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2013基本セット (English: Magic 2013) is an Japanese expansion set for Magic: the Gathering published by Wizards of the Coast on 13 July 2012. It is the 14th core set and it consists of 249 cards.

There are also Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Spanish and Taiwanese versions of this expansion.

Color BreakdownEdit

  • 40 Black
  • 40 Blue
  • 50 Colorless
  • 40 Green
  • 1 Multi-color
  • 39 Red
  • 40 White

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 16 Artifacts
  • 4 Artifact Creatures
  • 20 Basic Lands
  • 105 Creatures
  • 17 Enchantments
  • 32 Instants
  • 9 Lands
  • 1 Legendary Artifact
  • 5 Legendary Creatures
  • 6 Planeswalkers
  • 33 Sorceries

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 121 Commons
  • 59 Uncommons
  • 53 Rares
  • 15 Mythic Rares

Cards ListEdit

1/249 群れの統率者アジャニ Ajani, Caller of the Pride Mythic Rare White Planeswalker
2/249 アジャニの陽光弾手 Ajani's Sunstriker Common White Creature
3/249 天使の慈悲 Angel's Mercy Common White Instant
4/249 天使の祝祷 Angelic Benediction Uncommon White Enchantment
5/249 従者つきの騎士 Attended Knight Common White Creature
6/249 エイヴンの従者 Aven Squire Common White Creature
7/249 戦飛びの鷲 Battleflight Eagle Common White Creature
8/249 警備隊長 Captain of the Watch Rare White Creature
9/249 隊長の号令 Captain's Call Common White Sorcery
10/249 オドリックの十字軍 Crusader of Odric Uncommon White Creature
11/249 神聖なる好意 Divine Favor Common White Enchantment
12/249 神聖なる評決 Divine Verdict Common White Instant
13/249 消去 Erase Common White Instant
14/249 信仰の見返り Faith's Reward Rare White Instant
15/249 栄光の突撃 Glorious Charge Common White Instant
16/249 庇護するグリフィン Griffin Protector Common White Creature
17/249 守護ライオン Guardian Lions Common White Creature
18/249 アクラサの守護者 Guardians of Akrasa Common White Creature
19/249 群れの癒し手 Healer of the Pride Uncommon White Creature
20/249 剛胆な勇士 Intrepid Hero Rare White Creature
21/249 栄光の騎士 Knight of Glory Uncommon White Creature
22/249 忘却の輪 Oblivion Ring Uncommon White Enchantment
23/249 熟練の戦術家、オドリック Odric, Master Tactician Rare White Legendary Creature
24/249 平和な心 Pacifism Common White Enchantment
25/249 柱平原の雄牛 Pillarfield Ox Common White Creature
26/249 次元の浄化 Planar Cleansing Rare White Sorcery
27/249 尊き象 Prized Elephant Uncommon White Creature
28/249 刃の雨 Rain of Blades Uncommon White Instant
29/249 ロウクスの信仰癒し人 Rhox Faithmender Rare White Creature
30/249 安全な道 Safe Passage Common White Instant
31/249 セラの天使 Serra Angel Uncommon White Creature
32/249 セラのアバター Serra Avatar Mythic Rare White Creature
33/249 セラの報復者 Serra Avenger Rare White Creature
34/249 武勇の誇示 Show of Valor Common White Instant
35/249 銀毛のライオン Silvercoat Lion Common White Creature
36/249 荘厳な大天使 Sublime Archangel Mythic Rare White Creature
37/249 永遠との接触 Touch of the Eternal Rare White Enchantment
38/249 軍用隼 War Falcon Common White Creature
39/249 テューンの戦僧 War Priest of Thune Uncommon White Creature
40/249 戦噛みの猛犬 Warclamp Mastiff Common White Creature
41/249 古術師 Archaeomancer Common Blue Creature
42/249 極北のエイヴン Arctic Aven Uncommon Blue Creature
43/249 ボーラスの占い師 Augur of Bolas Uncommon Blue Creature
44/249 機知の戦い Battle of Wits Rare Blue Enchantment
45/249 クローン Clone Rare Blue Creature
46/249 上品な工作員 Courtly Provocateur Uncommon Blue Creature
47/249 予言 Divination Common Blue Sorcery
48/249 土砂降り Downpour Common Blue Instant
49/249 硬化 Encrust Common Blue Enchantment
50/249 本質の散乱 Essence Scatter Common Blue Instant
51/249 フェアリーの侵略者 Faerie Invaders Common Blue Creature
