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A Song of Night
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Song of Night


Fantasy Flight Games





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A Song of Night is the 20th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the fourth set of the Winter block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2006 and consists of 145 cards. It is packaged in 11-card boosters. There are 36 boosters in a booster box.

Type Breakdown[]

  • 13 Attachments (2 Baratheon, 1 Greyjoy, 3 Lannister, 3 Martell, 2 Neutral, 2 Stark and 1 Targaryen)
  • 67 Characters (8 Baratheon, 10 Greyjoy, 9 Lannister, 9 Martell, 12 Neutral, 9 Stark and 10 Targaryen)
  • 30 Events (all Neutral)
  • 29 Locations (5 Baratheon, 4 Greyjoy, 3 Lannister, 4 Martell, 5 Neutral, 4 Stark and 4 Targaryen)
  • 6 Plots (all Neutral)

Rarity Breakdown[]

  • 45 Commons
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares

Card List[]

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Blood Betrayal Rare Attachment Stark
2 Frequent Leechings Common Attachment Stark
3 Hodor Rare Character Stark
4 Osha Rare Character Stark
5 Ser Rodrik Cassel Uncommon Character Stark
6 Dreadfort Captain Uncommon Character Stark
7 Greywater Watchmen Uncommon Character Stark
8 River Rider Common Character Stark
9 Robb's Sworn Swords Rare Character Stark
10 Shackled Defender Common Character Stark
11 Wolf Stalwart Common Character Stark
12 The White Knife Uncommon Location Stark
13 Deepwood Motte Rare Location Stark
14 Bogs of the Neck Uncommon Location Stark
15 Fields of Ice Common Location Stark
16 A Better Offer Rare Attachment Lannister
17 Mad with Power Common Attachment Lannister
18 Varys's Counsel Common Attachment Lannister
19 Bronn Uncommon Character Lannister
20 Grand Maester Pycelle Rare Character Lannister
21 Ser Addam Marbrand Rare Character Lannister
22 Bronn's Hireling Common Character Lannister
23 Defenders of King's Landing Rare Character Lannister
24 House Brax Footmen Uncommon Character Lannister
25 Lion Lord Common Character Lannister
26 Master Spy Uncommon Character Lannister
27 The Halfman's Horde Common Character Lannister
28 Fair Isle Uncommon Location Lannister
29 The Blackwater Shores Rare Location Lannister
30 Banks of the Tumblestone Uncommon Location Lannister
31 Oathkeeper Rare Attachment Baratheon
32 Accepted Destiny Common Attachment Baratheon
33 The Bastard of Nightsong Rare Character Baratheon
34 Ser Axel Florent Uncommon Character Baratheon
35 Army of Light Rare Character Baratheon
36 Faithless Follower Common Character Baratheon
37 Ser Garlan's Battalion Common Character Baratheon
38 Stag Guardian Common Character Baratheon
39 Stannis's Northern Cavalry Uncommon Character Baratheon
40 Turncoat Lord Uncommon Character Baratheon
41 Cape Wrath Uncommon Location Baratheon
42 Mouth of the Blackwater Rare Location Baratheon
43 Field Command Tent Rare Location Baratheon
44 Fields of Storm's End Uncommon Location Baratheon
45 Salla's Escort Ship Common Location Baratheon
46 Blessed with Iron Common Attachment Greyjoy
47 Allanys Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
48 Captain Bluetooth Rare Character Greyjoy
49 Asha's Raiders Uncommon Character Greyjoy
50 Cleftjaw's Reavers Common Character Greyjoy
51 Damphair's Faithful Rare Character Greyjoy
52 Drowned Pillager Uncommon Character Greyjoy
53 Euron's Counselor Rare Character Greyjoy
54 Goodbrother Recruit Common Character Greyjoy
55 King Euron's Horde Rare Character Greyjoy
56 Kraken Conqueror Common Character Greyjoy
57 Isle of Orkmont Uncommon Location Greyjoy
58 Torrhen's Square Rare Location Greyjoy
59 Blacktyde Longship Common Location Greyjoy
60 The Stony Shore Uncommon Location Greyjoy
61 Wooed by Xaro Common Attachment Targaryen
62 Aggo Rare Character Targaryen
