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A Crown of Suns
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Crown of Suns


Fantasy Flight Games





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A Crown of Suns is the tenth expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the fourth set of the Ice & Fire block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2004 and consists of 145 cards. It is packaged in boosters only.

Type Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 17 Attachment (1 Baratheon, 2 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 6 Martell, 2 Neutral, 2 Stark and 2 Targaryen)
  • 69 Character (9 Baratheon, 7 Greyjoy, 8 Lannister, 17 Martell, 9 Neutral, 9 Stark and 10 Targaryen)
  • 30 Event (all Neutral)
  • 3 House (1 Martell and 2 Alliances)
  • 18 Location (2 Baratheon, 3 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 7 Martell, 3 Neutral and 1 Stark)
  • 8 Plot (all Neutral)

Rarity Breakdown[edit | edit source]

  • 48 Common
  • 47 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card List[edit | edit source]

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Hunted Common Attachment Stark
2 Frostbite Uncommon Attachment Stark
3 Maege Mormont Rare Character Stark
4 Robb Stark Rare Character Stark
5 Castellan of Winterfell Rare Character Stark
6 Direwolf Pup Common Character Stark
7 Dreadfort Turncloaks Uncommon Character Stark
8 Footmen of Bear Island Common Character Stark
9 Host of the Bear Rare Character Stark
10 Riverrun Messenger Common Character Stark
11 Wild Hare Uncommon Character Stark
12 Forgotten Path Uncommon Location Stark
13 Littlefinger's Advice Common Attachment Lannister
14 Power of the Message Rare Attachment Lannister
15 Myrcella Lannister Rare Character Lannister
16 Ser Amory Lorch Rare Character Lannister
17 Ambitious Sellsword Uncommon Character Lannister
18 Gregor's Dogs Common Character Lannister
19 Impulsive Lordling Common Character Lannister
20 Marching Dogs Uncommon Character Lannister
21 Mummer Troupe Common Character Lannister
22 War Profiteer Uncommon Character Lannister
23 Lord Tywin's Hall Rare Location Lannister
24 Coin Mint Uncommon Location Lannister
25 Shadow's Blessing Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
26 Edric Storm Rare Character Baratheon
27 Herald of Storm's End Common Character Baratheon
28 Pirate of the Stormlands Uncommon Character Baratheon
29 Priestess of the Light Common Character Baratheon
30 Renly's Reserves Rare Character Baratheon
31 Ser Axell's Guard Common Character Baratheon
32 Sorceress' Shadow Uncommon Character Baratheon
33 True Believers Rare Character Baratheon
34 Vanguard of the Rose Common Character Baratheon
35 The Valyrian Rare Location Baratheon
36 Dragonstone Vault Uncommon Location Baratheon
37 Bad Seed Rare Attachment Greyjoy
38 Gone Soft Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
39 Brigand of Old Wyk Uncommon Character Greyjoy
40 Doomed Longshipman Common Character Greyjoy
41 Euron's Crew Common Character Greyjoy
42 Ward of Pyke Uncommon Character Greyjoy
43 Kingsmoot Candidate Uncommon Character Greyjoy
44 Storm Raiders Rare Character Greyjoy
45 Watchers of Ten Towers Common Character Greyjoy
46 Longship "Iron Victory" Rare Location Greyjoy
47 Kingsmoot Grounds Rare Location Greyjoy
48 Treacherous Shoals Common Location Greyjoy
49 Breaker of Shackles Rare Attachment Targaryen
50 Under Their Shadow Rare Attachment Targaryen
51 Aggo Uncommon Character Targaryen
52 Xaro Xhoan Daxos Rare Character Targaryen
53 Agent in Westeros Uncommon Character Targaryen
54 Horseback Archers Common Character Targaryen
55 Lecherous Suitor Uncommon Character Targaryen
56 Qartheen Fanatic Common Character Targaryen
57 Shadow Conjurer Common Character Targaryen
58 Slavemasters Uncommon Character Targaryen
59 Warriors with Braids Uncut Common Character Targaryen
60 Young Ko Rare Character Targaryen
61 Attainted Common Attachment Martell