52/249 濃霧の層 Fog Bank Uncommon Blue Creature
53/249 湾口の海蛇 Harbor Serpent Common Blue Creature
54/249 打ち寄せる水 Hydrosurge Common Blue Instant
55/249 索引 Index Common Blue Sorcery
56/249 記憶の熟達者、ジェイス Jace, Memory Adept Mythic Rare Blue Planeswalker
57/249 ジェイスの幻 Jace's Phantasm Uncommon Blue Creature
58/249 クラーケンの幼子 Kraken Hatchling Common Blue Creature
59/249 真珠三叉矛の達人 Master of the Pearl Trident Rare Blue Creature
60/249 真珠三叉矛の人魚 Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Common Blue Creature
61/249 精神刻み Mind Sculpt Common Blue Sorcery
62/249 否認 Negate Common Blue Instant
63/249 全知 Omniscience Mythic Rare Blue Enchantment
64/249 移し変え Redirect Rare Blue Instant
65/249 巻き直し Rewind Uncommon Blue Instant
66/249 巻物泥棒 Scroll Thief Common Blue Creature
67/249 睡眠 Sleep Uncommon Blue Sorcery
68/249 呪文ねじり Spelltwine Rare Blue Sorcery
69/249 ウスーンのスフィンクス Sphinx of Uthuun Rare Blue Creature
70/249 嵐潮のリバイアサン Stormtide Leviathan Rare Blue Creature
71/249 どんでん返し Switcheroo Uncommon Blue Sorcery
72/249 空召喚士ターランド Talrand, Sky Summoner Rare Blue Legendary Creature
73/249 ターランドの発動 Talrand's Invocation Uncommon Blue Sorcery
74/249 商売の秘訣 Tricks of the Trade Common Blue Enchantment
75/249 送還 Unsummon Common Blue Instant
76/249 ヴィダルケンの幻惑者 Vedalken Entrancer Common Blue Creature
77/249 虚無の忍び寄り Void Stalker Rare Blue Creature
78/249 狩漁者 Watercourser Common Blue Creature
79/249 天空のアジサシ Welkin Tern Common Blue Creature
80/249 風のドレイク Wind Drake Common Blue Creature
81/249 血の報い Blood Reckoning Uncommon Black Enchantment
82/249 血狩りコウモリ Bloodhunter Bat Common Black Creature
83/249 血の座の吸血鬼 Bloodthrone Vampire Common Black Creature
84/249 居すくみ Cower in Fear Uncommon Black Instant
85/249 ひどい荒廃 Crippling Blight Common Black Enchantment
86/249 闇の好意 Dark Favor Common Black Enchantment
87/249 魔性の天啓 Diabolic Revelation Rare Black Sorcery
88/249 ボーラスの信奉者 Disciple of Bolas Rare Black Creature
89/249 墓暴き Disentomb Common Black Sorcery
90/249 強迫 Duress Common Black Sorcery
91/249 ダスクマントルをうろつくもの Duskmantle Prowler Uncommon Black Creature
92/249 任務に縛られた死者 Duty-Bound Dead Common Black Creature
93/249 本質の吸収 Essence Drain Common Black Sorcery
94/249 巨大蠍 Giant Scorpion Common Black Creature
95/249 港の無法者 Harbor Bandit Uncommon Black Creature
96/249 悪名の騎士 Knight of Infamy Uncommon Black Creature
97/249 闇の領域のリリアナ Liliana of the Dark Realms Mythic Rare Black Planeswalker
98/249 リリアナの影 Liliana's Shade Common Black Creature
99/249 吸血鬼の印 Mark of the Vampire Common Black Enchantment
100/249 精神腐敗 Mind Rot Common Black Sorcery
101/249 殺害 Murder Common Black Instant
102/249 もぎとり Mutilate Rare Black Sorcery
103/249 グリクシスの首領、ネファロックス Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis Rare Black Legendary Creature
104/249 聖句札の死者 Phylactery Lich Rare Black Creature
105/249 公開処刑 Public Execution Uncommon Black Instant
106/249 貪欲なるネズミ Ravenous Rats Common Black Creature
107/249 墓場からの復活 Rise from the Grave Uncommon Black Sorcery
108/249 ネファロックスの召使い Servant of Nefarox Common Black Creature
109/249 シミアの死霊 Shimian Specter Rare Black Creature
110/249 血の署名 Sign in Blood Common Black Sorcery
111/249 苛まれし魂 Tormented Soul Common Black Creature
112/249 吸血鬼の夜鷲 Vampire Nighthawk Uncommon Black Creature
113/249 吸血鬼の夜侯 Vampire Nocturnus Mythic Rare Black Creature
114/249 ヴェール生まれのグール Veilborn Ghoul Uncommon Black Creature
115/249 不快な再誕 Vile Rebirth Common Black Instant
116/249 歩く死骸 Walking Corpse Common Black Creature
117/249 機知の終わり Wit's End Rare Black Sorcery
118/249 ザスリッドのゴルゴン Xathrid Gorgon Rare Black Creature
119/249 ゾンビの大巨人 Zombie Goliath Common Black Creature
