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A House of Talons
Ahouseoftalons booster
Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A House of Talons


Fantasy Flight Games





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A House of Talons is the 23th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the third set of the Iron Throne block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2007 and consists of 140 cards. It is packaged in 11-card boosters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Attachments (3 Baratheon, 1 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 2 Martell, 7 Neutral, 2 Stark, and 5 Targaryen)
  • 67 Characters (8 Baratheon, 10 Greyjoy, 8 Lannister, 9 Martell, 20 Neutral, 12 Stark and 11 Targaryen)
  • 24 Events (all Neutral)
  • 23 Locations (3 Baratheon, 4 Greyjoy, 1 Lannister, 3 Martell, 9 Neutral, 4 Stark, and 2 Targaryen)
  • 6 Plots (all Neutral)

Note: There are 15 Dual House cards, the totals are thus higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 40 Commons
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Vale Pact Rare Attachment Stark
2 Wolfswood Ranger Common Attachment Stark
3 Catelyn Stark Uncommon Character Stark
4 The Blackfish Rare Character Stark
5 Alayne Stone Uncommon Character Stark
6 Northern Minstrel Rare Character Stark
7 Riverland Mob Uncommon Character Stark
8 The Bastard's Host Common Character Stark
9 Umber Bannerman Common Character Stark
10 Siege Tower Rare Location Stark
11 Dreadfort Dungeon Uncommon Location Stark
12 Tyrion's Revenge Rare Attachment Lannister
13 Red Hand Common Attachment Lannister
14 Crawn Son of Calor Uncommon Character Lannister
15 Gunthor Son of Gurn Uncommon Character Lannister
16 Timett Son of Timett Rare Character Lannister
17 Tyrion Lannister Rare Character Lannister
18 Tribes of the Vale Common Character Lannister
19 The Inn at the Crossroads Uncommon Location Lannister
20 Vale Pact Rare Attachment Baratheon
21 Stannis's Ambition Common Attachment Baratheon
22 Ser Robar Royce Rare Character Baratheon
23 Maester Pylos Uncommon Character Baratheon
24 The Red Queen's Host Common Character Baratheon
25 Visiting Dignitary Uncommon Character Baratheon
26 Hallowed Ground Uncommon Location Baratheon
27 The Rainwood Rare Location Baratheon
28 Vale Pact Rare Attachment Greyjoy
29 Dagmer Cleftjaw Rare Character Greyjoy
30 Defiant Sister Common Character Greyjoy
31 Dowered Daughter Uncommon Character Greyjoy
32 Fleet of the Isles Common Character Greyjoy
33 Galley Thralls Uncommon Character Greyjoy
34 Sharp-Eyed Lookout Rare Character Greyjoy
35 Student of the Higher Mysteries Uncommon Character Greyjoy
36 Longship "Sea Song" Rare Location Greyjoy
37 Crow's Nest Common Location Greyjoy
38 Derelict Hulk Uncommon Location Greyjoy
39 Vale Pact Rare Attachment Targaryen
40 Under the Dragon's Wing Common Attachment Targaryen
41 Viserys's Arrogance Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
42 Captain Groleo Uncommon Character Targaryen
43 Daario Naharis Rare Character Targaryen
44 Braavosi Harbormaster Rare Character Targaryen
45 Dismounted Longbowmen Common Character Targaryen
46 Jorah's Cohorts Common Character Targaryen
47 Traveling Jeweler Uncommon Character Targaryen
48 True Queen's Harbinger Uncommon Character Targaryen
49 Drogo's Pyre Rare Location Targaryen
50 Dawn Uncommon Attachment Martell
51 Vale Pact Rare Attachment Martell
52 Doran Martell Rare Character Martell
53 Coastal Trader Rare Character Martell
54 Displaced Dornishman Uncommon Character Martell
55 Dornish Reserves Common Character Martell
56 Nomadic Harlot Uncommon Character Martell
57 Soldier of Starfall Common Character Martell
58 Wandering Tutor Uncommon Character Martell
59 The Prince's Pass Rare Location Martell
