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A House of Thorns
Ahouseofthorns booster
Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A House of Thorns


Fantasy Flight Games





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A House of Thorns is the 22th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the second set of the Iron Throne block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2007 and consists of 140 cards. It is packaged in 11-card boosters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 23 Attachments (3 Baratheon, 4 Greyjoy, 4 Lannister, 5 Martell, 3 Neutral, 2 Stark and 6 Targaryen)
  • 68 Characters (17 Baratheon, 10 Greyjoy, 20 Lannister, 11 Martell, 11 Neutral, 12 Stark and 10 Targaryen)
  • 25 Events (all Neutral)
  • 17 Locations (7 Baratheon, 3 Greyjoy, 6 Lannister, 1 Martell, 3 Neutral, 4 Stark and 2 Targaryen)
  • 7 Plots (all Neutral)

Note: There are 39 Dual House cards, the totals are thus higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 45 Commons
  • 45 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Chipped Poleaxe Common Attachment Stark
2 In Eddard's Name Uncommon Attachment Stark
3 Donella Hornwood Rare Character Stark
4 Rickard Karstark Uncommon Character Stark
5 Dreadfort Sentinels Common Character Stark
6 Flayer of Men Rare Character Stark
7 Karhold Master at Arms Common Character Stark
8 The Bastard's Recruits Uncommon Character Stark
9 Ramparts of Winterfell Rare Location Stark
10 Tywin Lannister Rare Character Lannister
11 In Robert's Name Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
12 Support of the King Common Attachment Baratheon
13 Selyse Baratheon Uncommon Character Baratheon
14 Ser Axell's Man Common Character Baratheon
15 Sister of Fire Rare Character Baratheon
16 Blockade Runner Rare Location Baratheon
17 Driftwood Cudgel Common Attachment Greyjoy
18 Hooked Trident Rare Attachment Greyjoy
19 Invoking the Kraken Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
20 Maester Wendamyr Uncommon Character Greyjoy
21 Grey Garden Master-at-Arms Rare Character Greyjoy
22 House Harlaw Tactician Common Character Greyjoy
23 Ironborn Raiders Uncommon Character Greyjoy
24 Island Defenders Rare Character Greyjoy
25 Pirate of Pyke Common Character Greyjoy
26 Saltwater Scholar Common Character Greyjoy
27 Veteran Looters Uncommon Character Greyjoy
28 Shatterstone Rare Location Greyjoy
29 Horseback Discipline Rare Attachment Targaryen
30 Horselord's Bow Common Attachment Targaryen
31 In Drogo's Name Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
32 Magister Illyrio Uncommon Character Targaryen
33 Xaro Xoan Daxos Rare Character Targaryen
34 Dothraki Guide Uncommon Character Targaryen
35 Dothraki Youth Common Character Targaryen
36 Poison Merchant Rare Character Targaryen
37 Scavenger of the Free Cities Common Character Targaryen
38 Seeker from the Shadow Common Character Targaryen
39 Pentoshi Palace Uncommon Location Targaryen
40 Vaes Tolorro Rare Location Targaryen
41 In Oberyn's Name Uncommon Attachment Martell
42 Polished Longaxe Common Attachment Martell
43 Reckless Rare Attachment Martell
44 Quentyn Martell Rare Character Martell
45 Tyene Sand Uncommon Character Martell
46 Belated Messenger Uncommon Character Martell
47 Guardian of the Way Uncommon Character Martell
48 House Dayne Courier Common Character Martell
49 Lord Anders' Honor Guard Rare Character Martell
50 Maester at Yronwood Common Character Martell
51 Oldtown Apprentice Rare Character Martell
52 Vigilant Dornishman Common Character Martell
53 Banner of the Rose Common Attachment Lannister/Baratheon
54 Favorite Among Favorites Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy/Targaryen
55 Heat Exhaustion Common Attachment Martell/Targaryen
56 Protection of Highgarden Uncommon Attachment Lannister/Baratheon
57 Rose Perfume Common Attachment Lannister/Baratheon
58 Seduced by the Rose Rare Attachment Lannister/Baratheon