120/249 武器商人 Arms Dealer Uncommon Red Creature
121/249 刃牙の猪 Bladetusk Boar Common Red Creature
122/249 峡谷のミノタウルス Canyon Minotaur Common Red Creature
123/249 炬火のチャンドラ Chandra, the Firebrand Mythic Rare Red Planeswalker
124/249 チャンドラの憤怒 Chandra's Fury Common Red Instant
125/249 大鉈暴動 Cleaver Riot Uncommon Red Sorcery
126/249 火口化 Craterize Common Red Sorcery
127/249 真紅の汚水這い Crimson Muckwader Uncommon Red Creature
128/249 ドラゴンの雛 Dragon Hatchling Common Red Creature
129/249 熱情 Fervor Rare Red Enchantment
130/249 炎の精霊 Fire Elemental Common Red Creature
131/249 火翼のフェニックス Firewing Phoenix Rare Red Creature
132/249 炬火の炎 Flames of the Firebrand Uncommon Red Sorcery
133/249 焼炉の仔 Furnace Whelp Uncommon Red Creature
134/249 ゴブリンの付け火屋 Goblin Arsonist Common Red Creature
135/249 ゴブリンの戦囃し Goblin Battle Jester Common Red Creature
136/249 村背負いの大巨人 Hamletback Goliath Rare Red Creature
137/249 火をつける怒り Kindled Fury Common Red Instant
138/249 群衆の親分、クレンコ Krenko, Mob Boss Rare Red Legendary Creature
139/249 クレンコの命令 Krenko's Command Common Red Sorcery
140/249 溶岩震 Magmaquake Rare Red Instant
141/249 反逆の印 Mark of Mutiny Uncommon Red Sorcery
142/249 心爪のシャーマン Mindclaw Shaman Uncommon Red Creature
143/249 モグの下働き Mogg Flunkies Common Red Creature
144/249 無謀な粗暴者 Reckless Brute Common Red Creature
145/249 余韻 Reverberate Rare Red Instant
146/249 かき回すゴブリン Rummaging Goblin Common Red Creature
147/249 灼熱の槍 Searing Spear Common Red Instant
148/249 まどろむドラゴン Slumbering Dragon Rare Red Creature
149/249 溶解 Smelt Common Red Instant
150/249 雷口のヘルカイト Thundermaw Hellkite Mythic Rare Red Creature
151/249 松明の悪鬼 Torch Fiend Uncommon Red Creature
152/249 ラッパの一吹き Trumpet Blast Common Red Instant
153/249 金屑化 Turn to Slag Common Red Sorcery
154/249 溶岩噴火 Volcanic Geyser Uncommon Red Instant
155/249 火山の力 Volcanic Strength Common Red Enchantment
156/249 炎の壁 Wall of Fire Common Red Creature
157/249 野生の勘 Wild Guess Common Red Sorcery
158/249 世界火 Worldfire Mythic Rare Red Sorcery
159/249 酸のスライム Acidic Slime Uncommon Green Creature
160/249 東屋のエルフ Arbor Elf Common Green Creature
161/249 結合虫 Bond Beetle Common Green Creature
162/249 境界なき領土 Boundless Realms Rare Green Sorcery
163/249 豊潤な収穫 Bountiful Harvest Common Green Sorcery
164/249 ケンタウルスの狩猟者 Centaur Courser Common Green Creature
165/249 命取りの出家蜘蛛 Deadly Recluse Common Green Creature
166/249 夕暮れ谷のワーム Duskdale Wurm Uncommon Green Creature
167/249 古鱗のワーム Elderscale Wurm Mythic Rare Green Creature
168/249 エルフの大ドルイド Elvish Archdruid Rare Green Creature
169/249 エルフの幻想家 Elvish Visionary Common Green Creature
170/249 遥か見 Farseek Common Green Sorcery
171/249 火打ち蹄の猪 Flinthoof Boar Uncommon Green Creature
172/249 濃霧 Fog Common Green Instant
173/249 菌類の芽吹き Fungal Sprouting Uncommon Green Sorcery
174/249 原初の狩人、ガラク Garruk, Primal Hunter Mythic Rare Green Planeswalker
175/249 ガラクの群れ率い Garruk's Packleader Uncommon Green Creature
176/249 地の封印 Ground Seal Rare Green Enchantment
177/249 ムウォンヴーリーの獣記し Mwonvuli Beast Tracker Uncommon Green Creature
178/249 帰化 Naturalize Common Green Instant
179/249 垂直落下 Plummet Common Green Instant
180/249 捕食者の暴力 Predatory Rampage Rare Green Sorcery
181/249 捕食 Prey Upon Common Green Sorcery
182/249 原初の狩猟獣 Primal Huntbeast Common Green Creature
183/249 始源のハイドラ Primordial Hydra Mythic Rare Green Creature
184/249 クウィリーオンのドライアド Quirion Dryad Rare Green Creature
185/249 怨恨 Rancor Uncommon Green Enchantment
186/249 レインジャーの道 Ranger's Path Common Green Sorcery
187/249 生き返り Revive Uncommon Green Sorcery
188/249 咆哮するプリマドックス Roaring Primadox Uncommon Green Creature
