Magic 2012 is an expansion set for Magic: the Gathering published by Wizards of the Coast on 15 July 2011. It is the 13th core set and it consists of 249 cards.

This set is designed by: Mark Globus (lead designer), Doug Beyer, Aaron Forsythe and Ken Nagle. The developers are: Tom LaPille (lead developer), Kelly Digges, Peter Schaefer, Mike Turian, Steve Warner and Dave Humphries.

Color BreakdownEdit

  • 40 Black
  • 40 Blue
  • 49 Colorless
  • 40 Green
  • 40 Red
  • 40 White

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 18 Artifacts
  • 5 Artifact Creatures
  • 20 Basic Lands
  • 109 Creatures
  • 27 Enchantments
  • 32 Instants
  • 7 Lands
  • 5 Planeswalker
  • 25 Sorceries

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 122 Commons
  • 60 Uncommons
  • 52 Rares
  • 15 Mythic Rares

Cards ListEdit

1/249 Aegis Angel Rare White Creature
2/249 Alabaster Mage Uncommon White Creature
3/249 Angelic Destiny Mythic Rare White Enchantment
4/249 Angel's Mercy Common White Instant
5/249 Arbalest Elite Uncommon White Creature
6/249 Archon of Justice Rare White Creature
7/249 Armored Warhorse Common White Creature
8/249 Assault Griffin Common White Creature
9/249 Auramancer Common White Creature
10/249 Benalish Veteran Common White Creature
11/249 Celestial Purge Uncommon White Instant
12/249 Day of Judgment Rare White Sorcery
13/249 Demystify Common White Instant
14/249 Divine Favor Common White Enchantment
15/249 Elite Vanguard Uncommon White Creature
16/249 Gideon Jura Mythic Rare White Planeswalker
17/249 Gideon's Avenger Rare White Creature
18/249 Gideon's Lawkeeper Common White Creature
19/249 Grand Abolisher Rare White Creature
20/249 Griffin Rider Common White Creature
21/249 Griffin Sentinel Common White Creature
22/249 Guardians' Pledge Common White Instant
23/249 Honor of the Pure Rare White Enchantment
24/249 Lifelink Common White Enchantment
25/249 Mesa Enchantress Rare White Creature
26/249 Mighty Leap Common White Instant
27/249 Oblivion Ring Uncommon White Enchantment
28/249 Pacifism Common White Enchantment
29/249 Peregrine Griffin Common White Creature
30/249 Personal Sanctuary Rare White Enchantment
31/249 Pride Guardian Common White Creature
32/249 Roc Egg Uncommon White Creature
33/249 Serra Angel Uncommon White Creature
34/249 Siege Mastodon Common White Creature
35/249 Spirit Mantle Uncommon White Enchantment
36/249 Stave Off Common White Instant
37/249 Stonehorn Dignitary Common White Creature
38/249 Stormfront Pegasus Common White Creature
39/249 Sun Titan Mythic Rare White Creature
40/249 Timely Reinforcements Uncommon White Sorcery
41/249 Æther Adept Common Blue Creature
42/249 Alluring Siren Uncommon Blue Creature
43/249 Amphin Cutthroat Common Blue Creature
44/249 Aven Fleetwing Common Blue Creature
45/249 Azure Mage Uncommon Blue Creature
46/249 Belltower Sphinx Uncommon Blue Creature
47/249 Cancel Common Blue Instant
48/249 Chasm Drake Common Blue Creature
49/249 Coral Merfolk Common Blue Creature
50/249 Divination Common Blue Sorcery
51/249 Djinn of Wishes Rare Blue Creature
52/249 Flashfreeze Uncommon Blue Instant
53/249 Flight Common Blue Enchantment
54/249 Frost Breath Common Blue Instant
55/249 Frost Titan Mythic Rare Blue Creature
56/249 Harbor Serpent Common Blue Creature
57/249 Ice Cage Common Blue Enchantment
58/249 Jace, Memory Adept Mythic Rare Blue Planeswalker
59/249 Jace's Archivist Rare Blue Creature
60/249 Jace's Erasure Common Blue Enchantment
61/249 Levitation Uncommon Blue Enchantment
62/249 Lord of the Unreal Rare Blue Creature
63/249 Mana Leak Common Blue Instant
64/249 Master Thief Uncommon Blue Creature
65/249 Merfolk Looter Common Blue Creature
66/249 Merfolk Mesmerist Common Blue Creature
67/249 Mind Control Uncommon Blue Enchantment
68/249 Mind Unbound Rare Blue Enchantment
69/249 Negate Common Blue Instant
70/249 Phantasmal Bear Common Blue Creature
71/249 Phantasmal Dragon Uncommon Blue Creature
72/249 Phantasmal Image Rare Blue Creature
73/249 Ponder Common Blue Sorcery
74/249 Redirect Common Blue Instant
75/249 Skywinder Drake Common Blue Creature
76/249 Sphinx of Uthuun Rare Blue Creature