63 Oznak zo Pahl Uncommon Character Targaryen
64 The Titan's Bastard Rare Character Targaryen
65 Braavosi Pirate Rare Character Targaryen
66 Child of the Alleys Common Character Targaryen
67 Dragon Partisan Common Character Targaryen
68 Grey Worm's Strongest Rare Character Targaryen
69 Illyrio's Guard Uncommon Character Targaryen
70 Qartheen Tax Collector Uncommon Character Targaryen
71 The Liberated Common Character Targaryen
72 Fields of Ghiscar Rare Location Targaryen
73 Gates of Meereen Uncommon Location Targaryen
74 Lyseni Merchant Cog Common Location Targaryen
75 New Ghis Uncommon Location Targaryen
76 Of Oberyn's Blood Rare Attachment Martell
77 Taste for Blood Common Attachment Martell
78 Edric Dayne Rare Character Martell
79 Harmen Uller Uncommon Character Martell
80 Dornish Confessor Common Character Martell
81 Horsemen of Starfall Uncommon Character Martell
82 Lord Yronwood's Spears Common Character Martell
83 Prince Doran's Advisor Uncommon Character Martell
84 Sun Champion Common Character Martell
85 The Viper's Bannermen Rare Character Martell
86 Tower Guard Rare Character Martell
87 The Dornish Marches Rare Location Martell
88 Scars of the Boneway Uncommon Location Martell
89 The Winding Walls Common Location Martell
90 Threefold Gate Uncommon Location Martell
91 Dragonglass Dagger Uncommon Attachment Neutral
92 Savior of Westeros Uncommon Attachment Neutral
93 Coldhands Rare Character Neutral
94 Cotter Pyke Rare Character Neutral
95 Denys Mallister Rare Character Neutral
96 Fell Crow Common Character Neutral
97 Fickle Merchant Rare Character Neutral
98 Mance's Men Common Character Neutral
99 Raven from the Wall Common Character Neutral
100 The Watch in Force Rare Character Neutral
101 Vanguard Ranger Common Character Neutral
102 Ser Waymar Royce Uncommon Character Neutral
103 Small Paul Uncommon Character Neutral
104 Crazed Doomsayer Uncommon Character Neutral
105 Fist of the First Men Rare Location Neutral
106 The Land of Always Winter Uncommon Location Neutral
107 Frostfang Gorge Uncommon Location Neutral
108 The Haunted Forest Common Location Neutral
109 The Skirling Pass Rare Location Neutral
110 Against the Nameless Order Uncommon Event Neutral
111 Azor Ahai Born Again Common Event Neutral
112 Baratheons at the Wall Uncommon Event Neutral
113 Dark Fate Uncommon Event Neutral
114 Death from the Mists Common Event Neutral
115 Disowned Rare Event Lannister
116 Don't Give In! Common Event Neutral
117 From Winter's Touch Returned Common Event Neutral
118 Greyjoys at the Wall Uncommon Event Greyjoy
119 He Calls It Thinking Common Event Martell
120 I Swore It Thrice Common Event Baratheon
121 I'm You Writ Small Common Event Lannister
122 Justice Is Served Rare Event Martell
123 Lannisters at the Wall Uncommon Event Lannister
124 Martells at the Wall Uncommon Event Martell
125 Mother Have Mercy Rare Event Neutral
126 None Can Hold the North Rare Event Stark
127 Risen from the Cold Uncommon Event Neutral
128 Show Trial Rare Event Neutral
129 Starks at the Wall Uncommon Event Neutral
130 Take Heed, Nuncle Common Event Greyjoy
131 Targaryens at the Wall Uncommon Event Targaryen
132 The Crows Shall Feast Rare Event Greyjoy
133 The Final Night Draws Near Rare Event Neutral
134 The Long Night Falls Rare Event Neutral
135 The Power of Blood Rare Event Baratheon
136 They Are My Children Common Event Targaryen
137 They Shall Not Cross Common Event Stark
138 Through the Wall Uncommon Event Neutral
139 What Kings Are For Rare Event Targaryen
140 Chill Touch of Death Uncommon Plot Neutral
141 Feast or Famine Rare Plot Neutral
142 Fleeing to the Wall Uncommon Plot Neutral
143 Muster the Realm! Uncommon Plot Neutral
144 Sacrificed to the Others Rare Plot Neutral
145 The First Snow of Winter Rare Plot Neutral


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