189/249 歩哨蜘蛛 Sentinel Spider Common Green Creature
190/249 海蛇の贈り物 Serpent's Gift Common Green Instant
191/249 絹鎖の蜘蛛 Silklash Spider Rare Green Creature
192/249 とげのベイロス Spiked Baloth Common Green Creature
193/249 スラーグ牙 Thragtusk Rare Green Creature
194/249 森林群れの狼 Timberpack Wolf Common Green Creature
195/249 剛力化 Titanic Growth Common Green Instant
196/249 巨森を喰らうもの Vastwood Gorger Common Green Creature
197/249 自然の伝令、イェヴァ Yeva, Nature's Herald Rare Green Legendary Creature
198/249 イェヴァの腕力魔道士 Yeva's Forcemage Common Green Creature
199/249 プレインズウォーカー、ニコル・ボーラス Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Mythic Rare Multi-color Planeswalker
200/249 アクローマの記念碑 Akroma's Memorial Mythic Rare Colorless Legendary Artifact
201/249 時間人形 Chronomaton Uncommon Colorless Artifact Creature
202/249 前兆の時計 Clock of Omens Uncommon Colorless Artifact
203/249 空虚への扉 Door to Nothingness Rare Colorless Artifact
204/249 不死の霊薬 Elixer of Immortality Uncommon Colorless Artifact
205/249 適合の宝石 Gem of Becoming Uncommon Colorless Artifact
206/249 金粉の水蓮 Gilded Lotus Rare Colorless Artifact
207/249 ジェイムデー秘本 Jayemdae Tome Uncommon Colorless Artifact
208/249 帆凧 Kitesail Uncommon Colorless Artifact
209/249 ファイレクシアの大男 Phyrexian Hulk Uncommon Colorless Artifact Creature
210/249 原初の土 Primal Clay Uncommon Colorless Artifact Creature
211/249 イーヴォ島の指輪 Ring of Evos Isle Uncommon Colorless Artifact
212/249 カロニアの指輪 Ring of Kalonia Uncommon Colorless Artifact
213/249 テューンの指輪 Ring of Thune Uncommon Colorless Artifact
214/249 ヴァルカスの指輪 Ring of Valkas Uncommon Colorless Artifact
215/249 ザスリッドの指輪 Ring of Xathrid Uncommon Colorless Artifact
216/249 狂乱病の砂 Sands of Delirium Rare Colorless Artifact
217/249 ニンの杖 Staff of Nin Rare Colorless Artifact
218/249 ぬいぐるみ人形 Stuffy Doll Rare Colorless Artifact Creature
219/249 トーモッドの墓所 Tormod's Crypt Uncommon Colorless Artifact
220/249 交易所 Trading Post Rare Colorless Artifact
221/249 戦の大聖堂 Cathedral of War Rare Colorless Land
222/249 竜髑髏の山頂 Dragonskull Summit Rare Colorless Land
223/249 水没した地下墓地 Drowned Catacomb Rare Colorless Land
224/249 進化する未開地 Evolving Wilds Common Colorless Land
225/249 氷河の城砦 Glacial Fortress Rare Colorless Land
226/249 ヘリオンのるつぼ Hellion Crucible Rare Colorless Land
227/249 聖遺の塔 Reliquary Tower Uncommon Colorless Land
228/249 根縛りの岩山 Rootbound Crag Rare Colorless Land
229/249 陽花弁の木立ち Sunpetal Grove Rare Colorless Land
230/249 平地 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
231/249 平地 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
232/249 平地 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
233/249 平地 Plains Common Colorless Basic Land
234/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
235/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
236/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
237/249 Island Common Colorless Basic Land
238/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
239/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
240/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
241/249 Swamp Common Colorless Basic Land
242/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
243/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
244/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
245/249 Mountain Common Colorless Basic Land
246/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land
247/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land
248/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land
249/249 Forest Common Colorless Basic Land

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