77/249 Time Reversal Mythic Rare Blue Sorcery
78/249 Turn to Frog Uncommon Blue Instant
79/249 Unsummon Common Blue Instant
80/249 Visions of Beyond Rare Blue Instant
81/249 Blood Seeker Common Black Creature
82/249 Bloodlord of Vaasgoth Mythic Rare Black Creature
83/249 Bloodrage Vampire Common Black Creature
84/249 Brink of Disaster Common Black Enchantment
85/249 Call to the Grave Rare Black Enchantment
86/249 Cemetary Reaper Rare Black Creature
87/249 Child of Night Common Black Creature
88/249 Consume Spirit Uncommon Black Sorcery
89/249 Dark Favor Common Black Enchantment
90/249 Deathmark Uncommon Black Sorcery
91/249 Devouring Swarm Common Black Creature
92/249 Diabolic Tutor Uncommon Black Sorcery
93/249 Disentomb Common Black Sorcery
94/249 Distress Common Black Sorcery
95/249 Doom Blade Common Black Instant
96/249 Drifting Shade Common Black Creature
97/249 Duskhunter Bat Common Black Creature
98/249 Grave Titan Mythic Rare Black Creature
99/249 Gravedigger Common Black Creature
100/249 Hideous Visage Common Black Sorcery
101/249 Mind Rot Common Black Sorcery
102/249 Monomania Rare Black Sorcery
103/249 Onyx Mage Uncommon Black Creature
104/249 Reassembling Skeleton Uncommon Black Creature
105/249 Royal Assassin Rare Black Creature
106/249 Rune-Scarred Demon Rare Black Creature
107/249 Sengir Vampire Uncommon Black Creature
108/249 Smallpox Uncommon Black Sorcery
109/249 Sorin Markov Mythic Rare Black Planeswalker
110/249 Sorin's Thirst Common Black Instant
111/249 Sorin's Vengeance Rare Black Sorcery
112/249 Sutured Ghoul Rare Black Creature
113/249 Taste of Blood Common Black Sorcery
114/249 Tormented Soul Common Black Creature
115/249 Vampire Outcasts Uncommon Black Creature
116/249 Vengeful Pharaoh Rare Black Creature
117/249 Warpath Ghoul Common Black Creature
118/249 Wring Flesh Common Black Instant
119/249 Zombie Goliath Common Black Creature
120/249 Zombie Infestation Uncommon Black Enchantment
121/249 Act of Treason Common Red Sorcery
122/249 Blood Ogre Common Red Creature
123/249 Bonebreaker Giant Common Red Creature
124/249 Chandra, the Firebrand Mythic Rare Red Planeswalker
125/249 Chandra's Outrage Common Red Instant
126/249 Chandra's Phoenix Rare Red Creature
127/249 Circle of Flame Uncommon Red Enchantment
128/249 Combust Uncommon Red Instant
129/249 Crimson Mage Uncommon Red Creature
130/249 Fiery Hellhound Common Red Creature
131/249 Fireball Uncommon Red Sorcery
132/249 Firebreathing Common Red Enchantment
133/249 Flameblast Dragon Rare Red Creature
134/249 Fling Common Red Instant
135/249 Furyborn Hellkite Mythic Rare Red Creature
136/249 Goblin Arsonist Common Red Creature
137/249 Goblin Bangchuckers Uncommon Red Creature
138/249 Goblin Chieftain Rare Red Creature
139/249 Goblin Fireslinger Common Red Creature
140/249 Goblin Grenade Uncommon Red Sorcery
141/249 Goblin Piker Common Red Creature
142/249 Goblin Tunneler Common Red Creature
143/249 Goblin War Paint Common Red Enchantment
144/249 Gorehorn Minotaurs Common Red Creature
145/249 Grim Lavamancer Rare Red Creature
146/249 Incinerate Common Red Instant
147/249 Inferno Titan Mythic Rare Red Creature
148/249 Lava Axe Common Red Sorcery
149/249 Lightning Elemental Common Red Creature
150/249 Manabarbs Rare Red Enchantment
151/249 Manic Vandal Common Red Creature
152/249 Reverberate Rare Red Instant
153/249 Scrambleverse Rare Red Sorcery
154/249 Shock Common Red Instant
155/249 Slaughter Cry Common Red Instant
156/249 Stormblood Berserker Uncommon Red Creature
157/249 Tectonic Rift Uncommon Red Sorcery
158/249 Volcanic Dragon Uncommon Red Creature
159/249 Wall of Torches Common Red Creature
160/249 Warstorm Surge Rare Red Enchantment
161/249 Acidic Slime Uncommon Green Creature
162/249 Arachnus Spinner Rare Green Creature
163/249 Arachnus Web Common Green Enchantment
164/249 Autumn's Veil Uncommon Green Instant
165/249 Birds of Paradise Rare Green Creature
166/249 Bountiful Harvest Common Green Sorcery
167/249 Brindle Boar Common Green Creature
168/249 Carnage Wurm Uncommon Green Creature
169/249 Cudgel Troll Uncommon Green Creature
170/249 Doubling Chant Rare Green Sorcery
171/249 Dungrove Elder Rare Green Creature