59 Sun Stroke Rare Attachment Martell/Targaryen
60 Butterbumps Uncommon Character Baratheon/Lannister
61 Knight of Flowers Uncommon Character Baratheon/Lannister
62 Mace Tyrell Uncommon Character Baratheon/Lannister
63 Margaery Tyrell Rare Character Baratheon/Lannister
64 The Queen of Thorns Rare Character Baratheon/Lannister
65 Reek Uncommon Character Lannister/Stark
66 Roose Bolton Uncommon Character Lannister/Stark
67 Ser Garlan Tyrell Uncommon Character Baratheon/Lannister
68 Steelshanks Walton Rare Character Lannister/Stark
69 The Bastard of Bolton Rare Character Lannister/Stark
70 Willas Tyrell Uncommon Character Baratheon/Lannister
71 Summer Sea Brigands Rare Character Martell/Targaryen
72 Bringers of Dread Common Character Lannister/Stark
73 Seeress of Shadows Uncommon Character Targaryen/Baratheon
74 Highgarden's Finest Rare Character Baratheon/Lannister
75 House Tyrell Bannermen Rare Character Baratheon/Lannister
76 House Tyrell Envoy Common Character Baratheon/Lannister
77 Knight of the Reach Common Character Baratheon/Lannister
78 Men of the Mander Common Character Baratheon/Lannister
79 Purposeful Imposters Common Character Martell/Greyjoy
80 Roseroad Watchmen Common Character Baratheon/Lannister
81 Selfless Scoundrels Common Character Targaryen/Stark
82 Trader on Ironman's Bay Rare Character Greyjoy/Lannister
83 Highgarden Rare Location Baratheon/Lannister
84 The Dreadfort Rare Location Lannister/Stark
85 The Pleasure Barges Uncommon Location Baratheon/Lannister
86 The Weeping Water Uncommon Location Lannister/Stark
87 Home Ground Common Location Martell/Stark
88 Olenna's Study Uncommon Location Baratheon/Lannister
89 Rose Garden Common Location Baratheon/Lannister
90 Secluded Coast Common Location Baratheon/Greyjoy
91 The Shield Islands Rare Location Baratheon/Greyjoy
92 Rusted Sword Common Attachment Neutral
93 Declaration of War Uncommon Attachment Neutral
94 Allegiance Uncommon Attachment Neutral
95 Left Rare Character Neutral
96 Ramsey's Betrothed Rare Character Neutral
97 Right Rare Character Neutral
98 False Septon Uncommon Character Neutral
99 Courier Captain Rare Character Neutral
100 Dreadfort Defender Common Character Neutral
101 Garden Caretaker Common Character Neutral
102 Keeper of Oaths Uncommon Character Neutral
103 Septon of the Shadows Common Character Neutral
104 Unorthodox Priest Rare Character Neutral
105 Wardens of the Reach Uncommon Character Neutral
106 Decadent Brothel Common Location Neutral
107 Homeland Fiefdom Uncommon Location Neutral
108 Mander Ford Rare Location Neutral
109 A Web of Thorns Rare Event Neutral
110 Breaking the Siege Common Event Stark
111 Choke Rare Event Greyjoy
112 Deception Common Event Neutral
113 Dothraki Fury Common Event Neutral
114 Edict of the Prince Rare Event Martell
115 Endless Ambition Rare Event Neutral
116 Fleeting Restoration Rare Event Neutral
117 Hefty Tariff Uncommon Event Baratheon/Lannister
118 Hidden Chambers Uncommon Event Neutral
119 Holding Tactics Rare Event Neutral
120 Invocation of Birth Common Event Neutral
121 Olenna's Cunning Rare Event Baratheon/Lannister
122 Opportunistic Thrust Uncommon Event Neutral
123 Preemptive Politics Common Event Martell
124 Put to the Question Rare Event Neutral
125 Resolve of the Kraken Common Event Neutral
126 Roles Reversed Common Event Baratheon/Lannister
127 Supernatural Supplication Common Event Neutral
128 Taxing the Poor Rare Event Neutral
129 Terminal Schemes Common Event Neutral
130 The Rich Get Richer Common Event Neutral
131 Trip to the Market Rare Event Targaryen
132 Ulterior Motive Uncommon Event Neutral
133 Warden of the South Uncommon Event Baratheon/Lannister
134 Shadows and Spiders Uncommon Plot Neutral
135 Growing Strong Uncommon Plot Neutral
136 Scouring the Vaults Uncommon Plot Neutral
137 Winter Storm Uncommon Plot Neutral
138 Waste Their Time Rare Plot Neutral
139 Roadblock Rare Plot Neutral
140 Final Sacrifice Rare Plot Neutral


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