachment Martell
63 Vainglorious Uncommon Attachment Martell
64 Darkstar Rare Character Martell
65 Nymeria Sand Rare Character Martell
66 Son of the Red Viper Common Character Martell
67 Doran's Honor Guard Common Character Martell
68 Far-Seeing Scholar Uncommon Character Martell
69 House Dayne Skirmisher Common Character Martell
70 Oberyn's Lover Uncommon Character Martell
71 Prince's Loyalist Uncommon Character Martell
72 Remote Oasis Rare Location Martell
73 First Ranger Uncommon Attachment Neutral
74 Longclaw Rare Attachment Neutral
75 Lord of Harrenhal Uncommon Attachment Neutral
76 War Band Leader Uncommon Attachment Neutral
77 Black Raven Common Attachment Neutral
78 Court Counsel Common Attachment Neutral
79 War Counsel Common Attachment Neutral
80 Bone Axe Rare Attachment Neutral
81 Alfyn Crowkiller Rare Character Neutral
82 Craster Uncommon Character Neutral
83 Dalla Uncommon Character Neutral
84 Donal Noye Rare Character Neutral
85 Grenn Uncommon Character Neutral
86 Harma Dogshead Rare Character Neutral
87 Jarmen Buckwell Rare Character Neutral
88 Maester Aemon Uncommon Character Neutral
89 Ryk "Longspear" Rare Character Neutral
90 Samwell Tarly Rare Character Neutral
91 Thoren Smallwood Rare Character Neutral
92 Tormund Giantsbane Rare Character Neutral
93 Blackmailing Servant Common Character Neutral
94 Bringer of Ill Tidings Uncommon Character Neutral
95 Harbinger of Woes Uncommon Character Neutral
96 Ranger Scout Common Character Neutral
97 The Stranger's Septon Common Character Neutral
98 Vanguard Herald Uncommon Character Neutral
99 Wandering Crow Common Character Neutral
100 Wildling Rabble Common Character Neutral
101 Young Spearwife Common Character Neutral
102 Craster's Keep Rare Location Neutral
103 Westwatch-by-the-Bridge Rare Location Neutral
104 Bay of Ice Rare Location Neutral
105 Camps on the Milkwater Uncommon Location Neutral
106 Greywater Swamp Common Location Neutral
107 Oxcross Uncommon Location Neutral
108 Stronghold on the Wall Uncommon Location Neutral
109 The Frozen Shore Common Location Neutral
110 My Life for Conquest Rare Event Greyjoy
111 My Life for Honor Rare Event Stark
112 My Life for Justice Rare Event Targaryen
113 My Life for Love Rare Event Lannister
114 My Life for the Lord Rare Event Baratheon
115 My Life for Vengeance Rare Event Martell
116 As Sunlight Fades Common Event Neutral
117 Cracks in the Wall Uncommon Event Neutral
118 Crumbled to Dust Rare Event Neutral
119 Grisly Resurrection Uncommon Event Neutral
120 Hope Fades with Twilight Rare Event Neutral
121 I Am a Bloodthirsty Man Uncommon Event Neutral
122 Kill the Crows! Common Event Neutral
123 King Balon's Command Common Event Greyjoy
124 King Robert's Command Common Event Baratheon
125 Last Battle at the Wall Rare Event Neutral
126 Lord Eddard's Command Common Event Stark
127 Massing at Twilight Common Event Neutral
128 Prince Doran's Command Common Event Martell
129 Queen Cersei's Command Common Event Lannister
130 Queen Daenery's Command Common Event Targaryen
131 Straw Men Uncommon Event Neutral
132 Take Off Your Collars! Uncommon Event Neutral
133 The Crow is a Tricksy Bird Uncommon Event Neutral
134 The Others Take Your Honor! Uncommon Event Neutral
135 The Pack Survives Uncommon Event Neutral
136 The Watch Has Need! Common Event Neutral
137 There Are No Men Like Me Uncommon Event Neutral
138 This is the Season! Uncommon Event Neutral
139 Twilight Brings Hope Rare Event Neutral
140 Wraiths in the Midst Rare Plot Neutral
141 Defenders of the Realm Rare Plot Neutral
142 Wildling Assault Rare Plot Neutral
143 The Wildling Horde Uncommon Agenda Neutral
144 Threat from the East Uncommon Agenda Neutral
145 Defenders of the North Uncommon Agenda Neutral


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