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A Flight of Dragons
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Flight of Dragons


Fantasy Flight Games





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A Flight of Dragons is the fourth expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the fourth set of the Westeros Block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002 and consists of 145 cards. It is packaged in boosters.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This set introduces the Targaryen House.

Type Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 16 Attachment (2 Baratheon, 2 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 2 Neutral, 2 Stark and 6 Targaryen)
  • 63 Character (7 Baratheon, 7 Greyjoy, 7 Lannister, 13 Neutral, 8 Stark and 21 Targaryen)
  • 30 Event (all Neutral)
  • 1 House (Targaryen)
  • 27 Location (3 Baratheon, 6 Greyjoy, 4 Lannister, 2 Neutral, 3 Stark and 8 Targaryen)
  • 8 Plot (all Neutral)

Rarity Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 46 Common
  • 48 Uncommon
  • 51 Rare

Card List[edit | edit source]

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Capture Uncommon Attachment Stark
2 Resilience Common Attachment Stark
3 Jory Cassel Uncommon Character Stark
4 Maester Luwin Rare Character Stark
5 Roose Bolton Rare Character Stark
6 Ser Rodrick Cassel Uncommon Character Stark
7 Dreadfort Guard Common Character Stark
8 Flayed Men Common Character Stark
9 Winterfell Cavalry Common Character Stark
10 Winterfell Recruit Uncommon Character Stark
11 The Dreadfort Rare Location Stark
12 Northern Borderlands Common Location Stark
13 Winterfell Armory Rare Location Stark
14 Complacence Common Attachment Lannister
15 King's Spider Rare Attachment Lannister
16 Grand Maester Pycelle Uncommon Character Lannister
17 Jhalabhar Xho Common Character Lannister
18 Ser Balon Swann Uncommon Character Lannister
19 Ser Gregor Clegane Rare Character Lannister
20 Agent of the Lion Uncommon Character Lannister
21 Circle of Spies Common Character Lannister
22 House Courtesan Common Character Lannister
23 Chattaya's Rare Location Lannister
24 Lannisport Treasury Common Location Lannister
25 Marbrand Estates Rare Location Lannister
26 Stokeworth Estates Uncommon Location Lannister
27 Blessing of R'hllor Common Attachment Baratheon
28 The Onion Knight Rare Attachment Baratheon
29 Ser Cortnay Penrose Uncommon Character Baratheon
30 Asshai'i Initiate Common Character Baratheon
31 Field Sergeant Common Character Baratheon
32 House Florent Rearguard Common Character Baratheon
33 Lost Captain Uncommon Character Baratheon
34 Red Sorceress Uncommon Character Baratheon
35 Shadow Assassin Rare Character Baratheon
36 The Stone Drum Rare Location Baratheon
37 Dragon Battlements Common Location Baratheon
38 Lookout Tower Uncommon Location Baratheon
39 Recruiting Tent Rare Location Baratheon
40 Support of Harlaw Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
41 Terror of the Seas Rare Attachment Greyjoy
42 Andrik the Unsmiling Uncommon Character Greyjoy
43 Balon Greyjoy Rare Character Greyjoy
44 The Reader Uncommon Character Greyjoy
45 House Harlaw Pikeman Common Character Greyjoy
46 Ironman Raiders Uncommon Character Greyjoy
47 Ship's Bosun Common Character Greyjoy
48 The Dead Walking Common Character Greyjoy
49 Great Wyk Rare Location Greyjoy
50 Ten Towers Rare Location Greyjoy
51 Ironman's Bay Rare Location Greyjoy
52 Longship Raider Common Location Greyjoy
53 Longship Reserves Common Location Greyjoy
54 Tower of Pyke Uncommon Location Greyjoy
55 House Targaryen Uncommon House Targaryen
56 Stormborn Rare Attachment Targaryen
57 Arakh Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
58 Blood Steed Common Attachment Targaryen
