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A Sea of Storms
Aseaofstorms booster
Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Sea of Storms


Fantasy Flight Games







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A Sea of Storms is the second expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the second set of the Westeros Block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002 and consists of 145 cards. It is packaged in 11-card boosters.


  • This set introduces House Greyjoy.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 13 Attachment (3 Baratheon, 2 Greyjoy, 4 Lannister, 2 Neutral, 2 Stark)
  • 63 Character (10 Baratheon, 17 Greyjoy, 10 Lannister, 16 Neutral, 10 Stark)
  • 29 Event (all Neutral)
  • 1 House (Greyjoy)
  • 29 Location (5 Baratheon, 11 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 6 Neutral, 5 Stark)
  • 10 Plot (1 Baratheon, 1 Greyjoy, 8 Neutral)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 45 Common
  • 50 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Bite of the Wolf Common Attachment Stark
2 Skinchanger Rare Attachment Stark
3 Greatjon Umber Rare Character Stark
4 Rickard Karstark Uncommon Character Stark
5 Robb Stark Rare Character Stark
6 Septon Chayle Common Character Stark
7 Ser Edmure Tully Uncommon Character Stark
8 Host of Bear Island Common Character Stark
9 Host of Riverrun Common Character Stark
10 House Manderly Knight Uncommon Character Stark
11 House Mormont Knight Common Character Stark
12 Wolf Pack Common Character Stark
13 Whispering Wood Uncommon Location Stark
14 Winterfell Castle Rare Location Stark
15 Winterfell Great Hall Uncommon Location Stark
16 Northland Keep Uncommon Location Stark
17 Winterfell Sept Uncommon Location Stark
18 Blackmail Common Attachment Lannister
19 Powerless Common Attachment Lannister
20 Shame Uncommon Attachment Lannister
21 Widow's Wail Rare Attachment Lannister
22 Cersei Lannister Uncommon Character Lannister
23 Janos Slynt Rare Character Lannister
24 Ser Kevan Lannister Uncommon Character Lannister
25 Ser Lancel Lannister Rare Character Lannister
26 Host of Lannisport Common Character Lannister
27 House Marbrand Maester Rare Character Lannister
28 House Westerling Courtier Common Character Lannister
29 Queen's Spies Uncommon Character Lannister
30 Small Council Retainer Common Character Lannister
31 Spider's Whisperer Common Character Lannister
32 Lannisport Uncommon Location Lannister
33 Lannisport Brothel Uncommon Location Lannister
34 Merchant Guildhall Rare Location Neutral
35 Chosen One Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
36 Lightbringer Rare Attachment Baratheon
37 Shadow's Touch Common Attachment Baratheon
38 Edric Storm Common Character Baratheon
39 Salladhor Saan Uncommon Character Baratheon
40 Selyse Baratheon Common Character Baratheon
41 Ser Axel Florent Rare Character Baratheon
42 Shireen Baratheon Common Character Baratheon
43 Stannis Baratheon Rare Character Baratheon
44 Deckhand Common Character Baratheon
45 Envoy of Dragonstone Common Character Baratheon
46 Fleet Captain Rare Character Baratheon
47 Host of Dragonstone Common Character Baratheon
48 Dragonstone Castle Uncommon Location Baratheon
49 Dragonstone Port Rare Location Baratheon
50 Fury Uncommon Location Baratheon
51 King Robert's Hammer Uncommon Location Baratheon
52 Walls of Westeros Rare Location Baratheon
53 House Greyjoy Uncommon House Greyjoy
54 Conquer Rare Attachment Greyjoy
55 Drowned God's Blessing Common Attachment Greyjoy
56 Aeron Damphair Rare Character Greyjoy
57 Asha Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
58 Balon Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
59 Dagmer Cleftjaw Rare Character Greyjoy