62 Condemned Common Attachment Martell
63 Imprisoned Common Attachment Martell
64 Seal of the Sun Rare Attachment Martell
65 Student of the Viper Rare Attachment Martell
66 War Spear Uncommon Attachment Martell
67 Areo Hotah Rare Character Martell
68 Arianne Martell Uncommon Character Martell
69 Ellaria Sand Uncommon Character Martell
70 Nymeria Sand Uncommon Character Martell
71 Obara Sand Uncommon Character Martell
72 Doran Martell Rare Character Martell
73 The Red Viper Rare Character Martell
74 Greenblood Trader Uncommon Character Martell
75 Handmaiden of Sunspear Common Character Martell
76 Host of Sunspear Rare Character Martell
77 Host of Yronwood Common Character Martell
78 House Dayne Knight Common Character Martell
79 House Messenger Common Character Martell
80 Maester of Sunspear Rare Character Martell
81 Nymeria Sand's Entourage Common Character Martell
82 Riders of the Boneway Uncommon Character Martell
83 Spearmaiden Uncommon Character Martell
84 Ghaston Grey Uncommon Location Martell
85 Sunspear Uncommon Location Martell
86 The Old Palace Rare Location Martell
87 The Spear Tower Rare Location Martell
88 Tower of the Sun Rare Location Martell
89 Palace Fountains Common Location Martell
90 Water Gardens Common Location Martell
91 House Martell Common House Martell
92 Martell/Targaryen Alliance Common House Martell/Targaryen
93 Martell/Stark Alliance Common House Martell/Stark
94 Bastard Common Attachment Neutral
95 Enforced Loyalty Rare Attachment Neutral
96 Alayaya Rare Character Neutral
97 Ser Arys Oakheart Rare Character Neutral
98 Emissary of the Red Keep Rare Character Neutral
99 Errand Boy Uncommon Character Neutral
100 Fawning Courtier Common Character Neutral
101 Merchant of Whispers Uncommon Character Neutral
102 Queen's Assassin Common Character Neutral
103 Bandit Lord Rare Character Neutral
104 Watcher in the Walls Common Character Neutral
105 Market Street Common Location Neutral
106 Overcrowded Boroughs Rare Location Neutral
107 Small Council Chamber Uncommon Location Neutral
108 Blood for Blood Common Event Neutral
109 Bran the Builder's Legacy Uncommon Event Neutral
110 By Force of Surprise Common Event Neutral
111 Call Their Bluff Uncommon Event Neutral
112 "Fifty Four Tuns" Rare Event Neutral
113 Greater Glory Calls Uncommon Event Neutral
114 In Robert's Servitude Uncommon Event Neutral
115 Infiltrate Uncommon Event Neutral
116 Lord Tywin's Cunning Common Event Neutral
117 Make Haste! Common Event Neutral
118 Narrow Escape Uncommon Event Neutral
119 Naval Superiority Rare Event Neutral
120 Nightfire Rare Event Neutral
121 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Rare Event Neutral
122 Open Intrigues Uncommon Event Neutral
123 Pariah Common Event Neutral
124 Ambush from the Plains Common Event Neutral
125 Preemptive Vengeance Rare Event Neutral
126 Promise Me... Rare Event Neutral
127 Quit their Claim Rare Event Neutral
128 Ravage Uncommon Event Neutral
129 Scorpions in Your Bed Uncommon Event Neutral
130 Spirited Charge Uncommon Event Neutral
131 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" Rare Event Neutral
132 The Viper's Bite Common Event Neutral
133 Their Betrayal Runs Deep Rare Event Neutral
134 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Common Event Neutral
135 Vengeance for Elia! Rare Event Neutral
136 What is Dead Cannot Die Common Event Neutral
137 Young Wolf's Justice Common Event Neutral
138 Attend the King! Uncommon Plot Neutral
139 Building Contract Uncommon Plot Neutral
140 Burning Bridges Uncommon Plot Neutral
141 Nothing Left to Lose Rare Plot Neutral
142 Personal Vendettas Rare Plot Neutral
143 Recruiting Season Rare Plot Neutral
144 To the Spears! Rare Plot Martell
145 Violent Storms Uncommon Plot Neutral

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This expansion introduces the House Martell.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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