172/249 Elvish Archdruid Rare Green Creature
173/249 Fog Common Green Instant
174/249 Garruk, Primal Hunter Mythic Rare Green Planeswalker
175/249 Garruk's Companion Common Green Creature
176/249 Garruk's Horde Rare Green Creature
177/249 Giant Spider Common Green Creature
178/249 Gladecover Scout Common Green Creature
179/249 Greater Basilisk Common Green Creature
180/249 Hunter's Insight Uncommon Green Instant
181/249 Jade Mage Uncommon Green Creature
182/249 Llanowar Elves Common Green Creature
183/249 Lure Uncommon Green Enchantment
184/249 Lurking Crocodile Common Green Creature
185/249 Naturalize Common Green Instant
186/249 Overrun Uncommon Green Sorcery
187/249 Plummet Common Green Instant
188/249 Primeval Titan Mythic Rare Green Creature
189/249 Primordial Hydra Mythic Rare Green Creature
190/249 Rampant Growth Common Green Sorcery
191/249 Reclaim Common Green Instant
192/249 Rites of Flourishing Rare Green Enchantment
193/249 Runeclaw Bear Common Green Creature
194/249 Sacred Wolf Common Green Creature
195/249 Skinshifter Rare Green Creature
196/249 Stampeding Rhino Common Green Creature
197/249 Stingerfling Spider Uncommon Green Creature
198/249 Titanic Growth Common Green Instant
199/249 Trollhide Common Green Enchantment
200/249 Vastwood Gorger Common Green Creature
201/249 Adaptive Automaton Rare Colorless Artifact Creature
202/249 Angel's Feather Uncommon Colorless Artifact
203/249 Crown of Empires Uncommon Colorless Artifact
204/249 Crumbling Colossus Uncommon Colorless Artifact Creature
205/249 Demon's Horn Uncommon Colorless Artifact
206/249 Dragon's Claw Uncommon Colorless Artifact
207/249 Druidic Satchel Rare Colorless Artifact
208/249 Elixir of Immortality Uncommon Colorless Artifact
209/249 Greatsword Uncommon Colorless Artifact
210/249 Kite Shield Uncommon Colorless Artifact
211/249 Kraken's Eye Uncommon Colorless Artifact
212/249 Manalith Common Colorless Artifact
213/249 Pentavus Rare Colorless Artifact
214/249 Quicksilver Amulet Rare Colorless Artifact
215/249 Rusted Sentinel Uncommon Colorless Artifact Creature
216/249 Scepter of Empires Uncommon Colorless Artifact
217/249 Solemn Simulacrum Rare Colorless Artifact Creature
218/249 Sundial of the Infinite Rare Colorless Artifact
219/249 Swiftfoot Boots Uncommon Colorless Artifact
220/249 Thran Golem Uncommon Colorless Artifact Creature
221/249 Throne of Empires Rare Colorless Artifact
222/249 Worldslayer Rare Colorless Artifact
223/249 Wurm's Tooth Uncommon Colorless Artifact
224/249 Buried Ruin Uncommon Colorless Land
225/249 Dragonskull Summit Rare Colorless Land
226/249 Drowned Catacomb Rare Colorless Land
227/249 Glacial Fortress Rare Colorless Land
228/249 Rootbound Crag Rare Colorless Land
229/249 Sunpetal Grove Rare Colorless Land
230/249 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
231/249 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
232/249 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
233/249 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
234/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
235/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
236/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
237/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
238/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
239/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
240/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
241/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
242/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
243/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
244/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
245/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
246/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land
247/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land
248/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land
249/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land


  • The new ability Hexproof replaces the text: "Cannot be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control."

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