60 Euron Crow's Eye Rare Character Greyjoy
61 Gorold Goodbrother Rare Character Greyjoy
62 Maester Wendamyr Common Character Greyjoy
63 Theon Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
64 Victarion Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
65 Drowned Men Common Character Greyjoy
66 Host of Ten Towers Common Character Greyjoy
67 House Blacktyde Guard Rare Character Greyjoy
68 Looters Common Character Greyjoy
69 Oarsman Uncommon Character Greyjoy
70 Priest of the Drowned God Common Character Greyjoy
71 Sea Captain Uncommon Character Greyjoy
72 Septon of Ten Towers Common Character Greyjoy
73 Longship "Black Wind" Uncommon Location Greyjoy
74 Longship "Great Kraken" Uncommon Location Greyjoy
75 Longship "Iron Victory" Rare Location Greyjoy
76 Longship "Silence" Uncommon Location Greyjoy
77 The Seastone Chair Rare Location Greyjoy
78 Bloody Keep Common Location Greyjoy
79 Gatehouse Common Location Greyjoy
80 Nagga's Ribs Common Location Greyjoy
81 The Iron Mines Uncommon Location Greyjoy
82 The Lonely Lights Rare Location Greyjoy
83 The Sea Tower Common Location Greyjoy
84 Bodyguard Common Attachment Neutral
85 Healing Expertise Rare Attachment Neutral
86 Knight of Flowers Uncommon Character Neutral
87 Ser Jaime Lannister Rare Character Neutral
88 Ser Barristan Selmy Rare Character Neutral
89 Ser Boros Blount Uncommon Character Neutral
90 Ser Mandon Moore Uncommon Character Neutral
91 Ser Meryn Trant Uncommon Character Neutral
92 Ser Preston Greenfield Rare Character Neutral
93 Thoros of Myr Rare Character Neutral
94 Gunthor son of Gurn Uncommon Character Neutral
95 Vargo Hoat Common Character Neutral
96 Bloody Mummers Uncommon Character Neutral
97 Burned Men Common Character Neutral
98 Headsman Common Character Neutral
99 Kingswood Bandit Common Character Neutral
100 Stone Crows Uncommon Character Neutral
101 Sworn Brother Uncommon Character Neutral
102 White Sword Tower Rare Location Neutral
103 King's Gate Rare Location Neutral
104 Mountains of the Moon Rare Location Neutral
105 River Gate Rare Location Neutral
106 Training Grounds Rare Location Neutral
107 Balon's Rebellion Rare Event Neutral
108 Berserker Fury Uncommon Event Neutral
109 By Right of Succession Common Event Neutral
110 Chaos in Conflict Uncommon Event Neutral
111 Crimson and Gold Common Event Neutral
112 Guile Uncommon Event Neutral
113 Hail of Arrows Common Event Neutral
114 Heart of the Stag Rare Event Neutral
115 House Arrest Rare Event Neutral
116 Inheritance Rare Event Neutral
117 Kings in the North Uncommon Event Neutral
118 Kingsmoot Rare Event Neutral
119 Last Defense of the North Common Event Neutral
120 Lords of the Narrow Sea Rare Event Neutral
121 Massacre Uncommon Event Neutral
122 Muster Uncommon Event Neutral
123 Plunder Common Event Neutral
124 Preparing for Winter Rare Event Neutral
125 Rise of the Kraken Uncommon Event Neutral
126 Risen from the Sea Common Event Neutral
127 Safeguard Rare Event Neutral
128 Superior Claim Common Event Neutral
129 Superior Politics Common Event Neutral
130 Superior Tactics Common Event Neutral
131 Swords and Sails Uncommon Event Neutral
132 The Lion's Cunning Rare Event Neutral
133 The Storm God's Wraith Rare Event Neutral
134 Tithe Rare Event Neutral
135 We Do Not Sow Common Event Neutral
136 Blockade Rare Plot Neutral
137 Building Orders Uncommon Plot Neutral
138 Here to Serve Uncommon Plot Neutral
139 Holding the Trident Rare Plot Neutral
140 Longships of the Iron Fleet Uncommon Plot Greyjoy
141 Noose and Swordpoint Uncommon Plot Neutral
142 Political Disaster Rare Plot Neutral
143 Power and Wealth Rare Plot Neutral
144 The Red God's Blessing Uncommon Plot Baratheon
145 Valar Morghulis Rare Plot Neutral


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