60 The Vaith Common Location Martell
61 Conflicted Conscience Common Attachment Neutral
62 Obsidian Dragon Uncommon Attachment Targaryen/Baratheon
63 Brothel Guard Uncommon Character Martell/Lannister
64 Shadow Child Common Character Baratheon/Lannister
65 Eyrie Bowman Common Character Baratheon/Stark
66 Guardian of the Motte Uncommon Character Greyjoy/Stark
67 Maritime Sneakthief Rare Character Greyjoy/Lannister
68 Nan's Ghost Common Character Targaryen/Stark
69 Salty's Shadow Common Character Targaryen/Stark
70 Sellsword Company Rare Character Martell/Targaryen
71 Vale Ward Rare Character Baratheon/Stark
72 Wandering Holy Man Rare Character Greyjoy/Baratheon
73 The Saltspear Uncommon Location Greyjoy/Stark
74 The Stepstones Uncommon Location Martell/Targaryen
75 Woods of the Vale Rare Location Baratheon/Stark
76 Behind the Walls Uncommon Attachment Neutral
77 Bowl of Brown Uncommon Attachment Neutral
78 Defender of the Vale Common Attachment Neutral
79 Incognito Uncommon Attachment Neutral
80 Mountain Mule Common Attachment Neutral
81 Sky Cell Rare Attachment Neutral
82 Ghost of High Heart Rare Character Neutral
83 Littlefinger Rare Character Neutral
84 Lysa Arryn Uncommon Character Neutral
85 Maester Colemon Uncommon Character Neutral
86 Marillion Uncommon Character Neutral
87 Mord Uncommon Character Neutral
88 Nestor Royce Rare Character Neutral
89 Robert Arryn Rare Character Neutral
90 Rorge Rare Character Neutral
91 Ser Vardis Egen Uncommon Character Neutral
92 Bronze Yohn Royce Rare Character Neutral
93 Despotic Steward Uncommon Character Neutral
94 Granary Overseer Common Character Neutral
95 Guardian of the Bloody Gate Common Character Neutral
96 High Road Patrol Uncommon Character Neutral
97 Knights of the Vale Uncommon Character Neutral
98 Lord Jon's Man Common Character Neutral
99 Lords' Declarant Bannermen Common Character Neutral
100 Septon at the Eyrie Common Character Neutral
101 Vale Lordling Common Character Neutral
102 The Eyrie Rare Location Neutral
103 The Moon Door Rare Location Neutral
104 The Vale of Arryn Uncommon Location Neutral
105 Forgotten Dungeon Uncommon Location Neutral
106 The Flint Cliffs Rare Location Neutral
107 The Riverroad Rare Location Neutral
108 The Sea of Dorne Rare Location Neutral
109 Vale Granary Common Location Neutral
110 Waycastle Common Location Neutral
111 Allies of Necessity Common Event Neutral
112 Aloof and Apart Rare Event Neutral
113 Closeted Learning Common Event Neutral
114 Contemplated Engagement Common Event Lannister/Martell
115 Fate and Foresight Rare Event Neutral
116 Feed It to the Goats Uncommon Event Neutral
117 Fled to the Vale Common Event Stark/Baratheon
118 From East and West Common Event Greyjoy/Targaryen
119 Gathering of the Clans Rare Event Neutral
120 Lion in a Cage Uncommon Event Neutral
121 Make Him Fly! Common Event Neutral
122 On the Sly Uncommon Event Neutral
123 Split Loyalties Uncommon Event Stark/Lannister
124 Stocking the Summer Seat Common Event Neutral
125 Easily Misled Common Event Neutral
126 Summer Storm Uncommon Event Targaryen/Martell
127 Tales of Immortality Uncommon Event Baratheon/Targaryen
128 Temporary Disgrace Uncommon Event Neutral
129 That's Worth Another Kiss Rare Event Neutral
130 The Hard Truth Common Event Neutral
131 The Power of Deceit Rare Event Neutral
132 The Power of Fear Rare Event Neutral
133 The Power of Honor Rare Event Neutral
134 The Shield That Guards Rare Event Neutral
135 As High as Honor Uncommon Plot Neutral
136 Kings of Mountain and Vale Uncommon Plot Neutral
137 Our Mountain, Our Goat Rare Plot Neutral
138 Prove One's Worth Rare Plot Neutral
139 Trial by Battle Uncommon Plot Neutral
140 Wardens of the East Rare Plot Neutral


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