59 Bloodrider Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
60 Dragon Fear Common Attachment Targaryen
61 Unburnt Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
62 Black Hatchling Common Character Targaryen
63 Daenerys Targaryen Uncommon Character Targaryen
64 Drogon Rare Character Targaryen
65 Green Hatchling Common Character Targaryen
66 Jhogo Uncommon Character Targaryen
67 Khal Drogo Uncommon Character Targaryen
68 Rhaegal Rare Character Targaryen
69 Ser Jorah Mormont Rare Character Targaryen
70 Strong Belwas Rare Character Targaryen
71 Viserion Rare Character Targaryen
72 Viserys Targaryen Rare Character Targaryen
73 White Hatchling Common Character Targaryen
74 Crone of Vaes Dothrak Rare Character Targaryen
75 Dothraki Horselord Uncommon Character Targaryen
76 Dothraki Skirmisher Common Character Targaryen
77 Handmaid Common Character Targaryen
78 Khalasar Horsemen Common Character Targaryen
79 Maegi Rare Character Targaryen
80 Pentoshi Guildmaster Uncommon Character Targaryen
81 Qartheen Merchant Common Character Targaryen
82 The Unsullied Uncommon Character Targaryen
83 Astapor Rare Location Targaryen
84 Meereen Rare Location Targaryen
85 Qarth Rare Location Targaryen
86 Vaes Dothrak Uncommon Location Targaryen
87 Daznak's Pit Common Location Targaryen
88 Great Pyramid Common Location Targaryen
89 Qartheen Bazaar Uncommon Location Targaryen
90 Temple of the Graces Common Location Targaryen
91 Formal Petition Rare Attachment Neutral
92 Skullduggery Uncommon Attachment Neutral
93 Anguy the Archer Uncommon Character Neutral
94 Beric Dondarrion Rare Character Neutral
95 Littlefinger Uncommon Character Neutral
96 Mord Uncommon Character Neutral
97 Syrio Forel Rare Character Neutral
98 The Mad Huntsman Uncommon Character Neutral
99 Tom Sevenstrings Uncommon Character Neutral
100 Archmaester Rare Character Neutral
101 Initiate of the Citadel Common Character Neutral
102 Lyseni Assassin Rare Character Neutral
103 Maester of Oldtown Common Character Neutral
104 Mountain Skirmisher Common Character Neutral
105 Squire Common Character Neutral
106 Lys Rare Location Neutral
107 Street of Silk Rare Location Neutral
108 Constant Rebuilding Rare Event Neutral
109 Countermeasures Rare Event Neutral
110 Dragon Flight Rare Event Neutral
111 Endless Bureaucracy Uncommon Event Neutral
112 Endless Endurance Uncommon Event Neutral
113 Endless Raid Uncommon Event Neutral
114 Endless Vigil Uncommon Event Neutral
115 Fire and Blood Common Event Neutral
116 Harder and Stronger Common Event Neutral
117 Hidden Agenda Common Event Neutral
118 Immolate Common Event Neutral
119 Lethal Counterattack Rare Event Neutral
120 Open Revolt Rare Event Neutral
121 Perished in Flame Uncommon Event Neutral
122 Price of Failure Uncommon Event Neutral
123 Quick as a Snake Common Event Neutral
124 Recovery Uncommon Event Neutral
125 Retreat Uncommon Event Neutral
126 Ritual of R'hllor Rare Event Neutral
127 Salvage Common Event Neutral
128 Secrets of Oldtown Rare Event Neutral
129 Seen in the Flames Common Event Neutral
130 Shifting Plans Common Event Neutral
131 Stalwart Defender Common Event Neutral
132 Stranglehold Rare Event Neutral
133 Subterfuge Common Event Neutral
134 The Lion's Claws Rare Event Neutral
135 True Queen's Decree Rare Event Neutral
136 Waking the Dragon Uncommon Event Neutral
137 Whirlwind Assault Uncommon Event Neutral
138 Assault on King's Landing Uncommon Plot Neutral
139 Calm over Westeros Rare Plot Neutral
140 Focused Offense Uncommon Plot Neutral
141 Oath of Fealty Uncommon Plot Neutral
142 Old Intrigues Rare Plot Neutral
143 Outmaneuver Rare Plot Neutral
144 Regroup Uncommon Plot Neutral
145 Treacherous Passage Rare Plot Neutral

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